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  Hints and Tips for: Worlds Adrift 
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 Worlds Adrift Cheats

Worlds Adrift

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Don’t try to overlap parts (apart from panels) as it won’t work.
* Be aware of your weight and maximum Atlas Core capacity, don’t 
  go over the limit without being able to craft an extension.
* Engines need Power Generators to run, but they will automatically 
  drain fuel from them, no connection is needed.
* You can have more than 1 Power Generator to increase your fuel 
* More wings will increase your turn speed and maximum roll/pitch.
* More engines will increase your speed, up to a point where they’ll 
  be diminishing returns with the weight vs. the power.
* Your choice of metal/wood has a profound difference on the stats 
  of your components, chose carefully.
* If you mess up the frame you can “Salvage Frame” to reclaim a 
  portion of the frame and deck cost.

Windwalls: Getting to T2:
Getting out of the starter areas quickly can be a good and bad thing. 
But there is a balance that is needed:

* You need enought knowlege from islands and lore to get wings and engines. 
* Having two wings and two engines should get you thought a windwall. 
* I have tried single engines though a windwall but it seems to only work 
  if you have more than 50 power in the single engine. And most T1 engines 
  have considerably less than that. But a pair usaly will get you through.
* Wings that are not exactly horizontal or vertical give you both pitch 
  and yaw. Having diagonal wings can be good and bad. 
  For windwalls having horizontal wings is usaly all you need. 
* The minimum parts needed to get thought a wind wall are as follows 
  (helm skycore + frame + engines, total 50ish power + wings horizontal 
  for pitch control, two to be ballanced one on each side of frame + 
  power generator) 
* I do not list a respawner as a needed item to go though a wind wall 
  as T2 has respawners on several island. But a personal respawner is 
  helpful to keep more control of your ship.

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