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  Hints and Tips for: Unreal Gold 
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 Unreal Gold Cheats

Unreal Gold

Cheat Codes:
Press [Tab] or ~ to display the console window.

Effect                                   Code
Full ammo for current weapon           - allammo
Full ammo for all weapons in inventory - allammo 999
Flight mode                            - fly
No clipping mode                       - ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes   - walk
Invincibility for current level        - god
Add weapon or item to the world        - summon 
Toggle time                            - playersonly
Jump to indicated map                  - open 
Third person view                      - behindview 1
First person view                      - behindview 0
Set game speed2                        - slomo<0.0-10.0>
Kill monsters                          - killpawns
Kill all bots (multiplayer)            - killpawnsbot
Kill all of indicated enemy type       - killall 
Invisibility                           - invisible
Spawn indicated number of bots         - addbots 
Broadcast message to other players     - say 
Cannot drown                           - amphibious
Suicide                                - suicide
Preferences menu                       - preferences
Play dead                              - feigndeath
Unlimited charge for selected item     - set  charge 9999999999
Reset graphics and textures            - flush
Toggle game pause                      - pause
Print the screen and save it           - shot

Weapons Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ingrid Perez

Press "Tab" and then type the following cheats always under the recall 
of "summon (item name)", without the quotes; for example summon asmd, 
or, summon armor. For enter into the console press ";" in the english 
keyboards, use the same method discribed above.

Code                Result
dispersionpistol   - Dispersion Pistol
automag            - AutoMag
stiger             - Stinger
asmd               - ASMD
eigthball          - 8-Ball Launcher
flakcannon         - Flak Cannon
razorjack          - RazorJack
gesbiorifle        - GESBioRifle
rifle              - Assault Rifle
minigun            - MiniGun
CARifle            - Combat Assault Rifle
grenadelauncher    - Grenade Launcher
rocketlauncher     - Rocket Launcher
Note: This game as result of the fussion of "Unreal" and "Unreal Mission Pack -
Return to NaPali" in one single installation CD, you can have the weapons of 
"Unreal Mission Pack - Return to NaPali" in the game of "Unreal".

Ammo Tips:               

Cheat             Weapon              Amount
                - Dispersion Pistol -  Recharges itself
clip            - AutoMag           - 20 bullets
stinger ammo    - Stinger           - 40 tarydium shards
asmdammo        - ASMD              - 20 units
rocketcan       - 8-Ball Launcher   - 12 eightballs
flakbox         - Flak Cannon       - 10 flak shells
flakshellammo   - Flak Cannon       -  1 flak shell
razorammo       - RazorJack         - 20 razor blade
rifleammo       - Assault Rifle     -  8 rifle rounds
rifleround      - Assault Rifle     -  1 rifle round
shellbox        - Minigun           - 50 bullets
1 AutoMag and MiniGun share the ammo, then if you ran out of ammo with one, the
  other  will no have either. AutoMag and MiniGun share the ammo, then if you 
  ran out of ammo with one, the other neither will have.

2 But if you want to obtain  the maximum ammo only type "allammo" without the coutes
  for 999 of ammo in all of your guns.

Inventory Items:
Cheat          Result                  Use
translator   - Universal Translator  - Provides you with vital information, clues and
                                       hints about the game. Hit "F2" for activation.
amplifier    - Amplifier             - Increase the power of the weapon.
dampener     - Dampener              - It silences the weapon.
flare        - Flare                 - Illuminates a small area,when it is drained it
flashlight   - Flashlight            - Have limited batterylife, so keep an eye on the
                                       power meter.
forcefield   - Focefield             - Creates a temporary impenetrable barrier.
invisibility - Invisibility          - Makes you temporarily invisible.
jumpboots    - Jump Boots            - Activating the boots enables you to jump much 
                                       higher than normal.
scubagear    - Scuba Gear            - Gives you the ability to breathe while underwater
                                       searchlight Searchlight Functions like a flashlight,
                                       but can last much than a flashlight.
nalifruit    - Nali Fruit Seed       - Plant one of these to grow a Nali Healing Fruit.
                                       Wait for full grow or you don't obtain the full effect.
voicebox     - Voice Box             - Creates a sound diversion to distract your enemies.
cloak        - Cloaking Device       - When is activated it provides partial invisibility. 
armor        - Armor                 - Basic armor.
asbestossuit - Asbestos Suit         - Provides resistance to fire and heat damage.
kevlarsuit   - Kevlar Suit           - Works in conjunction with Armor to provide even 
                                       greater protection from damage.
toxinsuit    - Anti-Toxin Suit       - Prevents damage from Tarydium waste pools.
shieldbelt   - Shield Belt           - Works in conjunction with Armor and Kevlar Suit to 
                                       provide even greater protection from damage.
bandages     - Bandages              - Provide limited healing (+5 units of health).
health       - Health                - Provide healing for 20 units of health.
superhealth  - Superhealth           - Boosts your health by 100 units.

Note: Maximum health is 200 units.

Map Names:
For open specific map hit "Tab" an then type "open" without the quotes 
following of the map name. Bellow the list of maps for "Unreal", "Unreal 
Mission Pack - Return to NaPali" and Botmatch.

Cheat           Map
unreal          Castle (intro movie)
vortex2         Vortex Rikers
nyleve          NyLeve's Falls
dig             Rrajigar Mine
dug             Depths of Rrajigar
passage         Sacred Passage
chizra          Chizra-Nali Water God
ceremony        The Ceremonial Chambers
dark            Dark Arena
harobed         Harobed Village
terralift       Terraniux Underground
terraniux       Terraniux
noork           Noork's Elbow
ruins           Temple of Vandora
trench          The Trench
isvkran4        ISV-KRAN Deck 4
isvkran32       ISV-KRAN Decks 3 and 2
isvdeck1        ISVDECK1
spirevillage    Spire Village
thesunspire     The Sunspire
skycaves        Gateway to Na Pali
skytown         Na Pali Heaven
skybase         Outpost 3J
veloraend       Velora Pass
bluff           Bluff Eversmoking
dasapass        Dasa Mountain Pass
dasacellars     Cellars at Dasa Pass
naliboat        Serpent Canyon
nalic           Nali Castle
nalilord        Demonlord's Lair
dcrater         DemonCrater
extremebeg      MotherShip Basement
extremelab      MotherShip Lab
extremecore     MotherShip Core
extremegen      Skaarj Generator
extremedgen     Illumination
extremedark     The Darkening
extremeend      The Source Antechamber
queenend        The Source
endgame         Ending Sequence (movie)


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