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 Wonderboy in Monsterland Cheats

Wonderboy in Monsterland

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rick

This game has hidden coins that appear when you jump in certain spots.

The demo screen shows a couple of these. Some of them will give you 60 
gold or more every time. 

On the screen after you kill the vampire and get the broad sword, there 
are some platforms that contain a shoe shop and a cure shop. There are 
stairs leading down to the cure shop, and there's a little mushroom-type
guy. Wait for him to go down the stairs, and then stand so that you're 
almost off the topmost stair. He'll come back up and hit you, making you
fall off the stairs. Hold the joystick to the left so that when you land
you walk into the bottom step. This will drop a 60+ coin. 

On the stage just after you kill the red knight, you'll see some little 
jellyfish-type things on platforms over the water. At the first jellyfish
you come to, wait for him to drop into the water, and then stand at the 
very edge of the platform (halfway off) and let him hit you. You'll take
a small amount of damage, but you'll get a large amount of cash. 

Jump for coins all over the place - you never know what you'll find!

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