X-Men - Children of the Atom Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: X-Men - Children of the Atom 
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 X-Men - Children of the Atom Cheats

X-Men - Children of the Atom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:Tbcat

Fight at Space Port: 
To fight among the rocket-filled scaffolding of Juggernaut’s stage, start a 2P 
game with Juggernaut being one of the characters. Allow Juggernaut to defeat his
rival. The losing player should then press Start, once on Juggernaut’s face and 
again on the Space Port as they appear. 

Fight as Akuma:
To fight as Akuma, highlight Spiral at the character selection screen for three 
seconds. Then move to the following characters without stopping: Silver Samurai,
Psyloke, Colossus, Iceman, Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Omega Red, Silver Samurai. 
Wait three seconds on Silver Samurai before pressing short kick + fierce punch + 

Use Magneto and Juggernaut:
submit by:

Go to the configuration menu and type SPAM now go into system and you will see a 
new  option BOSS SELECT. 

Enable this ans save the new settings. Start a normal game and select a fighter 
and block mode. Before the battle loads hold all 3 punches for juggernaut or all
three kicks for Magneto. Hold down the buttons until the battle finishes loading.

Cheat mode:
Press [F10] to enter the options menu, then enter the configuration menu. Type 
spam to enable cheat mode. 

Take more damage:
Type god at the message screen. The phrase "God mode enabled" will appear. Exit the 
message screen. The phrase "Sinister has changed the cheat code" will appear at the 
top left portion of the screen. In this mode, fighters will receive greater damage. 

Fight as Juggernaut or Magneto:
Enable cheat mode. Enter the system menu and enable the "Boss Select" option. Save 
the modified settings. Start normal game and select a fighter and block  mode. Hold
all three punch buttons down (to fight as Juggernaut) or all three kick buttons (to 
fight as Magneto) just before the match begins to load. Release the buttons after 
the match finishes loaded. 

Fight as Akuma:
Highlight Spiral, wait three seconds, press [Left], wait one second, press [Left], 
wait one second, press [Left], wait one second, then highlight Iceman. Then, press 
[Right], wait one second, press [Up], wait one second, press [Left], wait one second, 
press [Left], wait one second. Omega Red should be highlighted. Press [Down], wait 
three seconds, then press [LK] + [HP] + [HK]. Akuma fall onto the screen to confirm
correct code entry. 

Unlimited continues:
Enable cheat mode. Enable the "Free Play" option at the system menu. 

Fight in Juggernaut's stage:
Start a new game with two players, with one of the players using Juggernaut. Allow 
the player controlling Juggernaut to defeat the other player. Have the losing player
press [Start]. Press [Start] on Juggernaut's face when it appears, then have the 
losing player quickly press [Start] when the "Space Port" stage appears.

Triple team:
Enable cheat mode and begin game play with any character. Hold all three punch 
buttons to fight as Juggernaut or all three kick buttons to fight as Magneto. 
Note: You cannot switch back to the original character.

Fight as Magneto:
To fight as Magneto, you must first activate the cheat menu. (Type SPAM at the 
Configuration menu.) Then, during the game hold all three kick buttons.

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