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  Hints and Tips for: TRGEscape 2 
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 TRGEscape 2 Cheats

TRGEscape 2

Submitted by: RM

-On the first scene, zoom in on the poster and then click the four 
 magnets so that the poster falls to the ground. 
-You will note that each magnet has a number and a colour as you collect 
-You can pick up the poster from the ground and examine the set of switches 
 that are now revealed. 
-Move to the right to the scene with just a single line running up the wall. 
 Click towards the bottom of the line to reveal a piece of paper. Then click 
 further up the line to reveal another piece of paper. Like the first adventure, 
 the first piece of paper seems to be nothing more than an advert. The second, 
 however is more important. 
-Move back round so youíre facing the switch board again. Zoom in and turn the 
 switches on. 
-Highlight the second piece of paper you collected from the crack and then click 
 the switch board to stick it up with the magnets. 
-You should now see the numbers 1-4 transposed onto the individual switches. 
-Remove the paper and then click the switches in order, 1-4, to turn them to the 
 colours represented on the reverse of the magnets. Remember you must do it in 
 order, i.e. switch 1 first, then 2 etc etc
-When you have the switches correct, they will all turn blue and you can click 
 the large button to open the panel. Inside there is a screwdriver you need to 
-Move round so you are facing the metal column with the door in it. Click around 
 the door a few times until the column collapses into the floor. 
-Zoom in to the top of the column (which now looks like a trap door) and use the 
 screwdriver to remove the screws to open the cover. You will collect the screws 
 as you remove them, you might need them later. 
-Go down the ladder until youíre half way. Click on the right hand side of the 
 third rung down, you should see two more screws which require removing and you 
 will then get the rung. 
-Go down to the bottom of the ladder and search ontop of the door at the bottom. 
 On the right hand side youíll find a pair of brackets. 
-Come back up the ladder to the room. 
-Examine the rung to reveal a torch hidden inside. Click the side of the torch to 
 remove the sticky blue paper. Turn the torch on by click the end of it. 
-Move back round to the switch panel. Get it open again (if itís not already) and 
 focus in on the hole with the torch. 
-You then need to examine the torch and use the magnetic pads and the sticky blue 
 paper to make a tool with which you can reach the key. 
-You then have the choice of endings. 

Ending One - Underground
-Go back to the trapdoor and go down to the door at the bottom. 
-Simply use the key on the door and escape underground. 

Ending Two - Overground:
-Move back round to the collapsed column. Zoom in on the top of the hole and 
 use the screws to attach the brackets. 
-Inset the rung into the brackets and then click to raise the column back up. 
-Use the key to open the door and then climb the ladder to the top. 
-Remove the key from the underside of the trapdoor and use it to open it and 
 then escape through the roof. 

Ending Three - Via the Key Pad
-For the final escape, do exactly the same as for the overground escape but after 
 lifting off the roof cover, click it to collect it. 
-Come back in the room and examine it, flipping it over to reveal a fifth magnet 
 with a flaming bird symbol on it. 
-Go back to the switch panel. Using the code from the paper before you should have 
 noticed another of the switches coresponding to this flaming bird symbol. Click 
 the switch (with the others already correct) until all switches turn to the flaming 
 bird symbol. You can then open the panel to reveal the bird code key pad. 
-Insert the fifth magnet into the hole by the power source on the key pad and then 
 enter the code. The code is simply the switches in order, top to bottom, giving 
 each one a number for the number of clicks to turn it to the correct colour. Any 
 switches you didnít need to press equate to 0. The others are, white=1, red=2, 
 orange=3, yellow=4, green=5, blue=6 and black=7.

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