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  Hints and Tips for: Will To Live Online 
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 Will To Live Online Cheats

Will To Live Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Mr. Cat

This guide will include some tips and tricks, i have learned exploring the game 
(Will to Live).

-=The Classes=-
In the start of the game you will be able to chose different professions (classes). 
Choosing them will change the way, of the skills.

So if you are the Miner, you will be able to level up, your max weight, damage of 
shotgun and more loot from mining.

Then if you choose the Mercenary, you will have skills like: increase stamina, speed 
of the weapon (don't really know what speed it changes) assault riffle damage and 
accuracy, grenade damage and accuracy, and ability to wear middle tear armor.

Next we got the hunter, sadly as a hunter you have skill called reduced backpack 
witch removes 10% of your max weight, but hunter deals more damage with pistols and 
riffle's and in same time he has resistance to environment, the medkit's give him 
10% more effect, and the parts mutants drop increased by 10%.

The last but not least, we got engineer. As engineer sadly you lose 10% of max weight 
same as hunter, but he deals a lot more damage with smg's and explosive. He can get 
10% more xp then other classes and get 10% more healing from medkits.

-=The Start=-
After you made your character, you will probably start doing quests, and that's good. 
You should do quests, to learn some basics of game, but after level 3, you should 
buy shotgun and go to "MTE".

In there you can find small watchers and normal watchers. The small ones gonna be 
invisible, every time you look at them, but then they will make sound witch will let 
you know they close to you so if you are careful you will get them without getting 

The big ones, up close will take 2 shots in front, or if you hit actual face 1 shot. 
So killing normal watcher will give you 100xp. And don't forget to collect they'r 
claw's they don't weight a lot and sells for good money. Slowly you will start 
leveling up, and will be able to buy armor, witch means pk players with pistols 
wont be able to penetrate your armor and damage you.

So after you get armor i recommend to do quests, so game could teach you more stuff. 

-=The Best Way for Money and XP at Higher Level=-
So if you reading this you are probably level 6+ at this point. And you be like 
(the armor does cost a lot and same with guns). Well to be honest there is an easy 
way to farm money, all you have to do is to buy you'r self some: Antiradpills, 
Medkits and some vodka. Then you can start going towards bunker.

Bunker is located in a desert, K9-3. But i would recommend you to go, to the "miners" 
first. Its a safezone closer to desert. So if you die you can spawn back there and 
you wont need to go all way back to it. The mine is located at E7-2.

So then you get close to desert, you want to make sure your stamina is full. And walk 
slowly towards bunker, at the point you start getting radiation, you will want to take 
a sip of vodka and run as fast as you can, then the radiation starts damaging you a 
lot, that's the moment you want to drink the pill. I usually drink it at radiation 
effect 4-6. You don't want to stop till you get into actual safezone.

When you get into the bunker, make sure you wont leave safezone till radiation drops 
down. After that you need to find a spot with blue slimes, witch drops 100g and 
50tokens worth items. And each drop from 0-6 witch mean you can get up to 300 from 1 
they not hard to kill, they take from 1-6 shotgun rounds, but they do a lot of damage 
so try to stay as far as possible from them.

If you explore the bunker, you will find medkits, radpills, ammo, vodka, cyder.... 
(stuff you need to get back from bunker). So if you get stuck there don't panic and 
try to explore the bunker for loot.

Hello there fella's today i will teach you abit about blacksmith.

Using Blacksmith recepts you will be able to make armor plates witch you can atach
to your armor for more protection. To make armor plates you need diffrent type of 
bar's (ets metal, steel bars).

To get those bars, first will need to get level 1 Blacksmithing recept. Witch you 
can get at miners outpost for 1.000 gold from the trader there.

You can get the 2nd one there to for 1.500 gold, it will alow you to craft metal 
plates for armor.

To craft bars you will need a furnace.

To craft plates you will need a pressing machine, you can find one at miners safezone.

How to Create a Clan?:
Written by John_White

In the update 0.53 developers have introduced Clan Creation. 
Now every player can make own clan. To do this you have to follow this guide.

To Do This You Have to Follow Next Steps

Join to the faction: Confederation or Black Sunset.

Collect 1 million of tokens. 
You can easily collect it with your friends and your future mates.

Make a group which contains not less than 10 players online and in this location. 
Future clan leader should be a leader of the group. 
All players must be joined to faction.

Each player in the group should have a 16th level at least. 
Also, each player should not be in a foreign faction or the clan.

Talk with the faction leader (Michalych or Valera) to make your clan.

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