WWE 2K15 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: WWE 2K15 
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 WWE 2K15 Cheats

WWE 2K15

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockable Arenas:
Unlock the desired arena listed below by satisfying the corresponding requirements.

Unlockable               How to unlock
NXT Arena              - Complete all 5 NXT chapters and objectives.
NXT Arrival Arena      - Complete all 5 NXT chapters and objectives.
Unlock Proving Ground  - Complete all 5 NXT chapters and objectives.

All alternate attires are unlocked through 2K Showcase mode by completing 
all objectives for the event that the attire is worn.

Alberto Del Rio SummerSlam '11 
Big Show RAW Aug 13 '12 
Big Show SummerSlam '12 
Chris Jericho '02 Survivor Series '02 
CM Punk '11-'12 Hell in a Celll '11 
CM Punk '11-'12 Night of Champions '11 
CM Punk '11-'12 RAW Jul 16 '12 
CM Punk '11-'12 RAW Jul 23 '12 
CM Punk '11-'12 SummerSlam '11 
CM Punk '11-'12 SummerSlam '12 
CM Punk '11-'12 Survivor Series '11 
CM Punk '12-'13 Elimination Chamber '13
CM Punk '12-'13 Hell in a Cell '12 
CM Punk '12-'13 Night of Champions '12 
CM Punk '12-'13 RAW Feb 25 '13 
CM Punk '12-'13 RAW Nov 12 '12 
CM Punk '12-'13 Royal Rumble '13 
CM Punk '12-'13 Survivor Series '12 
John Cena Money in the Bank '11 
John Cena RAW Jul 15 '12 
John Cena Survivor Series '12 
Rey Mysterio RAW Jul 25 '11 
Rob Van Dam RAW Dec 2 '02 
Rob Van Dam RAW Nov 25 '02 
Rob Van Dam Survivor Series '02 
Ryback Hell in a Cell '12 
Ryback Survivor Series '12 
Shawn Michaels Armageddon '02 
Shawn Michaels Bad Blood '04 
Shawn Michaels RAW '03 
Shawn Michaels Royal Rumble '04 
Triple H Armageddon '02 
Triple H Backlash '03
Triple H Bad Blood '04
Triple H Night of Champions '11
Triple H RAW Oct 28 '02
Triple H SummerSlam '02

Evolution team:
Successfully complete all objective for Bad Blood '04 in 2K Showcase to 
unlock the Evolution team.

Easy "Big four" achievement or trophy:
Throughout your career, you will get the chance to participate in all four of the 
main PPV shows. You will only need to participate in each of these PPVs and do not
need to win the matches. You are only allowed to choose three PPVs to take part in
each year. Survivor Series will be available from the start, however SummerSlam and
the Royal Rumble will not be available until your fourth year in. WrestleMania will
become available during your fifth year. 

Easy "Change the tides" achievement or trophy:
Similar to the Desperation Pin, you must be at very low stamina and be knocked down,
either by performing a move or getting one done on you. When trying to get up, you 
will begin crawling. Crawl to your tag team partner and you should get a prompt to 
press a button for a "hot tag". You must then successfully complete the small QTE 
event that happens after you tag your partner. 

Easy "NXT Takeover" achievement or trophy:
Play as Adrian Neville, Bo Dallas, Corey Graves, Rusev, or Sami Zayn and defeat 
John Cena. This can be done under any difficulty setting in Universe mode.

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