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 UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 Cheats

UEFA Champions League 2004-2005

Submitted by:conner54 

Get the following amount of points in "Season" to access: 

Adidas Roteiro Ball   - Get 1,960,000 points 
Ataturk Stadium       - 1,050,000 points 
Beach Ball Mode       - Get 70,000 points 
Blindfold the Referee - Get 420,000 points 
Bowling Ball          - Get 1,120,000 points 
Classic Ball          - Get 140,000 points 
Concrete Pitch        - Get 1,260,000 points 
Create Player Level 1 - Get 280,000 points 
Create Player Level 2 - Get 700,000 points 
Cricket Ball          - Get 770,000 points 
First Person View     - Get 840,000 points 
Globe Ball            - Get 1,330,000 points 
Invisible Walls       - Get 630,000 points 
Kit Pack 1            - Get 210,000 points 
Kit Pack 2            - Get 560,000 points 
Kit Pack 3            - Get 980,000 points 
Kit Pack 4            - Get 1,400,000 points 
Kit Pack 5            - Get 1,540,000 points 
Orange Ball           - Get 490,000 points 
Puma Cellerator Ball  - Get 1,470,000 points 
Scotland Mitre Ball   - Get 1,750,000 points 
Seven on seven        - Get 1,890,000 points 
Smiley Ball           - Get 1,610,000 points 
Sound FX              - Get 2,030,000 points 
Tennis Ball           - Get 910,000 points 
Turbo mode            - Get 1,680,000 points 
Umbro Digital X Ball  - Get 1,820,000 points 
Vintage Ball          - Get 350,000 points

Submitted by:kent

Just open file A.Setting in some HEX editor (I suggest Ultra Edit)
(My Document\UEFA Champions League 2004-2005\A.Setting). 
Search for all text with OPTION/UNLOCKABLExx=0 and change it to 1 
(in ASCII view), this will unlock all your unlockable items don't 
care about numbers 'xx'.


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