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  Hints and Tips for: Tryst 
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 Tryst Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then 
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                How to Unlock
10 Coop Wins             - Wins 10 games against AI.
10 PvP Wins              - Win a total of 10 PvP games.
A Whole New Level        - Reach Diamond Rank.
Air Supremacy            - Call in a Seeker Strike in "I"d Do It Again".
All Hail the King        - Win 25 PvP Games in a row.
Back from the brink      - Win a multiplayer game after your HQ was below 15% health.
Bare Bones               - Win a PvP game without any research.
Benevolence              - Save all the Civillians in "Tryst with Destiny".
Blood and Sweat          - Win a PvP game with only infantry units.
Bot Basher               - Win a game with more AI players than Human players.
Carry a Big Stick        - Unlock Tier 2 Loadouts in "Armed to the Teeth". 
Centurion                - Win a total of 100 PvP games.
Cream of the Crop        - Reach Platinum Rank.
Death to the Brotherhood - Destroy all the Pudges in "Enemy of my Enemy".
Donor                    - Donate a total of 10000 resources (Ore and Energy).
Dualist                  - Win Games with each race.
Explorer                 - Find Every Special Area in the Campaign.
Fed for Days             - Win 5 PvP Games in a row.
Fight and Flight         - Finished all the missions in the campaign.
First Win PvP            - Player"s first PvP victory.
Flawless Victory         - Win a game without losing any unit.
Gladiator                - Win an 8-player Free-For-All game.
Go Back to School        - Oliver or Aeryn die a total of 5 times.
Heart of Darkness        - Destroy the Zali Base before reinforcements arrive in 
                           "Enemy of my Enemy".
Heart of Gold            - Save all the Rebels in "Enemy of my Enemy".
Like a Boss              - Reach Gold Rank.
Make It Rain             - Use the Pudge"s Drop Pod ability 500 times.
Medical Marvels          - Play through the campaign with the Medic.
Metallurgist             - Harvest 20000 Ore.
Missiles are Better      - Unlock Tier 3 Loadouts in "Armed to the Teeth". 
Never Gonna Give You Up  - Donate 1000 Ore and 400 Energy to your teammate at once.
No Man Left Behind       - All Special Units must survive in "Tryst with Destiny".
Out of Luck              - Lose 5 PvP Games in a row.
Perfectionist            - Complete the Campaign without having lost a single mission.
Power of the People      - Choose to Defend the Power Generator in "Meeting Adjourned".
Proof Enough             - Get the top score in an 8-player game, despite losing. 
Salvage Harvester        - Harvest a total of 5000 Zali Remains.
Skill and Savegery       - Reach Silver Rank.
Spartan                  - Destroy the Zali Processing Plant without going to the Akira 
                           Base in "Armed to the Teeth".
Suited Up                - Equipped every trained unit type with 3 tiers worth of loadouts.
Tactical Approach        - Complete "I"d Do It Again" without calling for reinforcements.
Tashkent Burns           - Completed "Meeting Adjourned".
Team Work                - Win a game without losing a teammate.
The Cavalry"s on Time    - Call in Hound reinforcements in "I"d Do It Again".
Unlimited Power          - Harvest 20000 Energy.
Unstoppable!             - Win 15 PvP Games in a row.
Vengeance                - Destroy all Zali bases in "I"d Do It Again".
Veterans of War          - Every Unit of the Human Race reaches level 3.
Welcome to the Party     - Rendezvous with Aeryn in "Enemy of the Enemy". 
What"s Up Doc?           - Save the Medics in "Meeting Adjourned".
Wing Commander           - Win a PvP game with only aerial units.

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