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  Hints and Tips for: Tropical Escape 
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 Tropical Escape Cheats

Tropical Escape

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Guide:
Written by Tropical Escape Game

This is a quick guide for beginning of game.

-=Some important controls (default keys)=-
E – Pick up items
I – Inventory
O – Drop zone
U – Hud icon for objective
F – Interact

If you can’t find objective location press U key to turn it on and look 
around you.

Inventory is used for items that you have found, which you can later drop 
in "drop zone” because you can carry only 10 things at once.

Drop zone is used for crafting bigger things, like raft, shelter, campfire, 
SOS sign… Later in game, you will unlock "plant zone” which you access 
through drop zone. Plant zone is used for vegetables. You have to find seed, 
plant it and then you need water twice.

Interact button is used for sailing raft, sleeping in shelter, drinking 
water, interacting in missions, lowering the sail…

You can’t eat raw crab, you have to cook it first, but you need shelter 
to be able to craft a campfire. So at the beginning stick to fruit.

You want to go to main island as soon as possible because there isn’t much 
food at starting island. While collecting items for raft you want to find 
items for torch, so you can see at night where are you going.

If you go downhill use walk or crouch key, you can easily fall if you run. 
Don’t use bandages if you have full health. The purpose of the traps is to 
catch bigger animals like deer or wild boar.

The raft needs a wind so that it can move, go to sail and press F key to 
lower the sail.

When you arrive on main island you are near the river so you want to go 
there because you can’t drink salt water from ocean (go to your left side 
over the beach after the cutscene). On the way to there you can find fruit 
on beach (coconut under the palm tree).

Hurry up with crafting shelter because after four days without sleep, you 
die. You probably spent at least one day crafting raft so you don’t have 
much time left.

Most resources can be found on a beach. After crafting shelter you will 
get bottle which is used for vegetables. There’s a lake close by your 

Keep in mind that this is challenging game, you can’t just run, walk and 
expect that everything is automatically done.

Mosquitoes will not disturb you if you are near the fire, if you swim, if 
it rains, or if you have a torch. There’s a two lakes and river on main 
island with water that you can drink. Once you craft a shelter, you will 
get the bottle and plant zone.

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