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  Hints and Tips for: World in Conflict 
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 World in Conflict Cheats

World in Conflict

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: bonek

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the -console command line parameter. 
Then, press ~~ during game play to display the console window.

Code            Result
CameraFreedom - Free camera mode
cmdlist       - List all console commands
WinGame       - Win current mission
UnlockAllMaps - All missions

Hints and Tips:
Submitted by. boneK

You will both receive the score for doing so, and will each receive the TA
bonus for capturing the command point together. Don't be stingy and capture
points yourself when waiting one or two more seconds can result in your team
collecting double the TA and points!

Don't be one of the silly players who piles all their units into a captured
perimeter point, fortifies it to full, then moves on to the next. One unit 
from multiple players will fortify an area faster than a billion units of 
your own all crammed into the one command point. For instance, 1x Heavy Tank,
and 1x heavy AA unit, with a jeep or transport truck from an infantry player 
will fortify much faster than three of your own medium or heavy tanks. 

Also note that infantry units fortify a little faster than vehicles, though
are vulnerable to artillery while fortifying. 

It is there for a reason use it. Your team mates will not know how to help 
you or what you need doing unless you let them know, fortunately, - and 
unfortunately in some instances - we can't read each others mind, especially
over the internet. Let your team mates know what you need, and try to oblige
with any assistance that you can provide when ever necessary.     

If you've got a microphone, try and get some strategic chatter going and plan
some strategies to better overcome whatever obstacles you encounter on the 
battlefield. While the request system is extremely powerful, it is often more
intuitive and faster to just say what you need.

If a team mate requests TA or needs something done, don't be afraid to give
your TA away. Having said this, don't give away all your TA carelessly, share
it with players who actually need it and know how to use it effectively. For 
example, some players think that a light artillery barrage hurts heavy tanks 
- it doesn't! For one more TA point, a tank buster is the perfect tool for 
the job.

Most of the TA options are cheaper when placing them multiple times. Thus it
is wiser to place them more than once to get the most out of your TA points.
However, don't waste them on nothing if there is nothing to hit. 

There is a 30 second count down timer to the beginning of a match for a reason,
to choose your units, and to quickly discuss any strategies. Hit the enter key 
the moment the match has started in order to get your units to the battlefield 
as quickly as possible. 

Always deploy as close as possible to the objective which you've decided to 
move your units to. This will cut down any lost time actually navigating to 
the location where the conflict is happening. Remember in assault and tug of
war modes to move your drop zone up each time you've made a successful push 

This can be one of the strongest strategies in a game. Destroying a bridge can
halt the enemy advance for quite some time, and can cut of an enemy supply line.
The most effective way to blow bridges is by dropping laser-guided bombs on them.
Support players should be the only ones asked to blow the bridges, as the laser-
guided bomb is the cheapest for this particular faction It costs the support 
player 8TA for a laser-guided bomb, while the other classes have a greater cost
for this. Give the TA to a support player and request a laser-guided bomb on the
bridge. Most will be happy to oblige. 

You are also able to blow up bridges using demolition engineers, but the downfalls
of utilising this strategy is that it takes time for the engineer to arrive at the
bridge, and they are very vulnerable whilst placing the charges. Often a bridge 
which needs to be destroyed is near the enemy forces, and can put the entire 
operation at risk. Laser-guided bombs are the best option for blowing up bridges.

If you're unfortunate enough to have one of your bridges destroyed, the first
thing you need to do is give TA points to your support player. They are the only
ones who can effectively repair bridges, as the TA cost for doing so is the lowest
for them.     

Watch the map for friendly TA strikes and don't wander into them needlessly. Take
advantage of the terrain where possible, and be sure to utilize natural cover for 
instance, a building is great cover against a tank, and simply moving a unit 20 
metres can negate the tank's ability to hit you. 

Many people assume that just because the bridge is blown, you're safe from enemy
units. Enter the amphibious transport. This is able to cross shallow rivers, and
other bodies of water to give potential unexpected avenues of attack against your

Units in World in Conflict gain experience from capturing command points, fortifying,
and damaging enemy units. These units have added benefits in that they reload faster,
do slightly more damage, and have their special abilities recharge at a much faster 
rate. These can easily give you the edge in an otherwise even battle. Utilise the 
help of a support player to keep your units in top shape and regularly reaching a 
state of veterancy to cause problems for the enemy.

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