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  Hints and Tips for: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 
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 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Cheats

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Block while Reviving:
* When approaching your downed teammate Switch to your Melee Weapon and hold down 
  Right Mouse Button this will cause you to block, and while blocking you hold E 
  to revive your teammate.
* It is a very basic thing but so far the game doesnít teach you about it. 
* With this trick you can take greater risks to revive someone and wonít have to 
  fully clear the area of enemies before being able to revive them.
* Not a whole lot of people know about this because this was actually a bug in 
  Vermintide 1, but the developers were merciful enough to leave it in the game.

All Tomes and Grimoires (Locations Guide):
Written by Dr. Justingg 4711

Guide for the Location of All the Tomes and Grimoires for Righteous Stand, 
Athel Yenlui and Against The Grain.

-=How Do Tomes / Grimoires Work?=-
Both Tomes and Grimoires will take a slot of your Inventory away.

The Tome will be placed in your Healing slot, you can still pick up healing items 
to heal. The Tome will automatically be placed down like any other item if you pick 
up a healing item.

The Grimoire will take the slot of Potions and it will take 33% of your HP away 
when you Pick it up, you can not pick up any Potions when you carry a Grimoire. 
You can Throw a Grimoire away if needed but it will be lost / You can not pick it 
up again.

-=Righteous Stand=-
* Tome #1
First Continue untill you reach the "Franz Erikson Platz"
Continue a little bit untill you reach the little Drop, stop there and turn left 
towards the portcullis and Go towards the Cart in the back
Jump on the Cart and on top of it you should see The Tome inside a wooden Crate

* Grimoire #1
After the Fight in the Arena take the Lift up and Turn left towards the door to continue
After you enter the Room Go either right or Go left.
Going Left
Continue on untill you find these crates
Jump onto the crates and jump towards these crates
From there jump or walk onto the shelf and Jump towards the Grimoire
Going Right 
If you go right you can (Its harder to do but maybe someone likes this way more) 
get the Grimoire as well
If you go a bit Forward you should be able to Mark the Grimoire on the Top Right 
inside a Wooden Crate
If you turn around you should see 2 mattresses (Not sure what they are) on the ground
Use them to jump onto the Fallen beds. (Its hard to do so its not the fastest way 
if you fail it)
After you made it up there turn right (Left if you look at the Picture above) 
and Jump onto these Crates 
From there jump or walk onto the shelf and Jump towards the Grimoire

* Tome #2
After you reach the Wall proceed towards this building where the Tome #2 will be located
After you went inside turn left and Go Upstairs 
After you went upstairs dont go into the Door, turn right and Continue to walk
In the back you should see a hole in the floor
Inside that hole you should see Tome #2

* Grimoire #2
The next Grimoire is located at the "North Axe Bite Bastion" 
You can only do this with the Slayer class (Dwarf). If you are playing as the slayer 
you can skip the Jumping Puzzle and jump over here with your Career Skill
If you have no Slayer on your Team you will have to do the Jumping Puzzle. 
After you went inside the Building Continue to go outside and stop.
You don't have to do this but it can be saver to do it. 
From the stairs jump onto the little wooden platform infront of you 
(Not the one inside the Brick wall) and jump to the next one.
If you dont want to do it. Jump from the Stairs towards the Wooden platform to your right.
Continue to jump to the next platform untill you reach this window. 
Jump towards the Window and Hold Crouch mid jump so you can go inside easy.
After you went inside continue foward and pull this lever.
After you pulled the lever walk towards the open door but donít fall down, if you do 
you will have to do the jumping puzzle again and turn right, you should see a wooden 
ladder, jump on it and climb up.
After you made it up you should see the Grimoire inside a wooden crate

Tome #3
This is right after Grimoire #2, just continue to walk untill you reach this part
Continue to walk untill you see a lot of Bushes to your left 
(Before you go upstairs towards the healing items)
Walk inside the Bushes, inside the Bushes there will be a cave where Tome #3 is located 
(Kerillian took the tome before i could screenshot it) inside a wooden crate that is open
Athel Yenlui

Tome #1
After you reach the "Wilds" and get the Mission to "Proceed Through The Wilds" Turn right
Keep walking on the right side untill you reach this pillar and Tree
Proceed through the fallen tree and turn right
Walk forward and you should find the Tome inside a wooden crate

Grimoire #1
From Tome #1. Walk all the way to the left and follow the left wall untill you reach 
this part. From the "Proceed through the wilds" part: 
Turn left and follow the wall untill you reach this part.
From there walk all the way up
After you went up turn left and look up, you should be able to Mark the Grimoire
Jump up and Spam E to pick it up

Tome #2
From Tome #1: Continue to walk along the right side of the wall untill you reach this 
part: From Grimoire #1 Turn Right and walk all the way to the Right wall and follow it 
untill you reach this part:
Walk a bit more on the right and turn to the left, you should see the Tome inside a 
Wooden crate

Grimoire #2
Continue on untill you reach "Athel Yenlui"
Now, from here you need to activate 3 Buttons to open a passage for Grimoire #2.

