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  Hints and Tips for: WarBlade 
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 WarBlade Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

High level weapon:
Use the following trick if you are at high levels (over level 50), have a 
small amount of money (less than 1000), and have a bad weapon (single shot,
etc.). When you reach the shop, buy a quad shot, auto fire unit and extra 
bullets. Buying more extra bullets is recommended. good. 
After that, hold [Fire]. It will rain lots quad shots quickly, and it will
take out all enemies in three or four reloads.

The war.i.plasma weapon is the best in the game. However if you have around 
3,000 to 3,500, do not buy it. If you are satisfied with the weapon you have 
and you do not need to buy anything else, save your money until you have over 
4,500 then buy the war.i.plasma weapon. You will have an outstanding weapon, 
and if by mistake you will get the single shot bonus, you will have enough 
money to buy a good weapon instead.

If you have a weapon and are catching bonuses of the same weapon (single 
shot, double shot, quad shot, etc.), the weapon will be much stronger then 
the original. If you catch more bonuses for the same type of weapon, the 
weapon can get better than the next one. Note: The weapon cannot become 
stronger than a weapon which is two times stronger. For example, single 
shot cannot be stronger then triple shot, etc.

When on the level D someting on the first one go on the left then just keep 
on shoting (this works on the first and the 2nd one only).

How to get Planet ranks:
1.You must be able to get God rank, but you have to be a Champion rank.
2.You need at least $500,000.
3.After completing the first 2 steps, get 6 rank markers and become a 
  Warblade God.
4.The message *** A new climb is now available *** will appear (this will only
  happen if you have $500,000 BEFORE becoming a Warblade God).
5.Go to the shop, and at the top, there should be a new option called CLEARs 
  shields, which costs $500,000. Buy it. Now in your profile, your completed
  bonus levels will go down to 451 and you will lose all of your shields 
  (God badges).
6.Buy a game secret at the shop. It will say "FOR A MINI GUN GRAB TWO SLOW 
  ENEMIES BASH TRI MOUSE WILL REWARD SUCCESS" This is nonsense, but if you 
  take the last letters of each word, it will say RAINBOW SHIELDS, this just
  means you have to get the shields in order from 1 to 6.
7.Get the shields in the order they were in on your profile, from left to 
  right. After this, a new message will come up saying *** planet ranks now 
  available ***

That is all. Now go get your planet ranks!

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