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  Hints and Tips for: X-Wing Alliance 
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 X-Wing Alliance Cheats

X-Wing Alliance

Cheat Codes:
X-Wing Alliance.Net has released the latest cheat codes 
for X-Wing Alliance. Here they are: 

First type IMACHEATER cheating will be activated

Code                  Result
EWOKSRULE           - Ivunribilty
MASTERYODA          - Infinite Ammo
KILLMENOW           - Lose Level
HYPERMETO##         - Warp to level number

Fly All Ships 
To do this trick, you have to go into Windows Explorer or whatever it is
you use to look at all your computer files. Go to your Alliance folder 
and look for a docment called shiplist. When you open it, it shows you 
ship names, classes, etc. Near the end of the line, you'll see either 
the word flyable, or non-flyable. To add a ship to the flyable list, just
type in flyable in the place of non-flyable.

NOTE: With the larger ships like Star Destroyers and Cruisers, handling is
EXTREMELY slow and the turrets don't work. Also, with any of the added ships,
engine sounds don't work and sometimes cockpits don't show up. 

Outrun Missiles/Torps: 
Sick of getting killed by little renegade missiles or torps? You can simply
escape them by doing these things: When you are being targeted try to dodge
by waiting right before they get a solid lock tone on you then break really
hard, or when the missile gets launched hit "/" and then hit"*" and turn it
 so you can see the direction of the missile and wait for it to come to you.
When it's about .50 clicks from impact on you break really hard or bank off 
then reverse throttle and come to a dead stop. The missile or torp should 
sail right over you. But beware they will chase you for a while, so when 
you get away from it, come around and get on it's tail. Then you can target
it with "I" and get a laser or missile/torp lock on the missile itself, then
blast it to bits before it can come around for another pass. If you are 
going after something extremely important like a capital ship stay on it and
pump everything into either shields or engines. If you rever! t to engines 
then you better make sure you can get in close enough that the capital ship
will blast it or you can move in and bank at the last second and let the 
capital ship take the hit. 

Note: This is much easier in a rebel ship because of maneuverability. 

Hack Flyable Ships
In the X-Wing Alliance File under Lucasarts, find the text file "SHIPLIST" 
and change "Non flyable" on any capitol or unflyable ship to "Flyable". This
will allow you to fly any ship, even the Super Star Destroyer, in the Combat

Playing Tips: 
* If you're sick of getting killed from behind,set your shields to maximum 
  (F10 key) and transfer shield energy to behind your by pressing the "S" key.
  You can also transfer partial power from weapoons to shields by pressing 
  the " ' " key.

* If you're having trouble protecting a target,you can find out who's attacking
  the target by pressing the "A" key while targeting the craft or object you 
  want to protect.

* If you want to get anywhere faster, you can transfer either all or partial
  power from either or both shields and lasers to engines by pressing the "F9"
  and "F10" 

* Pay attention to the mission briefings and the radio messages while flying. 
They'll keep you informed of important details. If you need help, go back to
the briefing and check out the mission hints. 

* Get a good joystick with a built-in throttle. The throttle makes a huge 
difference, especially when you need to constantly adjust speed in a dogfight. 

* During the Death Star missions, concentrate your lasers forward and destroy
the pipes in your way. You don't need to blow up all of them, just the ones 
in your path. 

* Don't forget that you can fly back to a capital ship and reload during a 
mission. But remember not to dally because the action is still going on outside.

* When flying a light freighter, order the AI to take over your guns. Let them
do all the work; all you need to worry about is avoiding incoming fire. 

* If you're stuck and getting frustrated, the best thing you can do is turn 
off the computer and get some fresh air. It really helps to have a clear head. 

* Pay attention to what's happening around you; don't just react to it.

Hidden picture:
After playing a combat simulator skirmish or combat engagement, a screen will
appear with your score and those of any other players. At this screen, press 
[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Alt] to view a hidden screen.

All missions and medals:
Create a new pilot and enter FongFong as a name. Start the game, then immediately
exit. Enter the "\lucasarts\xwingalliance\" folder and delete the "fongfong0.plt"
file. Start the game again. All missions, intermission sequences, and medals will
be unlocked.

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