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 Ultima 6 Cheats

Ultima 6

Door Trick 
Ever find yourself at a locked door with no key, no picks, and 
no kegs? Well here is what to do. First cast "Magical Lock" on 
the locked door. Then cast "Magical Unlock" on the door. This 
will not only remove the magic lock, but the normal lock as well.
This is a good trick to get into doors. 

Iolo's Cheat 
With Iolo in your party, speak to him. Say spam (hit enter) 
spam (hit enter) spam (again, hit enter) then type humbug. He 
will then give you access to a secret cheat menu that will allow
you to Heal your party, edit your karma, HP, Level, Get you 
horses, and even an item code. If you hit the number to get an
item, it will ask you for the quality and quantity. For quality
type 9, you can have as many of the item as you like, even 
overload your character! 
There are 500 plus items in the game, so type in random numbers 
to get items. You can even get weird things like walls and other
STRANGE objects. 

If there is something in a room you can't steal without being 
caught, do this. Drop any kind of container that from your 
inventory next to the item you want to steal. Now, move the 
item into the container. Finally, pick up the container. You now 
have your desired item in the container in your inventory without
being attacked or arrested. 

Talk to Iolo, say 'spam' 3 times to him, then ask about 
'humbug' and he will give you a cheat menu.

Some items you can obtain with option 1 (get items) are:
 -- This is not a complete list --

1 Leather Helmet
2 Chain Coif
3 Iron Helm
4 Spiked Helm           Some numbers are not included
5 Winged Helm           because they are not useful...
6 Brass Helm            (Walls, Doors, etc., etc.)
7 Gargoyle Helm                 
8 Magic Helm
9 Wood Shield
10 Curved Heater
11 Winged Shield
12 Kite Shield
13 Spiked Shield
14 Black Shield
15 Door Shield
16 Magic Shield
17 Cloth Armor
18 Leather Armor
19 Ring Mail
20 Scale Mail
21 Chain Mail
22 Plate Mail
23 Magic Armor
24 Spiked Collar
25 Guild Belt
26 Gargoyle Belt
27 Leather Boots
28 Swamp Boots
33 Sling
34 Club
35 Main Gauche
36 Spear
37 Throwing Ax
38 Dagger
39 Mace
40 Morning Star
41 Bow
42 Crossbow
43 Sword
44 Two-Handed Hammer
45 Two-Handed Ax
46 Two-Handed Sword
47 Halberd
48 Glass Sword
49 Boomerang
50 Triple Crossbow
51 Force Shield
54 Magic Bow
55 Arrow
56 Bolt
57 Spell Book
58 Spells ------> (Use "Quality" setting for different spells???)
59 Codex
60 Book of Prophecies
61 Book of Circles
62 Vortex Cube
63 Lock Pick
64 Key ----------> (Use "Quality" setting for different keys???)
65 Black Pearl (Reagent)
66 Blood Moss (Reagent)
67 Bulb of Garlic (Reagent)
68 Ginseng (Reagent)
69 Mandrake Root (Reagent)
70 Nightshade Mushroom (Reagent)
71 Spiders Silk (Reagent) 71 through 90 are probably
72 Sulfurous Ash (Reagent)    messed up.............
73 Moonstone
74 Ankh Amulet                                  
75 Snake Amulet                                 
76 Gem                                         
77 Staff
78 Lightning Wand
79 Fire Wand
81 Storm Cloak
82 Ring
83 Flask of Oil
84 Red Gate
85 Moon Gate
87 Orb of the Moons
89 Gold Nugget    (exchange this in Britain for 10 gold pieces each!!!)     
90 Torch
91 Zu Ylem
92 Silver Snake Venom
93 Sextant
95 Bunch of Grapes
97 Gargish Vocabulary
98 Open Chest
99 Backpack
100 Scythe
101 Pitchfork
102 Rake
103 Pick
104 Shovel
105 Hoe
106 Ladder
115 Wine
116 Mead
117 Ale
127 Skillet
128 Bread
129 Meat
130 Rolls
131 Cake
132 Cheese
133 Ham
137 Pants
147 Empty Cauldron
148 Full Cauldron
149 Ship Deed
152 Scroll
153 Panpipes
154 Telescope
155 Crystal Ball
156 Harpsichord
157 Harp
158 Lute
166 Sack of Grain 
167 Sack of Flour
169 Rubber Ducky
170 Urn of Ashes
173 Trap
175 Electric Field
178 Bucket
179 Bucket of Water
180 Bucket of Milk
185 Cloth
188 Bag
190 Bale of Wool
191 Basket
195 Wheat
202 Horseshoes
209 Meat
210 Ribs
212 Fan
220 Flag
221 Cannon
223 Powder Keg
225 Spool of Thread
226 Spool of Silk
235 Sundial
241 Silk Cloth
242 Rune of Honesty
243 Rune of Compassion
244 Rune of Valor
245 Rune of Justice
246 Rune of Sacrifice
247 Rune of Honor
248 Rune of Spirituality
249 Rune of Humility
256 Protection Ring
257 Regeneration Ring
258 Invisibility Ring
264 Fishing Pole
265 Fish
270 Balloon Plans
274 Yew Log
275 Blue Potion
277 Yew Board
283 Anchor
284 Rope
294 Light Source
295 Heat Source
296 Xylophone
317 Fire Field
318 Poison Field
319 Protection Field
320 Sleep Field
420 Completed Balloon

Get Sherry the Mouse:
To get Sherry, follow these instructions.

1.Go into the kitchen in Lord British' castle in the east wing and get the cheese.
2.Go into the East Wing room that has the Potions and Crystal Ball and you'l find 
  a mouse roaming about.
3.Talk to the mouse and say SHERRY.
4.She'll ask if you have any cheese, type Y. And Y again
5.Say JOIN and she'll join you as a party member. She can go through small areas
  (Like high fences) that your other members can't.

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