Button #1
After you reach "Athel Yenlui" walk right and continue to walk on the right side 
till you reach this part:
From here walk forward a bit and turn right and go up here
Go up and walk forward towards the wall untill you reach it
Once reached, look down and press the Button

Button #2
After you got Button #1 go back here and walk up on the left side
Walk foward untill you reach this part
From here turn left and look down, you should see Button #2

Button #3
From Button #2 Walk back down and go to the left side where the giant stairs are
From here walk upstairs untill you reach this part
From here turn right and walk towards the wall
Once reached look down and hidden inside leaves you should see Button #3

-=Now The Grimoire=-
From Button #3 Walk back down the stairs and you should see that a passage is open
Once inside turn right and look up, you should see Grimoire #2

Tome #3
Tome #3 is right after Grimoire #2. Continue untill you reach this part
From here walk foward and jump down, then turn right and go foward
Continue part the leaves and use these rocks to jump up
Jump up and grab Tome #3

-=Against The Grain=-
Tome #1
Continue untill you reach the Mill
Once you reached the Mill turn left and jump onto the fallen wagon with Hay
From the wagon, jump on the Fence and walk towards the Mill
From here jump on the wooden platform and turn left to find Tome #1

Grimoire #1
Continue on Untill you reach this Part (Here you can Find Grimoire #1 #2 and Tome #2)
Continue on the Path untill you reach this part 
From here you need to get a barrel, you can find one in this little building
Once you got the Barrel (Make sure it doesn't explode) bring it inside this building 
(Its to the left of the barrel building)
Once inside take the left door to go downstairs
Once downstairs continue into the back room and go to the right side, you should see 
a hole inside the wooden wall, place the barrel in that hole to open it
After the barrel exploded go inside the new passage and climb the wooden ladder 
Now you only have to turn left and you should see the Grimoire #1 on a barrel

Grimoire #2
After Grimoire #1 continure for a little bit untill you reach this part
Once reached turn left and Climb this ladder
Turn Right and climb this ladder
Now, turn right and walk foward and then jump to the platform that is hanging
Once you made that jump, jump to the next platform
After that jump turn right and follow the path (Dont fall down)
After that you should see the Grimoire behind some wooden planks, 
just go up to it and grab it

Tome #2
After the fight with the Rat Orge go inside the barn and take this ladder
Once you made it up turn right and go Foward untill you reach the wall, 
once reached turn right
Jump towards that window and dont fall down
Then jump onto that platform
Now turn right and Grab Tome #2

Tome #3
After the barn continue untill you reach this part
From here turn left and keep going left untill you get here
From here turn left and jump into the water (you wont die its not deep)
Inside the water behind the tree you should find Tome #3 hidden in the water 

Written by Zeta

* Don't rush for the kills, the scoreboard is not everything! Care for your team 
  and support them. Cover your "tank" during swarms, help him pushing away enemies 
  while attacking with the spear; 
* Be careful at the character dialogs, they'll tell you if a special enemy is 
  approaching. Equip the bow as fast as you can and look around spamming the mark 
  button (T by Default) to mark the special enemy, it will help your team understand 
  where the threat is coming and kill him faster; 
* Don't waste arrows for common enemies, if you run out of arrow you are useless; 
* Always charge your arrows to kill enemies: quick arrows deal less damage and 
  you will run of out ammo in no time; 
* If one of your teammates is low HP and without healing items, stay always close 
  to him, with the spear you can cover him on all sides and with the wide angle 
  parry you can prevent enemies from hitting and killing him.

