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  Hints and Tips for: X-Wing 
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 X-Wing Cheats


Unlimited Ammo, Invisibility
While flying type, 
press esc and type in "WIN"

Cheat mode:
Press [Esc] while in flight, then click on the three bars on the screen
that appears to set unlimited ammunition, invincibility, and no collisions.

Unlimited weapons and shields:
Type win during game play. Note: This code is for early versions 
of the game. 

All missions and medals (Collectors Edition):
Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Locate the "ace.plt" and the other 
".PLT" file not installed on the game but on the CD-ROM. Copy both 
files to the folder where the other pilots are saved. Rename the file 
to any name but keep the ".PLT" file extension. Load that pilot and 
you can play any mission in the historic missions area. 

Less obstacles:
Set the detail level to minimum to eliminate obstacles during certain 
missions, such as the B-Wing Historic Mission 6 (Death Star Trench). 

Easy proving ground sequence:
Select a ship and enter the proving ground. Press \ to cut power and 
stop before entering the first gate. Turn around 180 degrees and fly 
past, not through, the final section of three gates and pass the next 
section of gates. Stop your ship, turn around 180 degrees, and fly 
through the gates to the final section. The level will be marked as 
complete with extra bonus points. 

Destroying Imperial Star Destroyers: 
On a level where an Imperial Star Destroyer is in the enemy arsenal, 
shoot off its warhead launcher on the bow. This will open a hole which 
actually allows you to fly inside the ship and "enlighten" it from 
within. An added bonus is that other craft on destroyer's side will 
shoot it to hit you and on occasion fast movers such as TIE defenders 
or Avengers will ram the ship. A good tactic when dealing with two 
enemy capital ships (e.g. an Imperial Star Destroyer and a frigate 
or space station) is to shoot up the smaller vessel so it will fire 
at you. Then, go inside the Destroyer.

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