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 Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 Cheats

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005

Always win big:
When the fixtures screen appears before a match, find out who you are 
playing and add them as a manager. When it is time, set all their 
players in bad positions (for example, forward as the goalkeeper). 
Put all their players out wide and play your formation down the middle. 
You will win about 30-0 every time. This works well for lower league 
clubs trying to get up.

Easy money:
When December 31st comes round each year, you can get players free in 
June. If you want easy money, get players that you do not really want 
then get them on a free only if you know that clubs would be interested 
in him. Then, sell him when you get him on free.

More Easy Money I:
Take over a team as you normally would. If their finances are not very 
good, then take over a rich team like Chelsea, Real Madrid etc. as well 
as your normal team. Bid over the odds prices for your unneeded players. 
Stay as the manager until the transfer goes through, then retire. 
Your first team will now have high finances.

More Easy Money II:
Take over a new team and make a loan offer on one of your original team's 
younger players. You can make the fee £100 million. Wait for the loan to 
go through, then retire from your second team. Your original team will now 
have £100 million. 

Good players for free:
Take over a team with good players. Keep fining them for no reason to make 
them unhappy. Then, use your normal club to bid whatever amount of money 
for them and offer them a decent wage. Wait until the transfer has gone 
through, then retire from that team. Note: Players such as Ronaldo, Raul, 
Henry will not want to go to lower achieving teams.

Take over as England manager:
To take over early in the game as England manager, add a user to 
manage a national team. Select England, then retire instantly. Next, 
go back to your normal team and apply for the job. This saves waiting 
for Sven to retire. You need a good rating or Big Sam will get the 

Soccer AM team:
Type badgers into the general search. There will be only one result, 
which appears as "The Badgers". Click on that result to access the 
Sky Sports Soccer AM team, including Tim Lovejoy.

Recommended players:
Robbie Keane 
Xabi Alonso 
Carlos Alberto 
Ashley Cole 
Kevin Davies 
Fred (Cruziero) 
Glen Johnson 
Leon Osman 
Del Piero 
Traore (Burkino Faso) 

