10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: 10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat 
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 10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat Cheats

10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat

Submitted by: RM

1.Pipe Gnome #1: From the main scene, click the square grey structure to the 
lower right, then click the right hand side column thing, and click it again.
The gnome is hiding inside it.

2.Cable Gnome: Go back two screens, so you’re facing the four windows of the 
square structure. On top of the structure, left side, there’s some metal cables. 
Click once. You’re looking at the roof of the structure. Click the metal thing 
holding the cables up, and once again. There’s a gnome here. 

3.Sitting Gnome: Go back to the main screen. See the large white structure in 
front of you? Click to the right side of it, beyond the ladder. Click the right 
side of it again. You’re looking at a row of concrete above a metal gutter. 
Scroll all the way to the right of this scene, and click. More of the same, but 
there’s a gap in the centre. Click to find a gnome sitting facing away from you.

4.Window Gnome: Go back to the main screen. On the left side of the large white 
structure in front of you there are three barred windows in white. Click the one 
nearest to you. Scroll to the right and click on the upper half of the obvious 
bold black vertical line between the bars. 

5.Cup Gnome: Back to the main screen. See the cables running from the upper level 
down to the left side? You can’t click them directly. Instead, click to the right 
of them. On the new screen, scroll to the right and click the metal thing holding 
the cables up. To the centre-left there is a grey cup-shaped thing. Click it to 
find a gnome. Go back to the main screen. Click the top area of the ladder to get 
onto the upper level.

Upper Level:
6.Antenna Gnome #1: Click the antenna to the left of the scene, twice, then click 
the pole, to find a gnome.

7.Pipe Gnome #2: At the Upper Level screen, there’s a grey square thing visible 
against the sky, to centre-left. Left of this is a metal pipe-like structure. Click 
it. Click the area again (anywhere between the grey thing – which are actually ropes
- and the ladder). Click the rightmost pipe thing to find a gnome.

8.Box Gnome: From the Upper Level screen, click on the extreme right of the screen. 
In the new scene, there is a box on the ground. Click underneath it to find a gnome.
Go back down to the main screen. (You can do this by clicking between the grey square 
visible on the first Upper Level screen.)

9.Pipe Gnome #3: Click to the left of the large white structure in front to go round 
the building. In this area there’s a pipe set into the floor. Don’t click it; instead 
click above it where the edge of the roof area is. In this scene, there are two small 
pipes. There’s a gnome in the one on the right.

10.Antenna Gnome #2: Go back a few times. Keep clicking to the right of each scene 
in this area until you’ve turned round to look at the blank white wall. To the right 
is the way back to the main screen. On the left are two large white radar-antenna 
sort of structures. Click the left one twice to find a gnome.

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