Ultizurk 3 - The Guildmaster's Quest Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Ultizurk 3 - The Guildmaster's Quest 
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 Ultizurk 3 - The Guildmaster's Quest Cheats

Ultizurk 3 - The Guildmaster's Quest

Cheat mode:
Press ~ to display an options screen. Then, press one of the following keys.

Effect                                                 Key 
Teleportation                                           T 
Brighten screen temporarily                             [Exclamation point] 
Monster attack; for experience  points                  D 
Display GMKILL and LOSIKILL numbers (your and Losi's 
Kill levels)                                            L 
Display number (unknown) at bottom of screen            [Percent] 
Gain item                                               I 

1.Enter a set of coordinates from the following list.
2.When prompted for an Item ID, enter the name of a. ITM file from the game 
  directory, without the .ITM extension. The corresponding object will appear
  in the lower right corner of the pack. 

Teleportation coordinates:
When prompted, enter two numbers between 1 and 1014 separated 
by a comma. Use the following coordinates to travel to the 
corresponding location or object.

Location or object                           Coordinates 
Ranger village                                896,991 
Armorer                                       849,889 
Weapons dealer                                838,858 
Fishery                                       860,890 
Eldorville dock                               257,640 
Sammy's Hall of Warriors                      813,900  
Entrance to Eldor Dungeon                      11,1010  
King Eldor                                    836,995 
Ol' Killer's Area                              12,817 
Very good weapons chest with two broadswords  335,969 
Another nearby chest                          327,973  
A third nearby chest                          326,977  
Boardwalk                                     316,412 
Queen Hatshepsut                               79,93 
First Gem of Creation                          93,674  
Middle of the Ice Continent                   843,467  
Scroll in Dungeon                            1002,825  
Dock for Mermaid Isle                         799,167  
Exit of Eldor Dungeon to Grizbon              626,217  
Queen Rebecca                                 503,968 
Grizbon Castle                                570,185 
Dungeon Entrance in Grizbon                   618,345  
Head of East Savage Village                   791,984  
Head of West Savage Village                   889,874  
Entrance to Robot City                        140,100  
Robot City                                    142,1014 
A tree full of lollipops                      383,240  
Golem version of your character               677,823

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