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 Westward Cheats


Sneaky Details:
Submitted by: David K

* One helpful tip for surviving in the wild west outhouses. Building outhouses
  for your town will help keep away plagues.

* If you need to track down a bunch of bandits, use the mini-map at the bottom
  of the screen.  The bandits will be highlighted in red so you can track them

* Donít forget to check the quest text.  These quests can offer additional 
  resources or ways out of a sticky situation.  

The Long Arm of the Law:
Bandits made the wild west wild so donít be surprised if outlaws start attacking 
your town. Once you have built a jail, you can hire a Sheriff and deputies to 
keep the peace. If that doesnít work, once you have built a saloon, you can also 
hire gunslingers to clean out the riff-raff. A mix of deputies and gunslingers 
works best. And remember you donít have to provide food or housing for gunslingers.
When you hear about a group of banditos camped outside of town, you can send out 
a posse to round them up. You fighters will automatically being firing at the 
bandits when they are in range. Donít send your Sheriff out to fight, you need 
to keep him safe.
Bandits will only chase you so far before they give up and leave you alone. 
o, when being chased by a bad guy, donít stop running!

Whiskey Youíre the Devil:
Eventually you will have to build a saloon in your peaceful town. You must have 
a saloon in order to hire gunslingers, plus your hard working citizens will want 
to kick back and have some fun. The saloon will keep your population happy, but 
you may end up with a few drunks wandering the streets. There are two ways to 
handle the town drunks. A deputy can toss him in the pokey until he sobers up. 
Or, once you have built a church, a kindhearted citizen can drag the drunk to 
church and he will reform.

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
- The gunslingers are better then deputies they are cheaper and stronger.
- Although a gunslinger cost more then a deputy, they cost less then a sheriff. 
  They are much better than a deputy at fighting bandits. Sheriffs are good for 
  exploring your land since they are on a horse and travel much faster than 
  anyone else.
- Don't buy a lot of gunslingers, sheriffs or deputies or you will run out of 
- Spend your money wisely! Gunslingers may cost more than deputies, but their 
  fighting skills will make up for it. Sheriffs cost more than gunslingers, but 
  they are better at exploring the land since they are on horseback. So, buy 
  gunslingers for defense, sheriffs for scouts and avoid deputies altogether!
- As long as you Produce more food and water, gold and wood, than you USE, 
  your town is OK and you can go about completing tasks without worrying about 
  people starving or leaving (Click on the magnifying glass for the map, it 
  shows your produce/use stats). It's critical!
- In lightening bluff level, go northwest to find a hole with a treasure in it.
  In order to dig up the treasure, go northeast to find farmer tim and buy a 
  rabbit from him. Drag the rabbit back to the hole and it will dig the treasure
  out for you.
- When you get to paradise falls, find the gun slingers, they are up and left a 
  bit they only want a bit of water so get them and locate them right of the 
  railway track, bandits come but without them your Whole town will get blown 
  away! also as soon as you can afford it locate more gun slinger and deputy's 
  top right, (you cannot build here its a old fence place ) use the map and see 
  red dots, they are the baddie so you can see where they come from and locate 
  your heavies it stop them destroying your little town, oh and ps, its a fun 
- Don't invest in farms and such to feed your people if you don't need settlers 
  to complete a level. Some levels only need a few combat personnel - 
  let the rest of them starve.

Reform a drunk:
In order to reform a drunk, you must have a Sheriff's Office where you can sober 
them up at, and a Sheriff or Deputy to bring them in.

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