Way of the Passive Fist Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Way of the Passive Fist 
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 Way of the Passive Fist Cheats

Way of the Passive Fist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

Tips & Tricks:
1) Enemies you can set your watch to
Each enemy in the game has specific attacks with specific rhythms. 
An enemy will be consistent throughout the game, so learn their timing!

2) Donít mash!
Button mashing wonít help you succeed. Only timed, intentional button presses 
will see you emerge as a victor.

3) Gold and Gone!
Once youíve scored enough points to earn a gold medal, concentrate on finishing 
the fight quickly to max out your time bonus.
4) Watch the Wanderer
The Wanderer will let you know when your Super Move is ready. Keep an eye out 
for the power effects emitting from the Wanderer.

5) Donít neglect the Check
Your shoulder check ability can be used to push enemies around, but it also lets 
you take control of the fight and create your own opportunities (see Time your 
Power Punches).

6) Level Up and replay
If you have trouble earning Gold Medals in early chapters, you can return to 
them (in Story Mode) once youíve earned stronger abilities (like Gravity Well) 
and dominate!

7) Donít anticipateÖ REACT!
Donít parry if you think an attack is coming! Wait until you see the windup or 
hear the tell. Donít risk a whiff and a lost combo!

8) In a hurry? Dash em down!
You can dash through a tired enemy to defeat them, this is quicker than the 
shove but youíll miss out on the Final Touch point bonus.

9) Min-Max your way to Gold!
Getting Gold Medals is more than just not getting hit. Build multipliers, 
maximize your parries and land Supers at just the right moment.

10) Time your Power Punches
You are vulnerable when throwing a Power Punch. A quick enemy can hit you during 
the wind up, so use it wisely. An enemy dashing towards you is just asking to be 

11) Tweak the Difficulty
Donít be afraid to experiment with the difficulty settings and find something 
that works for you.

12) You always have a chance!
With effective Parries and Dodges, you can always win a fight, even when youíre 
down to the smallest sliver of health. Never give up!

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