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  Hints and Tips for: Zero Gear 
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 Zero Gear Cheats

Zero Gear

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

All You Need is Love : Get hugged 3 times in one game. 
Barrel Roll          : Do a barrel roll. 
Bronze Medal         : Finish 3rd 25 times. 
Climate Change       : Get iced 5 times in one game. 
Comeback             : Win in goal mode after being down by 2.
Deep 6               : Hit 6 players with a mine. 
Deep Space           : Get knocked 100 meters from the platform in Fallout.
Disappearing Act     : Reset yourself 50 times. 
Double Flip          : Do a double flip. 
Draft Master         : Draft off a player for 10 straight seconds. 
Easy Rider           : Win a race without using boost. 
Flight of the Falcon : Accumulate 15 minutes of airtime. 
Flippin Awesome      : Do a flip. 
Frozen Finish        : Cross the finish line in first place while frozen. 
Gentleman's Wager    : Play a game with only gentlemen. 
Gold Medal           : Finish 1st 100 times. 
Good Sport           : Be a good sport. 
I Get Around         : Do 20 flips. 
Inspector Kemp       : Play a game with only inspectors. 
K.o.                 : Punch 2 players at the same time. 
Lemming              : Fall off a map 5 times in one game. 
Nail Biter           : Win a goal mode game in overtime. 
Overachiever         : Remain in first place for an entire race. 
Pacifist             : Win a race without using a weapon. 
Paratrooper          : Stay airborne for 6 seconds. 
Pirate Party         : Play a game with only pirates.
Pwnt                 : Overcome the player in first place and win the race in 1 second.
Rocket Sauce         : Boost for 30 straight seconds.
Route 66             : Drive 2,448 miles.
Screwed              : Lose first place in the last seconds of a race.
Silver Medal         : Finish 2nd 50 times.
Slippy Sez           : Do 10 barrel rolls.
Spring Chicken       : Use a spring 50 times.
Sting Like a Bee     : Steal the arrow 5 times in one tag match.
Termination          : Play a game with only machines.
Ticket Master        : Score 10,000 accumulative points in target games.
Triple Flip          : Do a triple flip.
Ultimate Indie Gamer : Win a race with the indie slider activated.
Use the Force        : Repulse 5 players at once.
War Games            : Play a game with only military officers.

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