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  Hints and Tips for: Wonderburg 
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 Wonderburg Cheats


Submitted by: RM

* Broken houses, cursed houses and houses for sale do NOT generate
  rental income. 
* Repair and exorcise houses as soon as possible. 
* The value of the houses in this game are somewhat construed. You 
  ALWAYS purchase a house for what it is can NEVER
  sell a house for what it is worth; usually a minimum of 20% lower 
  than the worth. 
* It is generally better to reject the first offer on a house when 
  trying to sell as generally the second offer is better. The game 
  likes to catch you off guard and second guessing because this doesn't
  always hold true. 
* Be quick in deciding if you want to purchase a property as they are 
  not up for sale long. 
* The costs to strengthen, exorcise, repair and obtain a permit are 
  based on the value of the house. The higher the value, the higher 
  the cost. 
* Strengthened and Charmed houses lose that protection when the house 
  is keeps that protection if sold. 
* You can sell a strengthened or charmed house and have it count towards 
  a goal objective. 
* It is generally better to build the most expensive house available 
  then sell to gain capital for purchasing properties. 
* There will be added goals on some levels that generally appear after 
  the primary goals have been accomplished. 
* On levels where you have to "zap" characters to finish the level; 
  it's best to try to zap them as close to the edges of the scene as
  possible to avoid them cursing houses. 
* It's best not to strengthen houses when you have to make repairs on
  houses as part of the goals until the goal has been met. 
* You will only build or have available some "special" buildings one 
  time. These buildings are always part of the goals. i.e. mill, tavern,
  market, florist, castle, etc. and are significant to the story-line. 
* There are bonus levels available after receiving the gold medal on all
  levels within a section. The bonus levels are not timed with a monetary
  goal to finish the level. 

There are 3 spells that can be bought and used multiple times after building
a school. The spells are on a timer...when the time runs out the spell is no
longer in effect. There is also a delay time between availability for casting 

Speed-Up Spell - The dwarfs work faster and cost $40,000.
Ghosts Spell   - Puts random houses up for sale and cost $65,000.
Euphoria Spell - Doubles the rent and banishes spirits and cost $52,500.

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