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  Hints and Tips for: Watch Dogs 2 
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 Watch Dogs 2 Cheats

Watch Dogs 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite money:
Late in the game's campaign, the "An Eye For Eye" main operation will become available,
with "A Real Dog Fight" sub-mission as its fifth main component. During the "A Real Dog
Fight" sub-mission, you will go down a large freight elevator. When it reaches the proper
floor, proceed to the indicated in-game mission area with the double doors, and hack the
camera to see a room full of people with a man and woman standing next to each other 
giving a speech. The man is Pablo The Skinner. Point the camera at him and hack him to 
get approximately $18,000. Then, simply display your phone, select "Game Options", choose
"Reload Last Checkpoint", and repeat the process as many times as desired. When the 
checkpoint loads, you can run into the back left corner of the elevator and hack Pablo
The Skinner to do this even quicker. You can get over $1 million in less than an hour 
using this glitch. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game.
It will probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, 
either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You
can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are 
ready for the game to install new patches.

Easy money:
To get money quickly and early in the game, keep completing Driver San Francisco 
missions by simply driving passengers to their desired locations.

Easy "Feeding Frenzy" achievement:
This can be done in San Francisco. Near the "Dye Dude Kiosk" (marked on map) is a donut 
shop. During the day, you can find a man wearing a donut costume. He does not spawn at 
night, only by day during business hours. Buy the "APB: Suspect Located" and "Botnet 
Upgrade" skils (six research points required). Then, call the cops on the donut guy 
using the skill for them to come and arrest him and get the "Feeding Frenzy" achievement.
Note: You may also want to take a picture of the donut guy before he gets arrested. 
He counts as a ScoutX Challenge for the "Got The Shutterbug" achievement.

Easy "In Style" achievement:
Fast travel to the "Plainstock" clothing store in Oakland (eastern part of the map). 
This can be done from the beginning. Buy the "Gatorfeet Whine Country" shoes for $65 
to get the "In Style" achievement.

Easy "Let Me Ride" achievement:
You must first buy the "Vehicle Directional Hack" skill (costs two research points).
This skill allows you to remote control vehicles. Just climb on the roof of a car and
press the required keys to initiate the skill, then travel 200 meters to get the 
"Let Me Ride" achievement.

Easy "Miniroadtrip!" achievement:
The Merengue can be bought from Total Motors car dealerships. It is a standard class
vehicle and costs $43,125. After purchasing it, you can get it from the car dealer's
garage or you use the "Car On Demand" app to have it delivered to you. Then, drive 4
km (2.5 miles) with this car to get the "Miniroadtrip!" achievement. Just drive it 
along a highway to quickly get it. You will get the achievement after stopping the 
vehicle, not while driving it.

Easy "Only God Can Judge Me" achievement:
Fast travel to the "Nudle Vending Machine" in the south of Silicon Valley. It is marked 
on the map from the beginning. Buy a t-shirt for $5 from the vending machine to get the 
"Only God Can Judge Me" achievement.

Easy "Photobombed!" achievement:
Simply walk around with your camera until someone makes a funny pose. The NPCs will
do this very frequently when you aim the camera at them. This works well on sidewalks.

Fast Money:
-=Stealing from Civilians=-
Robbing Civilians in the San Francisco is a basic thing to collect money. But not all 
Civilians contains money, only few people with the $ consists money and all you have to
do is target civilian with $ symbol and press L1 or LB to steal the money. It is hardly
around some 70$ which is not good enough, so better way to earn more is to invest money
in the Social Engineering skill tree and unlock the Improved Profiler skill. With this 
upgrade you can spot people with high amount who appear with blue square box. The amount 
from such people ranges from 400$ to 1000$.

-=Collecting Money Bags=-
The Money Bags are one of the best ways to collect good enough money. The money bags are 
found all over the San Francisco with the symbol $. There are two types of Money Bags are
found which pops up on the map, when you get near to them. Small bags consist around some
$4000 to $5000 of money and big bags consist around some $20,000 along with some sellable
stuff as bonus. The Big ones are mostly guarded and found in restricted areas.

-=Selling the stolen Items=-
When you collect Money bag, it consists some other stuff along with money like valuable 
clothes, watches and phones etc. And also whenever you steal a car, you will find some 
items in the glove box. All these loot items can be sold at Pawn shop that is marked as 
red wedding ring on the map. You can sell all the items directly from the inventory at 
the Pawn shop to make some extra money.