Combat Tips:
-Stay together or die alone.
-Veteran tip: Donít get surrounded.
-Pushing enemies is very effective when you are surounded.
-Pushing enemies will force them to focus their attention towards you.
-Blocking is more efficient when facing towards enemies. 
 Weapons have tooltips for Block Arcs that indicate their most effective angle.
-When fatigued, you canít use Push or Block.
-Ranged weapons are less effective when hitting enemies far away. 
 Long distance weapons have less of a penalty.
-Some of the more powerful ranged weapons can pierce through enemies.
-Playing on Champion or Legend enables friendly fire. 
 Allies will take damage when you hit them with ranged weapons and explosives.
-Be careful when casting spells. 
 Overuse the Winds of Magic and you will become Overcharged and explode!
-Taking damage while carrying explosive barrels or lamp oil will ignite the fuse.
-Enemies will be alerted to your presence if you make a lot of noise or come 
 close enough.
-Top right is an action feed, you can use it to confirm when dangerous enemies are 
-Watch for the shield indication when hitting armoured enemies, charged melee 
 attacks penetrate armour.
-Use heavy weapons or go for the head when facing armoured enemies.
-Most enemies have a weak spot indicated by the orange hit marker, exploit these to 
 more efficiently dispatch of your foes.
-Shielded enemies will block your attacks, try pushing them to create an opening.
-Some special enemies and bosses use attacks that cover large areas, avoid standing 
 in them.
-Bosses sometimes use attacks that will deal damage through your block, try to dodge 
 them instead.
-Beware of your surroundings when fighting bosses, they can knock you back or even grab you.

Legendary Ranger:
Written by One-Eyed Mayfly

If you're looking to bring a Ranger into Legendary, this is the guide to read.

-=Why Play a Ranger?=-
Constant resupply. You give everyone ammo, especially useful if a certain character 
doesn't have infinite ammo builds. This allows for more variation in the team. Specials 
spawn like crazy in Legend, so there is no shortage of pickups. 

Bombs! There's nothing 4 bombs can't handle. Bombs are rare in Legend, you will likely 
only find 2 in the whole map. Legend will inevitably give you the finger at some point, 
so be ready to give it a finger back. 

Invisibility. Not a popular pick, but it is one of the strongest invisibilities in the 
game, since it doesn't dispel after attacking. You can swing away without care, because 
you will remain invisible. 

Extra ammo and ranged power, if you're so inclined.

-=The Importance of Bombs=-

The Ranger has a lot of solid and situtaional picks in this talent tree. I can't really 
tell you what the best combination would be. He's pretty well balanced like that. If you 
have a slow weapon, maybe pick the attack speed. If you want more health, pick the healing 
magnification. You get the picture, he has a flexible talent tree. If you want self-healing, 
get Catch a Breath.

However, there is one ability that shines like a blazing hot sun in the night sky and 
you should take it.

Battle-Brew: 25% chance of a bomb dropping from a special.

I cannot stress this enough. This is one of the biggest reasons you pick the Ranger. 
You want your team stacked with 4 bombs, and that's never going to happen unless you have 
a Ranger. 4 bombs is the difference between an auto-wipe and a continuing run.

Legend has the inevitability of spawning a chaos horde, a normal horde, and 4 specials on 
top of you at the same time. This will usually wipe any functioning team. You can be a 
great team, but you'll just lose. It happens. So what can you do about this?

If you're running Ranger, you're countering that inevitability with preparation. You'll 
have those 4 bombs ready to go, and you can deny the game its victory. It's a great feeling.

-=Using Your Ultimate Ability=-
Yes, your ultimate does not deal 10k damage at the click of a button. But, it has some 
other uses. It keeps you and your teammates safe. Before you get overwhelmed, try to see 
it coming. Use your ultimate, and then start killing them from within the smoke. You 
remain invisible, even after attacking. Sometimes you will need to block an attack, if 
they started attacking before you used your ultimate.

I like to use 40% CDR, so I can use my ult whenever I feel ike it. It's good insurance 
and preserves my healthbar, so use it up.

You can also pick people up from within the smoke.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
These can be applied to any character, but some will be specific to Ranger:

* Bomb patrols! This is Ranger's specialty. 
* Use your F ability a little early, since it takes time to activate. 
* Check around for bombs. The game won't tell you if they have dropped, so inspect 
  special corpses. Ping them for teammates, as well. 
* If you use the Warpick, it has two charge attacks. The first is fast, but the second 
  comes by holding the charge. When Bardin's arms move a second time, then you are using 
  the more powerful charge attack. 
* Use your ranged weapon for things that would be risky in melee. 
* Have the patience to learn melee. Good melee players can solo entire hordes. You 
  should aspire to that, and no matter how good you think you are, your are far from 

How to Stealth Vermintide 2:
Written by Ghoul Hunter

Did you know you can stealth most of the levels?
-=What is ďStealthingĒ?=- 
Well, you can run through the maps with stealth characters and ignore most of the 
game mechanics. 
* Huntsman 
* Ranger 
* Shade 
Whoís the fourth? Thatís up to you. Just have them sit in spawn or some safe nook 
where nothing can get them. They will have to put up a good defense game and keep 
themselves alive for most of the level. 

