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  Hints and Tips for: Wasteland 2 
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 Wasteland 2 Cheats

Wasteland 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Treasure tortoise:
You can find a tortoise that provides treasure at the Rail Nomads camp, in the northern
part of the world map. The camp can be found just past some radiated areas. Once in the 
camp, search northern part of the Rail Nomads area, which is the first area you visit in
this general location. Travel north from the central section of the map with the rail car
interiors. Pass the small homeless camp up the middle path to reach the area in which the
tortoise can be found. A character with the "Animal Whispering" skill is required to 
"activate" the tortoise. If needed, you can recruit Ralphy by saving him from drowning 
after entering the area. He can be found in one of the train cars in the central part of
the map after his rescue. After "Animal Whispering" is used on the tortoise, it will begin
moving slowly. It starts by travelling south, out of the hobo-camp then follows a path that
leads it past the main meeting hall (where the clan leader is found), and further down to 
the south. Follow it and it will eventually approach a river at the southern part of the 

Note: You must clear mines from this area. The tortoise will eventually die at the end 
of its journey, leaving behind a mound of dirt. Use a shovel to dig up a random piece of
treasure (rifle, weapon mod, armor, trinket, or ammunition).

Edit Game Saves:
Alter game files at your own risk and always create backups.

In your Wasteland 2 files on your computer, access the Save Games folder and then open 
the desired save file. You can make changes and save those changes, then load the game 
to reap the benefits.

One good option is to search for availableAttributePoints and then change the following 
value to 20 or so, along with skill points and trait points (you can set those to 
around 200). Then you can repeat the process for the subsequent characters.

If you would like to modify your supply of ammunition, health packs, and so forth 
(for example: Ammo_.38_S change), you can do that as well. The catch is that you 
must have already collected a given item in your time spent playing the game, or 
you won't be able to modify quantity.

General Tips:
* Though Wasteland 2 offers freedom in its character creation options, prowess in combat 
  is the most important thing. Make sure your party can handle their own in battle. 
* Feel free to leave Luck at 1 since it's the last useful attribute in teh game. The 
  other six are far more important. 
* Have each character use a different weapon so you can spread out ammo you come across. 
* Focus on just a few skills and level those up. Being a jack-of-all-trades can be great
  in other games, but you need to be more focused in Wasteland 2.
* Having at least one party member with high charisma can be very useful, as it opens 
  up more conversation options and potentially allows you to avoid combat altogether.

Easter Eggs:
* Remember all those E.T. Atari cartridges that were buried? Well, they're buried in 
  the world of Wasteland 2 as well. Go Northwest of the Ranger Citadel in Arizona to 
  find them.
* The sewers near Highpool contain a sign that says "Good morning, Vietnam!" This is
  a reference to the 1987 film starring Robin Williams.
* There's a safe in Silo 7 that requires the password "joshua." That password will 
  sound familiar to fans of the 1983 film "WarGames."
* There is a 1988 copy of Computer Gaming World in AG Center. The Game of the Year: 
  the original Wasteland of course.
* The museum contains the Red Rider BB gun, a reference to the classic Christmas 
  film "A Christmas Story."

Change character attributes:
Use a text editor to edit your current saved game file in the "Save Games" directory in 
the game's folder. Search for the "availableAttributePoints" text, and change their 
values to 20, and the lines for skill points and trait points to 200 for any desired 

Set ammunition and item amounts:
Use a text editor to edit your current saved game file in the "Save Games" directory 
in the game's folder. Search for lines that begin with "Ammo_" and the names of other
items to modify their amounts. Note: You must have already collected a particular item
in order to change its quantity.

Unlock "Southwestern Folklore" skill:
Use the secret code "61290" in the text box while talking to Solveig Sefors.

Easy "Wasteland Justice" achievement:
Recruit Angela Deth from the Ranger Citadel. You can find Samuel Haas in a bar at the 
Rail Nomads camp. After a dialog with him, she will kill him. This will not result in 
any negative reputation with the other people in that town.

Easy "Too Much Time On Yer Hands" achievement:
To dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach, first get a second shovel from the farm at 
Angel Oracle.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Unlock "Southwestern Folklore" skill: 
Just like in the original version, use the secret code "61290" in the text box while 
talking to Solveig Sefors, who can be found in the starting town in the game.

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