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  Hints and Tips for: Undying 
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 Undying Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips:
Written By Minakie

Just some beginner tips for those who are new to the game.

-=Shortcut Keys=-
These are just some very basic tips I wish I had known before I first 
started playing Undying.

* You can hold the spacebar to skip the intro cutscene if you’ve already 
  watched it.
* You can move a full stack between backpack/storage with CTRL+Lclick
-=Gameplay Tips=-
* Each time Cody picks up an object, he gains +1 XP in Survival. It’s okay 
  if you accidentally pick up an item with Angling from time to time, but 
  try to make Cody help you out as much as possible.
* Likewise, each time you go to cook/craft/repair/loot something with Anling, 
  be sure to remember to teach Cody how to do it so that he gains some exp by 
  learning from his mom, and eventually learn to do stuff by himself.
* Cody might run away if he gets too scared, and you’ll need to go around the 
  maps looking for him. You can leave him at home, this also stresses him out 
  a bit, so he has a chance to run away from home as well. Interacting with him
  on the sofa whenever possible might help keep him happy for longer and prevent
  him from running away as often (if you find a book, you can read it to him 
  there as well). Holding his hand while you’re exploring also helps.
* Some of the maps have trash bins where Cody can hide and stay safe from 
  the zombies.
* You will get more zombies on your backyard at some point so you might want 
  to consider not pick it up the bear trap from there (not even after you see 
  the zombears), as it will eventually serve its purpose later on.
* Some areas will be blocked by obstacles that you can smash with your weapon. 
  You’ll need to smash the one leading to the Supermarket to be able to get 
  inside, but delay smashing the others as much as possible until you find/
  craft an axe you can use, as this decreases your weapon’s durability (which 
  you should try to make last as long as possible) and you should have enough 
  resources laying around in the map that you won’t need to rush breaking 
  those obstacles for the extra zombies/loot.
* Focus on the city and fix up the car ASAP. It unlocks more areas on the map 
  for you to travel to (the car only needs fixing, it doesn’t require gasoline 
  to run) and you get basically unlimited food once you get to the nature reserve.
* The water on the fountain is not infinite. Which means you’ll need to repair a 
  faucet on the house or the water collector in the backyard at some point.
* You can turn dirty water into clean water by boiling it in the Food Bench.
* If you give 2 bottles with water to the girl next door, she’ll return them 
  empty (for you to refill) and also give you some seeds that you can plant 
  on your backyard after you craft a shovel. She’ll keep giving you seeds and 
  empty bottles when you give her water but you might not want to give her 
  more until you need to plant more seeds, since storage space is limited 
  earlier on and storing seeds will take up 1 very precious space slot. 
  You can water the seeds with either clean or dirty water, it doesn’t seem to 
  make a difference.
* Speaking of planting stuff, if you have a shovel and a working car, you can 
  grow potatoes at the Camp or Uncle’s Farm.
* You won’t be able to use a fishing rod until you find a water source where 
  you can fish, so don’t rush crafting one.
* When the power runs out on the house, you’ll need gasoline to keep the generator 
  running. However, this doesn’t happen until later in the game so try to only 
  gather gasoline only as you need it (e.g.: to craft specific items), or you’ll 
  run out of storage space pretty fast.
* The Food Bench and Tool Bench are the first workstations that you should focus 
  on repairing and then maybe expand either the backpack space or the storage space 
  after that (note that your backpack is shared with Cody, if you leave him at home 
  for some reason, you’ll lose some inventory slots until you take him with you 
  again). Don’t rush repairing the Med Bench or Recyclable until you need them. 
  I was finding enough bandages and med kits that I didn’t need to craft any meds 
  for a while.
* If you upgrade the Recyclable Bench, you can repair broken items. 
  But you’ll need to fix it before being able to upgrade it.
* If you see a symptom with a side effect of ignoring damage take it, makes the 
  docks super easy.
* Cody might get sick if he stays out in the rain for too long. You can heal him 
  by turning on the heater (which will take several days and consume a lot of 
  electricity) or by giving him pills (he should be up the next day). He doesn’t 
  seem to get sick when he’s wearing his raincoat (it can be equiped like a weapon).
* At the moment, there is no use for the helmet you find at the Farm, but that 
  might change later on as the game gets updated.
* The zombies you kill will respawn back eventually after a while.

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