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  Hints and Tips for: Yakuza: Like a Dragon 
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 Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

List of All Coliseum Rewards:
Written by Dhaos

In Chapter 12 you can to unlock the Coliseum. There are the rewards per level.

-=Guide to All Coliseum Rewards=-

Dice Cane
Win within 10 turns: Golden Moth.

Hot Sparkling
No allies knocked out: Golden Butterfly.

Broken Microphone
No switching party members: Golden Rhinoceros Beetle.

No using skills or calling for help: Golden Mantis.

Liu Chinese Saber
Win within 10 turns Viking Helmet.

Professional Overalls
Do not use recovery skills: Golden Spider.

Wind Sneakers
No allies knocked down: Golden Scorpion.

Office Pumps
No switching party members: Golden Dragonfly.

Commander Hat
Win within 7 turns: Golden Stag Beetle.

Dragon Knuckles
Win within 7 turns: Damascus Ladler.

Hariti's Amulet
No allies knocked out: High Density Metal.

Silver Bracelet
Do not use recovery skills: Silver Ingot.

Sengoku Armor
Do not revive party members: Gold Ingot.

Military Insoles
No allies knocked out: Pearl.

Leaden Bag
Win within 7 turns: Prestige.

Comedy Masquerade
Win within 7 turns: Raw Platinum Ore.

Poetry Unbound
Do not use recovery skills: Raw Ruby Ore.

Curse Substitute
Win within 7 turns: Raw Sapphire Ore.

Kiwami Mouthgard
Do not revive party members: Raw Diamond Ore.

Club of Holy Might
Win within 5 turns: Violence Guitar.

Security Clothes
No allies knocked out: Empty Cough Drop Tin.

Techincal Hat
Win within 5 turns: Beat Anklet.

Suppression Helmet
Win within 5 turns: Empty Cough Drop Tin.

Minister Robe
No switching party members: Revival Microphone.

Staff of Five Wisdoms
Win within 5 turns: Empty Cough Drop Tin.

Sacred Steel Helmet
Do not revive party members: Electric Whip.

Aberrant Jacket
Do not use recovery skills: Empty Cough Drop Tin.

Mysticism Shoes
No allies knocked out: Dragon Boots.

Strange Helmet
Win within 5 turns: Dragon Kinagashi.

Dragon Soul Bat
Win within 7 turns: Dragonhelm.

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