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  Hints and Tips for: War Thunder 
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 War Thunder Cheats

War Thunder

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=War Thunder=-
Written by Slav God.

Ever get stuck in a hard place, you are pushing on another tank and you 
have no idea what else to do but shoot, but let me tell you, there are 
actual stratigies to track to track combat.

-=Pushing Battle=-
Say you are in the situation I am in below, Kv1 vs Kv1.

When this is a battle you have to fight, it yields no victory to 
anyone because chances are, you can keep pushing on each other 
forever, and neither of you will win.

Option 1: Wait for Teammates to arrive.
Option 2: If near a cliff face or a steep hill try to push him off.
Option 3: Back up then take shots.

-=General Information=-
You'd think in this practice that heavy tanks would have the advantage,
but actually, if a tank is lower than the heavy tank, It can shoot at 
in uncontested. Persay an IS-6 Versus a Maus, the IS-6 has the advantage
because of its lower stature but this is countered by the Maus's heavy 
armor, If the Maus is pushed from the side, where its totally flat, 
the IS-6 can land some good shots.

When it comes to just pushing a tank off of say a cliff, the heavier 
tank always has the advantage.

* If you are facing a tank that is heavier than yours, see the section 
* If you are facing a tank that is lighter than yours in a small space,
  or near a wall try to get the tank as they are pushing on you to roll
  over your front and you will have complete control over where they go.
* If you feel like it, drive them into a wall and shoot at their weak 
  underside armor. Like this poor German who got stuck between stalinium 
  and a hard place
* If you are fighting on a hill and you are pushing upwards, you are in 
  danger, because normally your top armor is the weakest and your opponent
  can hit it, back off and move to the left or right and let your opponent
  slide down and expose their side armor.
* If you are fighting downhill, which you are pushing downwards, Try to 
  drive over the top of the other tank and then spin around once you have 
  rolled off of them and hit them in the back, tanks like the KV1 are 
  vulnerable to this due to their poor turret rotation speed.

Basic Aircraft Tips and Tricks:
Written by Paleo Jake

This guide is intended to help you become a better pilot, and hopefully decrease 
the odds of you crashing into the ground.

Tip #1: use tracers as your primary ammunition
They aren't the most accurate, but if you can't see your bullets then how will you 
ever hit your opponent? Research the new ammo belts modification and equip tracers 
as soon as you can.

Tip #2: defend your teammates
Chase planes that are attacking your friendly aircraft first, then go after other 
opponents. Chasing enemy planes that are attacking allies is a great way to rack 
up easy kills.

Tip #3: evasive manuvers
There are none. Fly to your teammates if you are in danger. Just be sure not to 
ram into them.

Tip #4: don't be a kamikaze
Ram killers are the most annoying thing in air battles, so please don't do it. 
It costs you a plane that could be used to do something far more important, like 
take out ground targets or multiple enemy aircraft.

Tip #5: so many payload options, what do I choose?
Go for the option that best suits your playstyle. More bombs/light bombs are good 
for ground targets in Ground Strike, while Fewer bombs/heavy bombs are good for 
taking out stationary targets such as AAA guns, enemy bases, and air fields.

Tip #6: learn from your mistakes
The more you get shot down, the better you'll get at the game.

Failure is the greatest teacher of them all.

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