Wizardry 8 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Wizardry 8 
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 Wizardry 8 Cheats

Wizardry 8

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Ben Bolton
Submitted by: nightraider

1.Open your save file (/save/*.sav) with a hex-editor.
2.Locate the nick-name of your character.
3.The order of characters' attributes in the .sav is 
Each charater  takes 1866 bytes.
4.See below for the positions for the attributes.  
Take the byte which
represents the first letter of the nick name as relative byte 0000.
E.g. If the first letter of your character's nick-name is at 03E072
than his total level will begin at 03E0F6 (03E072+84).
5.Can't find the position for Carrying Capacity (Load). :(

Relative byte       Attributes
0000                First letter of your character's nick-name
0084-0087           Total level
0088-008B           Fighter level (multi-class)
008C-008F           Lord level (multi-class)
0090-0093           Valkyrie level (multi-class)
0094-0097           Ranger level (multi-class)
0098-009B           Samurai level (multi-class)
009C-009F           Ninja level (multi-class)
00A0-00A3           Monk level (multi-class)
00A4-00A7           Rogue level (multi-class)
00A8-00AB           Gadgeteer level (multi-class)
00AC-00AF           Bard level (multi-class)
00B0-00B3           Priest level (multi-class)
00B4-00B7           Alchemist level (multi-class)
00B8-00BB           Bishop level (multi-class)
00BC-00BF           Psionic level (multi-class)
00C0-00C3           Mage level (multi-class)
00E0-00E3/00E4-00E7 Strength
00F4-00F7/00F8-00FB Intelligence
0108-010B/010C-010F Piety
011C-011F/0120-0123 Vitality
0130-0133/0134-0137 Dexterity
0144-0147/0148-014B Speed
0158-015B/015C-015F Sense
019A-019D/019E-0201 Sword (base/modified)
01C0-01C3/01C4-01C7 Axe (base/modified)
01E6-01E9/01EA-01ED Pole arm (base/modified)
020A-020D/020E-0211 Mace & flail (base/modified)
0232-0235/0236-0239 Dagger (base/modified)
0258-025B/025C-025F Staff & wand (base/modified)
027E-0281/0282-0285 Shield (base/modified)
02A4-02A7/02A8-02AB Modern weapon (base/modified)
02CA-02CD/02CE-02D1 Bow (base/modified)
02F0-02F3/02F4-02F7 Throw & sling (base/modified)
0316-0319/031A-031D Lock & trap (base/modified)
033C-033F/0340-0343 Stealth (base/modified)
0362-0365/0366-0369 Music (base/modified)
0388-038B/038C-038F Pick pocket (base/modified)
03AE-03B1/03B2-03B5 martial art (base/modified)
03D4-03D7/03D8-03DB Scouting (base/modified)
03FA-03FD/03FE-0401 Close combat (base/modified)
0420-0423/0424-0427 Range combat (base/modified)
0446-0449/044A-044D Dual weapon (base/modified)
046C-046F/0470-0473 Critical strike (base/modified)
0492-0495/0496-0499 Artifact (base/modified)
04B8-04BB/04BC-04BF Mythology (base/modified)
04DE-04E1/04E2-04E5 Communication (base/modified)
0504-0507/0508-050B Engineering (base/modified)
052A-052D/052E-0531 Wizardry (base/modified)
0550-0553/0554-0557 Divinity (base/modified)
0576-0579/057A-057D Alchemy (base/modified)
059C-059F/06A0-06A3 Psionics (base/modified)
05C2-05C5/05C6-05C9 Fire magic skill
05E8-05EB/05EC-05EF Water magic skill
060E-0611/0612-0615 Air magic skill
0634-0637/0638-063B Earth magic skill
065A-065D/065E-0661 Mental magic skill
0680-0683/0684-0687 Divine magic skill
06A6-06A9/06AA-06AD Power strike (Strength 100)
06CC-06CF/06D0-06D3 Power cast (Intelligence 100)
06F0-06F3/06F4-06F7 Iron will (Piety 100)
0718-071B/071C-071F Iron skin (Vitality 100)
073E-0741/0742-0745 Reflextion (Dexterity 100)
0746-0767/0768-076B Snake speed (Speed 100)
078A-078D/078E-0791 Eagle eye (Sense 100)
09E8-09EB           Current XP
09EC-09EF           XP required for next level
0B08-0B0B/0B0C-0B0F Hit point (max/current)
0B14/0B17/0B18-0B1B Stamina (max/current)
0B20-0B23/0B40-0B43 Fire spell point (max/current)
0B24-0B27/0B44-0B47 Water spell point (max/current)
0B28-0B2B/0B48-0B4B Air spell point (max/current)
0B2C-0B2F/0B4C-0B4F Earth spell point (max/current)
0B30-0B33/0B50-0B53 Mental spell point (max/current)
0B34-0B37/0B54-0B57 Divine spell point (max/current)
0ED8-0EDB/0EDC-0EDF Fire spell resistance (base/modified)
0EE8-0EEB/0EEC-0EEF Water spell resistance (base/modified)
0EF8-0EFB/0EFC-0EFF Air spell resistance (base/modified)
0F08-0F0B/0F0C-0F0F Earth spell resistance (base/modified)
0F18-0F1B/0F1C-0F1F Mental spell resistance (base/modified)
0F28-0F2B/0F2C-0F2F Divine spell resistance (base/modified)

Submitted by: Ben Bolton

After defeating King Crab and Gregor go into the room with a statue and a 
square platform that plunges you to your doom. Go to the right hand side 
of the statue and click on the skull to open up a secret hole in the wall. 
You will find a key. Now go to the safe room and use the key on the safe...

Arnika Road Safe Travel:
If you're having trouble with the monsters on the Arnika Road, here are a few
tips. If done correctly, it is possible to get to Arnika from the Monestery 
without confronting a single enemy! Stay off of the main road. Hug the cliffs,
ducking behind trees, rocks and into crevices. Watch and wait. The monsters 
may not even see you! The straightest path between the Monestery and Arnika is
straight west to the house and then south. Do not take any of the other southern
roads. Use Quick Save often while out of battle. If you run into a group of monsters,
press "O" or click on the Options button quickly. You may find that those monsters 
are no longer there with a new Load.
If you want to try to battle the monsters anyway, don't let them surround you. Back 
your party up against the cliffs.
Once you make it to the locked house, tuck into the back alcove. You usually can 
rest there without monsters bothering you (unless they've seen you already, that

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