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  Hints and Tips for: Abenteuer Atlantis 
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 Abenteuer Atlantis Cheats

Abenteuer Atlantis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Abenteuer Atlantis:
Written by mooware

## General Instructions

The game's UI fills the lower half of the screen. On the left side is your
inventory. On the right side are action verbs: Geh = walk, Benutze = use, Sprich
= talk, Sichern = save, Laden = load, Ende = quit. When choosing to quit, there
are three options: 1 = restart the game, 2 = load a saved state, 3 = quit the

## Knorrli's Room

Pick up all items; these are:
- Scheckenschleim (snail slime, green bottle to the left)
- Papageienzucker (parrot sugar, little white cube under the stairs)
- Barometer (blue disc on the wall)
- Feuerstein (flintstone, bottom right in front of the pillar)

Use the snail slime on the scroll in your inventory to preserve the scroll. Talk
to the parrot, just exhaust all the dialog options. Then give the sugar cube to
it. It will give you a numeric code for the trap door on the right (you don't
have to write it down). Now go to the trap door to proceed to the next room.

## Secret Cellar

Pick up the book on the bottom right side (Tier-Wörterbuch = animal dictionary).
Use the snail slime on it as well, to keep it from dissolving later.

Now talk to the little mouse repeatedly and exhaust its dialogue. Then go to the
left screen edge to proceed.

## Forest (Middle)

Pick up the item behind you (Lebenswurz = Liferoot). Then talk to the beehive in
the tree to the left, and exhaust their dialogue. Give the sugar cube to them to
receive a honey comb in exchange. Give the honey comb to the bear and it will
walk away.

Now exit to the right, in the new screen pick up the mushroom on the ground
(Monsterpilz = monster mushroom), go back left to this screen, and exit left.

## Forest (Left)

Pick up the mushrooms on the left (Totenpilz = Death's mushroom) and the golden
line in the tree branches to the left (Goldener Kamm = golden comb).

Now walk to the left side. A monster will appear, but will transform to a woman
because of your monster mushroom.

Use the empty bottle on her tears to collect the Feentränen (fairy tears). Then
hand her the golden comb. She will give you a magic cap as a reward.

Now exit right, pick up the toad (Kröte) in the upper right corner, and exit
right again.

## Forest (Right)

Pick up the berries (Vogelbeeren = bird's berries) from the bush in the center.

Now walk to the right. The witch will stop you and try to curse you, but your
cap protects you. Hand her the toad and she will give you some shoes which
supposedly hide you from the demons of the underworld. Exit right.

## Witch's Hut

Pick up the key (Schlüssel) on the lower right, and the magic wand (Zauberstab)
above it. Also pick up the bag to the right of the chest (Windbeutel = wind
bag), and the broom (Kaputter Besen = broken broom) on the left side next to the

Talk to the toad and exhaust its dialogue. Then use the Use option from the menu
with the magic wand. You can now exit to the right.

## Graveyard (Left)

Pick up the bag of gold (Goldsack) on the right, the testament from the middle
and the key from the upper middle.

Use the other key (not the one from this screen) on the unicorn's chains on the
ground. It will give you its horn as thanks. Exit right.

## Graveyard (Right)

Pick up the broken pieces on the right (Teiles des Kreuzes = pieces of the
cross) and the red gem on the grave (Rubin = ruby), and combine these two items
to form the cross (Kreuz).

Now talk to the bat hanging from the tree on the left and exhaust its dialogue.
Then combine the broom with the honey comb, and then the flintstone, to craft a
torch (Fackel).

## Charon's Temple

Pick up the golden chalice (Goldene Schale) to the left and the ritual knife
(Ritualmesser) from the middle.

Return to the previous screen, combine the golden chalice with the filled golden
chalice on that screen to get the holy water (Heiliges Wasser), and return to
this screen.

Hand the bag of gold to Charon. As a reward he will let you use his hell

## Underworld

Use the Use option from the menu with the magic wand to transform the figure to
the right (Istar) to a worm. Pick up the worm (Wurm) and the crown (Krone)
behind her. Use the key with the golden ring on the left pillar to receive the
cipher (Code).

You can now use the cipher on the scroll, the first item you had in your
inventory when the game started, to deciper it. It will tell you about how Istar
cursed the godfather Creon, and how you can lift the curse.

Now use the Use option from the menu with the wind bag.

## Cloud City

Talk to Meteosat, the character on this screen, he will quiz you about
meteorology. Select the answers 2, 2, 1, 1. He will leave the screen to write
down your answers. Use the Use option from the menu with the barometer to bring
him back.

Talk to him again to receive the heaven's herbs (Himmelskraut). Then use the Use
option from the menu with the berries. A bird will appear. Talk to it and
exhaust its dialogue. Then give the berries to it and it will take you with it.

## Atlantis (Left)

Pick up the conch shell (Muschel) on the left side and the stick (Stock) in the
background. Then exit right.

## Atlantis (Right)

Pick up the wood branches (Brennholz = firewood) and the vine (Liane) above the
dolphin taxi sign. Use the Use option with the conch to make a dolphin appear.
Talk to it and exhaust its dialogue, until it disappears again.

Now return to the left screen. Combine the vine with the stick, and then the
worm with the vine, exactly in this order. Use the Use option in the menu on the
resulting fishing rod to receive some fish (Fische). Then combine the ritual
knife and the unicorn horn to carve a big spoon. After that, combine the
flintstone with the firewood to start brewing the magic potion (Zaubertrank).

Use the Use option with the resulting potion to drink it. Now return to the
right screen, call the dolphin again and talk to it. It will now agree to take
you to the underwater palace of Creon.

## Throne Room

Use the potion on Creon's head, and then use the crown on it as well. Repeatedly
talk to Creon to finish the game.

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