-=Other Activities=-
By doing other activities like racing, helping out civilians also you can make some extra
money. The Money ranges according to the difficulty of the task. Also you will come across
some important people in the game whom you need to take down. After defeating enemy search
the bodies of enemies to collect the money, the boss enemy consists huge amount of money.

Earn $18,000 Every 40 Seconds:
Here are the Steps you need to perform in order to earn $18,000 Every 40 Seconds.
Note: The Time will differ as per your console's speed for loading Watch Dogs 2 screen.

* Launch the Main operation 'Eye For An Eye'.
* Reach the Fifth Step to trigger the Sub-Mission 'A Real Dog Fight'.
* Once you reach the Elevator(Check Video below), head inside the hack the Camera.
* Look for Carlos Pablo(Gang Leader) and Loot his Money.
* Go to Game Options and Restart the Last Checkpoint.
* Repeat until your Satisfied.

Gnome Outfit:
You'll have to put in a lot of work to unlock the Gnome outfit, which is labeled as ?! 
in your wardrobe. First, you must activate the first of two Gnome laptops. Look on Fisher
man's Wharf to find a circular seafood restaurant. On the building's north side, find a 
duct and send the RC Jumper through the opening to reach a gnome and a laptop. Interact 
with those attractions to find a map pointing to gnome locations around the game world. 
There are also two 'X' marks, including one that corresponds to your current location.

Your next step is to find 10 gnomes, which are marked on the map and can be found in 
the approximate areas indicated below. You will need upgrades to access some of them.

-=Tenderloin: Pawn Shop=-
Sitting on the shelf at Papa B's Pawn Shop.

-=Tidis Warehouse=- 
At the Tidis shipping facility, located north from the Palace of Fine Arts, take out 
the gangsters and dogs that patrol the yard, then check the doghouse positioned near 
the front gate.

-=Embarcadero Center: Health Store Roof=-
head one block north from Embarcadero Center, and follow an alleyway that extends 
from the park's northwest corner. It leads past a bus stop with rainbow awning. Vault
the fence, climb a ladder to some scaffold, then drop your RC jumper into the vent at
your feet. Access the Blume control box, then climb to the building's roof. Open the 
ventilation duct that you should have unlocked with the Jumper, and use that Jumper 
once again to follow the vents to the waiting gnome.

-=Soma Freeway Entrance=-
Look for the on-ramp that accesses the freeway where it crosses from San Francisco to
Oakland. Beneath that ramp, you'll find a homeless camp guarded by gang members. Drive
a box truck, van, or a lift to the fence along the back of that area. Then send an RC 
Jumper over the fence to collect the waiting gnome (it is resting in a wheelbarrow).

-=Haum Data Center=- 
The block next to the HAUM Data Center beneath the Bay Bridge (between SF and Oakland)
contains a parking lot and a small brick building (there’s a mural of a unicorn on it).
Using a construction lift or other raised platform, reach the roof of this building 
to find a Gnome (and some other toys).

-=Transbay Center=- 
On the top level of the East block of the Transbay Center, there’s a large hedge square
in the center of the rooftop park. Using the Enhanced Spring skill (or a tall truck), 
launch your RC jumper off the shorter hedge next to these and into the walled-off area.
Inside is a deeply unsettling tableau and another Gnome.

-=Rooftop Hot Tub=-
Across the street from the Stache and Vine near the Mission-Dolores Hackerspace is a 
grey building with a rooftop patio. This area can be reached either by climbing the 
storage shed and latticework on the West wall or by using a construction lift found 
in a nearby gang-occupied yard. Look near the hot tub to find the gnome.

-=Garden of Peace & Love=- 
A block to the west of the Painted Ladies is small communal garden (with naked hippies).
Enter it from the corner where Doobie Donuts is located and climb the first set of 
stairs on your right inside the alleyway. At the top of the stairs you’ll find another

-=SF Moma=-
On the west end of the park across from the SF MOMA, use the construction lift to 
reach the top of the taqueria. There is a gnome around the corner of the rooftop.

-=Oakland: Aquaduct=- 
Between Lake Merrit and the Coliseum runs a tunnel that boats can pass through. In 
the center of this tunnel is a small dock area - climb ashore and up the ladder to 
find this gnome resting on a lawn chair. After finding the gnomes, you need to seek
out the area that corresponds to the other 'X' you saw on the map. Make your way to
the north end of a park located next to the WKZ station. Check in the tent near the
area's northwest corner to obtain the new clothes that are your reward for the 
extended scavenger hunt.

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