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  Hints and Tips for: Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 
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 Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 Cheats

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98

MoneyTip 1:
Submitted by Michael Jakobsen

If you are broke, go to the "betting on games" screen and write in 1
or more, and there will appear a message of that the maximum bet is 
the -(amount that you have) and print -99999999 in the betting screen,
and if you bet on loosing the match and you win you get 99999999 - 
what you were in deficit with.

MoneyTip 2:
Hire as many coaches and scouts as possible, then give all of them 
99999999 in salary, and then press "contract", they will now pay you
13 mill. Now if you  press "contract" again, they will pay you one 
million more. Press this until they pay you 21 mill. Now every coach
and scout will pay you 21 mill every week.

Unlimited money 1:
Raise the pay of one of the coaches to £999,999,999 per week. Then,
offer him a new contract. Over £10 million will be deposited into your
account every week. Raise players wages to £999,999,999,999 in all 
sections of wage, bonuses, etc. Click on the players' wages to change
it again. This time some factors (for example, goal bonus), will be 
reduced to about minus £180 billion. Leave these slots, but change the
rest (still at £999,999,999,999) to £0. If you do this with your star
striker, you will get £180,000,000,000 from him every time he scores 
a goal, plays a match, etc.

Unlimited money 2:
Place a bet. Save the game before you make it -- if you lose, you can
keep going until you get the desired result. This can get you about 
£1 million pounds a month, depending on how much money you bet.

Unlimited money 3:
When your club is in financial trouble, just hold out until the end of
year. Then, at the screen where you can apply for a new job, continue 
to the next season, or select a new manager, select the new manager 
option. Choose a fairly wealthy club such as AC Milan or Juventus. You
should have two managers to choose from. As manager one (your original
manager), arrange a friendly match with the other manager's club. Once
you get to manager two's club rooms, offer manager one all your money 
to lose the match. As it is only a friendly bet, the outcome will not 
matter, but manager two will most probably be fired (if not just resign).
Manager one will now have £20 million in his bank. 

Getting good players:
At the start of the game, choose two player mode. Choose the team you 
want to be. For example, if you want Alan Shearer on your team, click 
"Newcastle". You can now loan Alan Shearer for as long as possible 
(at least 100 weeks).

Easy Money:
Literally an exploit. Sign a staff member, then adjust his wage to 
£999'999'999, and offer him a new contract. He'll pay around £13 million
every week to the club's treasury. Then, just keep control of finances 
to avoid going over the value range.

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