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  Hints and Tips for: You Don't Know Jack 
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 You Don't Know Jack Cheats

You Don't Know Jack

Gameplay cheat:
The only way to get a fiber optic field trip is 
to have a gibberish question on question 3 or 4.
If you get a gibberish question on 3, your field 
trip will be on question 7; if your gibberish 
question is 4 your trip will be on question 8.

Submitted by: DJ Simo

On a gibberish question type in "fuck you". 
Different things will happen depending on the 
version of YDKJ that you are playing. 
Do this three times and the program will shut 
down because you are a true vulgarian.

Demo Mode 
At the beginning when it says, "For additional options 
press Escape," press D for demo mode.

Punishment for Rude Behavior
If you want to have some fun with the announcer, and are 
not afraid of losing, type in f@#k you ( the real word 
without symbols). You can do this up to three times in a 
full game. Each time it will say something different and 
"things" will happen, like he will give you a new name, 
which is different each game you do this. Any fun loving 
adult will appreciate the results.

Fiber Optic Field Trip:
Wait until a Gibberish Question appears as question three or four. The 
Field Trip will be on question seven if the Gibberish Question was 
question three. The Field Trip will be on question eight if the Gibberish 
Question was question four. 

Funny response:
Answer F**k You (without the asterisks) to any Gibberish question. The first 
and second times this is done, the game will give you a smart mouth reply. 
The third time will shut the game off, and you need to restart your computer 
to play again. 

Host burns you worse then usual:
Type F**k You (without the asterisks) as your player name, then when you get 
a gibberish question, type F**k You (without the asterisks) to get an even 
worse response than if you had entered a regular name.

The ultimate response:
Start a three player game, then wait for a gibberish question. Proceed to buzz 
in with each player and type F**K You (without the asterisks). The third time 
you do this, the host goes on about how he is not putting up with this and 
quitting the game. During this, press any key. The host will say similar to,
" Oh no, you're not getting out that easy, this game is over!". 
Then, something very funny will happen. 

Double points:
When a category appears that you have already done appears, buzz in immediately 
before the multiple choice answers appears and type in the correct answer. 
The game will give you a smart mouth reply and then award double points.

Assigned names:
Do not enter any name after Cookie repeatedly asks you to do so, until a name 
is automatically assigned.

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