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  Hints and Tips for: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine 
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 Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Cheats

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by Mooeena

Where the Water Tastes like Wine is a 20-30 hour walk through Americal 
folklore. You play as a skeleton cursed to travel the land and collect 
stories in order to find the place where the water tastes like wine. 
Stories are divided into sixteen tarot categories and five moods: 
thrilling, scary, hopeful, tragic, and funny. Different people will ask 
for stories with different moods, so it's a good idea to have an even 
distribution. Once you get more than three stories for each tarot card, 
you can rearrange them in your inventory by pressing I and then 
selecting Stories.

Story-Based Achievements:
Each of the sixteen characters has two achievements associated with them: 
one when you first meet them, and one when you complete Chapter 3 of 
their story.

-=The Blues Singer=-
Met Althea, the blues singer.
Althea can be found outside Nashville, Tennessee.

-=The Sailor=-
Met August, the sailor.
August can be found outside Seattle, Washington.

-=The Dustbowl Refugee=-
Met Bertha, the dustbowl refugee
Bertha can be found outside Los Angeles, California.

-=The Beat Poet=-
Met Cassady, the beat poet.
Cassady can be found outside Chicago, Illinois.

-=The One Who Went Upward=-
Met Dehaaya, the one who went upward.
Dehaaya can be found outside Shiprock, Arizona.

-=The Gambler=-
Met Dupree, the gambler.
Dupree can be found outside Miami, Florida.

-=The Curandera=-
Met Fidelina, the curandera.
Fidelina can be found outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

-=The Pullman Porter=-
Met Franklin, the Pullman porter.
Franklin can be found outside Cleveland, Ohio.

-=The Preacher=-
Met Jimmy, the preacher.
Jimmy can be found outside Jacksonville, Florida.

-=The Coal Miner=-
Met Little Ben, the coal miner.
Little Ben can be found outside Richmond, Virginia.

-=The Great War Veteran=-
Met Mason, the Great War veteran.
Mason can be found outside Washington, DC.

-=The Hobo Kid=-
Met Quinn, the hobo kid.
Quinn can be found outside Boston, Massachusetts. 
They may also be encountered while hopping on a train on the overworld.

-=The Cowboy=-
Met Ray, the cowboy.
Ray can be found outside Denver, Colorado.

-=The Migrant Worker=-
Met Rocio, the migrant worker.
Rocio can be found outside El Paso, Texas.

-=The Hippie=-
Met Rose, the hippie.
Rose can be found outside Portland, Oregon.

-=The Sharecropper=-
Met Shaw, the sharecropper.
Shaw can be found outside Birmingham, Alabama.

Missable Achievements:
-=Friend of Mine=-
Encountered the Devil twice.
You will encounter the Devil in The Man With the Midnight Wings, looking 
for a woman. Regardless of which option you pick, he will appear in a story 
nearby to let you know he caught her, and the achievement should pop. 
This vignette can appear in different places.

-=Got Your Kicks=-
Hitchhiked along Route 66.
Route 66 runs between Chicago and North Texas. 
Hold Q next to the road to hitchhike.

Found the three whippoorwills.
Three vignettes mention whip-poor-wills: The Rider in the Woods in Richmond, 
Virginia; Casey Jones in South Carolina, east of Route 17; and The Drunken 
Power Lineman in Charleston, WV.

Completed the Runciter's Circus vignette sequence.
The Runciter Circus storyline begins with your 200th story encountered. Each of 
the next three stories you run into will continue the sequence. Any choice you 
make will earn you the achievement on the fourth vignette.

-=Where the Water Tastes Like Wine=-
Found the place where the water tastes like wine. 
This achievement is not obtainable in normal gameplay. Sorry to all you 
completionists out there, but the real place where the water tastes like wine 
was the friends we made along the way.

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