-=Letís explain more in detail=-
Vermintide 2 has a weak AI. If you move in two separate bodies away from each other, 
the game will not know what to do. As group 1 sits in the spawn or near it, and group
2 moves further through the level, the game will not be able to adequately deal with 
the growing distance. It will do silly things, like stop spawning roamers, specials 
will loop, and enemies will not react very intelligently. 
The AI will choose someone to pick on. Eventually, it will be the solo guy sitting 
in spawn, because heís all alone. This means the 3 stealthies have a really easy time 
just pushing through the level and objectives. 
If you run into an obstacle like a boss, you have 3 very capable boss slayers who can 
assassinate him in 10 seconds. Bosses are a joke to this team. 
If you run into an obstacle that requires all 4 players, then the solo guy in the back 
simply needs to kill himself. After he is revived, then he will run backwards through 
the map again, to increase the distance between the two parties. 
Finally, if you all coordinate your stealth at the same time, all AI will target player #4. 
Oh, and if people die, just keep moving forward because they can be picked up later. 
Picking up people in stealth is easy. 
Try it, perfect it, enjoy it. Might be some RNG involved. 
* Now letís talk builds

6 seconds of stealth every 48 seconds. 30% + 10% cooldown reduction. 
Resourceful Combatant: Can be used to reduce those cooldowns. 
15. movement speed. 10% + 5%. 
Pick a weapon that you can move quickly with, while blocking. Mace is a good example. 
Spear can also be good, since you move faster while holding down charged attack. 
Proxy: This will allow you to all use potions to move quickly through the map and refresh 
your invisibility cooldowns. Ranger will be supplying the potions. 
Cannot pass through enemies while stealthed. 

1. seconds of stealth every 98 seconds. 10% cooldown reduction. 
Resourceful Combatant: Can be used to reduce those cooldowns. 
Please note that you can remove 2 seconds for every reload. Every time you throw a 
throwing axe, it removes 2 seconds of cooldown. And I donít mean when you press R. 
It counts for the throw. 
15. movement speed. 10% + 5%. 
Pick a weapon that you can move quickly with, while blocking. 1h Hammer is a good example. 
Proxy: This will allow you to all use potions to move quickly through the map and refresh 
your invisibility cooldowns. Ranger will be supplying the potions. 
Cannot pass through enemies while stealthed. 
5 seconds of stealth every 22 seconds. 45% + 10% cooldown reduction. 
Resourceful Combatant: Can be used to reduce those cooldowns. 
15. movement speed. 10% + 5%. You can also use 20% for 5 seconds on crit. 
Spear and daggers can make you move faster than normal when you swing. 
Proxy: This will allow you to all use potions to move quickly through the map and refresh 
your invisibility cooldowns. Ranger will be supplying the potions. 
Can pass through enemies while stealthed. 

-=Letís talk about player #4=-
So who should player #4 be? Iíll give you some suggestions. 
-=Bounty Hunter=-
Every ranged crit, he grants the team 10% movement speed for 10 seconds. 
This will help the stealthies move faster. 

-=Witch Hunter=-
Pinged enemies take 20% more damage. This will help the stealthies with any killing they do. 
Whenever a special/elite dies, the team gets 5% more crit for 5 seconds. Useful. 
He can move very quickly, resist death, and play keep away. 
Please note that player #4 does not want to kill enemies. He wants them to stay leashed 
to him, to prevent further spawning. If he kills everything, then the AI will have freedom 
to spawn again. 

* Special Mention:
2 seconds of invis every 16 seconds. 10% cooldown reduction. 
She dashes every 18 seconds, allowing her to catch up, despite moving slow. 
Purple potion is important for her if she wants to stay invisible, since it is so short 
of duration. 
She can dodge through enemies. 
-=Final Words=-
This is merely a template I have offered. There are other ways to set up a stealth team, 
like having 2 players sit in back and 2 players move forward. Maybe you will even want 
a stealthy in the back. 

What is best? Iíll leave that to you. Enjoy.

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