Wonderland Adventures Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Wonderland Adventures 
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 Wonderland Adventures Cheats

Wonderland Adventures

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

If You Are Stuck In A Adventure and You Really Give Up, Press [Ctrl] + "5" and [F12] 
(On The Normal Pad Not The NumPad). This Will Skip a Adventure.

Locations Guide:
WonderTown       - The Main Town. It's Where Morklin And Key Characters Live.
                   Also Where You Find The Orange and Indigo Shards.
Mushroom Grove   - Where Mushrooms Grow and Also Where You Find The Red Shard.
Foggy Mountain   - Where You Find The Blue Shard. Also Where You Learn Brr.
The Temple Ruins - Where You Find The Rainbow Pool. The Old Temple Of WonderLand.
Forbidden Forest - Where You Find The Green Shard. This Place Also Includes A 
                   Town, Forests End and The Lonely Top.
The Wasteland    - Where You Find The Yellow Shard. It Is Also Home To Shadow Stinkers.
The Void         - Where You Find The Purple Shard. The Is Where The Thwarts Lived.
                   Now They Live In WonderTown.

Glove powers:
Submitted by: Joseph

Gloves contain powers, each power is different.

Purple : 'Blink' transports you to the tile selected.
Yellow : 'Pop' hits buttons and sets off teleporters without standing on them!!!
Blue   : 'Burr' freezes water and some objects temporarily.
Green  : I forgot it's name but it grows plants that are sort of like an obstacle.
Orange : I forgot it's name too, but it allows you to use fireballs.

Magic Powers:
Submitted by: Gerson

There Are Six Power in Wonderland series But Only 3 Powers Can Use In WA 
- Blink , Is Like Xyzzy
- Pop , It's can pressing button anywhere
- Brr , It's make ice floating in water

There are 3 more power there are in WA MOFI
- Grow , Grow Plants for stop the transporter and press the button
- POW , Destroy monsters
- Floing , Make Bubble and Stop the missles for few seconds and move along it's path

If you are Super Stuck on a level, like "Lazy Leaf Race,"(located in the bottom-right 
corner at the mushroom key star place, talk to the Stinker.) Press [Ctrl] and 5 and 
[F12] at the same time. If Im correct you should have a screen appear saying that you
have completed the Adventure.

Shards Guide:
Submitted by: Mikamocha

This is where the shard takes you:

Orange Shard - To the front of the Windmill.
Indigo       - To Morklin's Temple in Wondertown.
Red          - To the Forest's End.
Blue         - To the Crystal Lake near Foggy Mountains.
Green        - To the Wasteland.
Yellow       - To the Mushroom Grove.
Purple       - To the Lonely Top.

Forbidden Forest Green shard:
Submitted by: Poosty

First, make sure you have these shards: orange, indigo, red and blue.Then use the red 
shard to make your way to the forest's end. Travel north, and you'll enter the town. 
Keep going north, and you'll enter the forbidden forest. In there, you must solve at 
least 4 puzzles (the two others are used to collect some valuable items) and take 4 
keys to make your way to the lonely top. Once in the lonely top, 4 puzzles need to be
solved to make your way to the green shard (!).

Magic Powers:
Submitted by: Spike

Purple - Blink  - Teleports you to a specified square.
Yellow - Pop    - Activates buttons or transporters without the character stepping on them.
Blue   - Brr    - Temporarily freezes water and makes it a walkable square.
Red    - Floing - Allows replaying of previous puzzles

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