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  Hints and Tips for: Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 
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 Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 Cheats

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007

Fix National Teams:
Due to licensing some National Teams don't have proper players (Holland and Germany 
for example) To get rid of this go to "c:/program files/sports interactive/football 
manager 2007/data/db/700/lnc" once there copy the file "fake.lnc" and place it in a 
safe place as backup, then delete the file "fake.lnc" and when you start a new game 
the contries effected will have the proper squad. All this file does it put a "mask" 
on the national teams effected and once you remove it it gets rid of the mask. 

You have to start a new game for it to take effect.

Recommended players:
Try getting the following players.

Nani (Sporting Lisbon): Good left winger. 
A bit costly at about 19 million, but is well worth the money. 

Sherman Cardenas (Bucuramanga): Excellent young player. 
Takes a season or two to get into his stride. Well worth the wait and cheap. 

Freddy Adu (DC United): Young, cheap, and talented. 

Jose Montiel (Udinese): About 10 million but a good strong midfielder. 

Lee Cattermole (Middlesbourgh): Good young midfielder. 
About 250,000, but well worth the money. 

Daniel Galbraith (Hearts): About 60,000 when you first start game. When in your 
reserve squad for a couple of seasons will have 30 to 40 goals a season. 
Does very well when promoted into first team. 

Magnus Wolffe Eikrem (Wolde): Very good player. 
Young and cheap. 

Eddie Johnson (DC United): Good striker. Takes two or three seasons to be at his best, 
but well worth the money. Has a 2.6 million release clause in contract. 

Sign the following players:
Celsinho (Lokomotiv Moscow): Brilliant 17 year old attacking player worth £2.1 million. 
Micheal Staunton (Celtic): Good young defender. 
Daniel Bierofka (Stuttgart): Good winger usually on the transfer list. 
Javier Saviola (Barcelona): Usually unsettled at club. 
Leyrielton (Goias): Good young right back. 
Rodrigo Tiui (Fluminese): Good young striker. 
Dinijar Bilyaletdinov (Lokomotiv Moscow): Good young attacking midfielder. 
Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus): Good relatively cheap left back. 
Hilario (Chelsea): Good transfer listed goalkeeper. 
Stein Huysegems (Feyenoord): Good striker. 
Michalis Konstantinou (Olympiakos): Striker from Cyprus but a good goal scorer. 
Franck Ribery (Marseille): Amazing French winger. 
Levan Kobiashvili (Schalke): Very strong midfielder. 
Peter Halmosi (Debrecen): Ggood cheap defender and midfielder. 
Dawid Janczyk (Legia): Goalscoring young striker. 
Kris Boyd (Rangers): He will get you at the most 30 to 40 goals a season. 
Marek Mintal (Nurnberg): Good attacking midfielder and forward. 
Alexander Frei (Dortmund): He is a striker who will get a lot of goals. 
Gareth Bale (Southampton): Only 17 but is a talented left back. 


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