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  Hints and Tips for: WhiFlash 
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 WhiFlash Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

Upgrade Your Flail:
Check your inventory (Space or I) from time to time to see if you've acquired 
any new weights for your Flail. If so, add them on and then sell the old ones 
for gold at the merchant in town.

A Sense of Rage:
As you beat up monsters your rage bar will increase (shouldn't it be the other 
way around?) Then hit the number keys to unleash special attacks. Make sure to 
turn these attacks off again (by hitting the key a second time) or all your 
rage will disappear.

At the end chapter 2, 2 round-if u go to the right side and just walk and attack 
the 4-5 blue monsters, the other ones on the left can't catch up.
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