The following players have a potential 180+ rating:
Fabien Barthez (Marseille) 
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) 
Santiago Canizares (Valencia) 
Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) 
Petr Cech (Chelsea) 
Morgan De Sanctis (Udinese) 
Dida (AC Milan) 
Tim Howard (Manchester United) 
Christopher Kirkland (Liverpool) 
Marcos (Palmeiras) 
Jose Francisco Molina (Deportivo) 
Faryd Mondragon (Galatasaray) 
Jens Mustermann (FC Bayern) 
Sebastian Saja (San Lorenzo) 
Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax) 
Tim Wiese (Kaiserslautern) 
Roberto Fabian Ayala (Valencia) 
John Buck (Newcastle Emlyn) 
Sol Campbell (Arsenal) 
Fabio Cannavaro (Juventus) 
Christian Chivu (Roma) 
Fabricio Coloccini (AC Milan) 
Dede (Dortmund) 
Aimo Stefano Diana (Sampdoria) 
Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 
Matteo Ferrari (Roma) 
William Gallas (Chelsea) 
Ivan Helguera (Real Madrid) 
Marek Jankulovski (Udinese) 
Jorge Andrade (Deportivo) 
Juan (Leverkusen) 
Per Krøldrup (Udinese) 
Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern) 
Bixente Lizarazu (Marseille) 
Lucio (FC Bayern) 
Paolo Maldini (AC Milan) 
Rafael Marquez (Barcelona) 
Cristoph Metzelder (Dortmund) 
Phillippe Mexes (Roma) 
Gabriel Milito (Zaragoza) 
Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) 
Jens Nowotny (Leverkusen) 
Carles Puyol (Barcelona) 
Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea) 
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 
Walter Samuel (Real Madrid) 
Jaap Stam (AC Milan) 
John Terry (Chelsea) 
Igor Tudor (Juventus) 
Jonatan Woodgate (Real Madrid) 
Gianluca Zambrotta (Juventus) 
Javier Zanetti (Inter) 
Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht) 
Pablo Aimar (Valencia) 
David Albelda (Valencia) 
Alex (Fenerbahce) 
Michael Ballack (FC Bayern) 
Ruben Baraja (Valencia) 
David Beckham (Real Madrid) 
Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal) 
Cesar (Lazio) 
Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) 
Andres D'Alessandro (Wolfsburg) 
Dagoberto (Atletico Paranese) 
Edgar Davids (Inter) 
Deco (Barcelona) 
Sebastian Deisler (FC Bayern) 
Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus) 
Denilson (Betis) 
Diego (Porto) 
Emerson (Juventus) 
Figo (Real Madrid) 
Torsten Frings (FC Bayern) 
Gennaro Ivan Gattuso (AC Milan) 
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 
Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 
Sidney Govou (Lyon) 
Aliaksandr Hieb (VFB Stuttgart) 
Joaquin (Betis) 
Jose Mari (Villareal) 
Kaka (AC Milan) 
Roy Keane (Manchester United) 
Kleberson (Manchester United) 
Frank Lampard (Chelsea) 
Christian Dani Ledesma (Lecce) 
Albert Luque (Deportivo) 
Mancini (Roma) 
Marcelinho (Hertha BSC) 
Javier Mascherano (River) 
Fabrizio Miccoli (Fiorentina) 
Adrian Mutu (Chelsea) 
Pavel Nedved (Juventus) 
Nihat (Real Sociedad) 
Ariel Ortega (Newell's) 
Robert Pires (Arsenal) 
Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan) 
David Pizarro (Udinese) 
Lukas Podolski (1.FC Köln) 
Alvaro Recoba (Inter) 
Renato (Sevilla) 
Juan Roman Riquelme (Barcelona) 
Rivaldo (Olympiakos) 
Ronaldinho (Barcelona) 
Tomas Rosicky (Dortmund) 
Jerome Rothen (PSG) 
Rui Costa (AC Milan) 
Mario Alberto Santana (Palermo) 
Paul Scholes (Manchester United) 
Mehmet Scholl (FC Bayern) 
Clarence Seedorf (AC Milan) 
Sergio (Deportivo) 
Dejan Stankovic (Inter) 
Alin Stoica (Club Brugge) 
Rodrigo Ferrante Taddei (Siena) 
Francesco Totti (Roma) 
Juan Carlos Valeron (Deportivo) 
Juan Sebastian Veron (Chelsea) 
Vicente (Valencia) 
Patrick Vieira (Arsenal) 
Sergio Volpi (Sampdoria) 
Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) 
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) 
Adriano (Inter) 
Alfonso (Betis) 
Amoroso (Malaga) 
Nicolas Anelka (Manchester City) 
Gabriel Batistuta (Al Arabi) 
Dimitar Berbatov (Leverkusen) 
Valeri Bojinov (Lecce) 
Antonio Cassano (Roma) 
Fernando Cavenaghi (Spartak Moskva) 
Javier Ernesto Chevanton (Monaco) 
Bernardo Corradi (Valencia) 
Hernan Crespo (Chelsea) 
Dagoberto (Atletico Paranese) 
Diego Tristan (Deportivo) 
Landon Donovan (Leverkusen) 
Edilson (Vitoria) 
Edmundo (Fluminese) 
Elber (Lyon) 
Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona) 
Dino Fava Passaro (Udinese) 
Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid) 
Alberto Gilardino (Parma) 
Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Juventus) 
Filippo Inzaghi (AC Milan) 
Mateja Kezman (Chelsea) 
Patrick Kluivert (Newcastle) 
Darko Kovacevic (Real Sociedad) 
Luis Fabiano (Porto) 
Roy Makaay (FC Bayern) 
Obafemi Martins (Inter) 
Fernando Morientes (Real Madrid) 
Nilmar (Lyon) 
Michael Owen (Real Madrid) 
Portillo (Real Madrid) 
Raul (Real Madrid) 
Robinho (Santos) 
Romario (Fluminese) 
Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) 
Roque Santa Cruz (FC Bayern) 
Javier Saviola (Barcelona) 
Alan Shearer (Newcastle) 
Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan) 
Raul Tamudo (Espanyol) 
Carlos Tevez (Boca Juniors) 
David Trezeguet (Juventus) 
Christian Vieri (Inter) 
David Villa (Zaragoza) 
Anthony Yeboah (Al Ittihad) 
Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)

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