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  Hints and Tips for: World Domination 2 
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 World Domination 2 Cheats

World Domination 2

Resources cheat:
Submitted by: Mr. Overseer

Open Cheat Engine 5.3 program and find the process "WD II" and activate it. In the 
World Domination 2 window, look for the amount of funds (for example, $65,000,000).
Multiply 65*8=520 and, in the Cheat Engine window, search for 520 using the "New Scan"
option. (DO NOT search for 65,000,000. Just search for 65*8) In the next turn, the 
amount of funds will change, so search for the next value; so, if it is say 110 million,
search for 110*8=880 using the "Next Scan" option. When the number of occurrences of 
the given number falls to 2, transfer both addresses to the lower (editing) window and
change both to, say, 16000. This will give you 2000 millions.

Submitted by: David K

Be Patient:
Not only is patience a virtue, it is occasionally rewarded as well. Why be the first
one to initiate a nuclear strike? It doesn't matter who fires the first shot, just 
who fires the last one!

Propaganda Victory:
Don't overlook the importance of propaganda - it will help steal citizens from opposing
countries. Stolen citizens make good padding for the inevitable nuclear bombs that will
fall on your country.

Help from friend:
Start by making diplomacy with the player with the best city. Attack who he attacks with
propagandas. This will make him to be friends with you. Keep using propagandas and stock
up on weapons for later in the game. Once the first person is dead, you can use your 
friend to team up on another country, then in the end you can kill your friend.

Propaganda cheat:
Submitted by: Greg

Use cheat engine search for propaganda value * 8. Use mass media or propaganda to search again. 
Once found set to 100 and freeze value.


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