Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates 
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 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Cheats

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Betters stats:
For this cheat you need a whisking potion with at least 2 uses left. Use your
potion to go to Carnivasseri island in the Sage ocean then become a citizen. 
After becoming a citizen you log off then log back on. when you log back on, 
your stats are changed slightly. Then the next day your stats should be even 
Note: Please leech this and spread it everywhere you can!

Easy Money:
As soon as you start, you have to work for the Navy to learn your basic skills.
However, the Navy pays crap. Instead, go to the notic board, click the tab 
reading "Voyages" and preview the pilages - aka "pillys".
Pillys are safe and pay up to 500+ poe PER BATTLE. You do not lose anything if
you lose a battle.

Good crew:
Join the crew Skeletons, because they're famous, and because they're famous, 
they'll be rich, won't they? More PoE on missions, hahaha!! But their promotion
rules are tough; LIFE IS TOUGH, LIVE WITH IT!

Fast money from free stuff:
When you start the game you get som free stuffs - crates and bedrolls. Evry1
needs these to play the game so they buy as many as they can. If you make a 
new char every 5 mins you can sell them at the docks on an island called 
Midsummer by shouting that you are selling and then delete it and make another
and sell the new ones again. Also you can sell the free house they give you for
playing because people collect them. I did this for 2 hours, and made 25600 
peaces of eight so now i do it every weekend. The ones who go on ships to make
money only make a few hundred an hour so I save a lot of tim and work.

Making poe:
Join the crew Captains Revenge of the ocean Sage! We pillage constantly, we are 
easy to get along with, and we make GREAT poe per pillage! We own our own flag 
and are working toward an Island! It is easy to grow ranks in our crew too! To 
Join our AMAZING crew just send a tell asking to join to the following and 
please tell them that you heard of our crew through Waterking: Waterking, Dana,
Dreadbeard, Shadowstep, Fnrtop,or Hugole! If ye wish to succeed then ye must 
start with Captains Revenge of the flag Revenge Takers!

Fast Cash:
You type in /pay smittyx 1000 (its the games disigners username, if you don't
pay 1k plus yu get nothing) Then you click ok to give it to him, after you do
however much you gave him will automatically be transfered into dubloons into
your inventory. You have to pay at least 1k.

Easy Money:
Got Money? Want More? Its Simple! type /pay jrcoley (and the amount of money 
you have). This will double your current amount of money.

Submitted by: the ION

The /pay commands are scams, it won't increase your PoE. Just go and earn it 
by yourself.

Easy win in swordfights:
Make sure everyone has a stick equipped. Go out and engage some brigands on the
high seas. No matter what the battle navigation is like, the sticks provide a 
guarenteed victory. At least 6 people must be on the ship for this to work. 
I made enough poe by this method to become a millionare.

x2 your money:
Its so easy just tipe in /pay jarredkid ________ (all your money) 
(you need the / thing) and you get double your money back.

Submitted by: goblin prince

Very easy dubloons ...10x..... 1st step make sure u have bubloons and type /pay 
dsnuts(the amount of dubloons uhave) and the next time u log back on your 
dubloons will be ten fold.

Submitted by: help

VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE REAd thank you to the people who r being truthful there is
no way to get money bac unless u find a glitches robot these are robots that cause
a poe sink in ypp while on the hunter ocean type /pay luckypioneer ____ the amount
of poe. The robot is glitched cause it has no space in between the two names it 
can ony win money it can get payed money when u pay it it glitches and gives u 
bac 100k glad to help all u pirates get on ur feet now the rest is up to you.

simply write /pay joska (money you have) and click yeas, now i have 100k poe only,
cause this work only 1 time week.

Ten times your money!:
to get ten times your money back submit /pay mrzobo (then the amount of money to
ten times back) and you will see that you have ten times your money BACK!
I own 12 elephats and 5 war frigates by doing this!

The Black Ship:
The black ship is a grand frigate filled 159 skellies its a ghost ship meaning it
can go through rocks and cannot be shot.But it can only engaged by fighting people
weaker than you but it doesnt count if they attack you.

Unlockable Characters:
Here is how to get some free cloths with the navy.To get youre rank up do missions
with tha navy. Note: The colour is based on your starting island. 

Unlockable          How to unlock
Bandana           - Sailor
Striped shirt     - Petty officer
Stripy pants      - Chief Petty Officer
Shirt with sash   - Ensign
Pants             - Lieutenant
Boots             - Lieutenant Commander
Pantaloons        - Commander
Male tricorne     - Captain
captain's jacket  - Admiral

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