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  Hints and Tips for: VEGA Conflict 
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 VEGA Conflict Cheats

VEGA Conflict

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Space battles:
Try to be efficient during space battles. Rely on focus fire strategy
that was demonstrated during the tutorial. To do this, tap the "Select
All" button to select all your troops. Then, tap an enemy ship to have
all of those ships fire on that target. If AI control is on, after that
enemy ship is destroyed all your allied ships will automatically target
the enemy that is closest to them. You will have to manually re-target
to focus fire on another enemy ship. When one of your ships takes too
much damage, pull them back and position an undamaged ship on the front

When low on resources, send your fleet out into space and search for 
loose cargo containers. When found, your ships will shoot them open 
and allow their resources to be collected and brought back to base. 

Research modules:
Keep your research modules upgraded in order to have the latest research 
options available. Researching will give you access to more powerful 
equipment, stronger weapons, and better armor for your ships. 

Combat modules:
Combat modules provide automated turrets and cannons for your base. 
When your base gets attacked from enemies or other players, those 
combat modules will defend your base with whatever weapons are 
attached to them. Research new guns in the Arms Lab.
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