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  Hints and Tips for: Age of Wonders 4 
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 Age of Wonders 4 Cheats

Age of Wonders 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Start the AoW4 game, then use one of the following key combinations:

* Ctrl+Alt+C
* Ctrl+Shift+C

Once it's open, enter the desired cheat code and hit Enter to activate it.

It is not available during games with more than one human player. The difficulty 
advantage for pantheon advancement is eliminated while using cheats.

Codes             Effect
allheroes       - Adds all offmap heroes to the recruitment pool.
barentz         - Explores the entire map and toggles vision over it.
coehoorn        - Breaches the walls of the selected besieged city.
cruijff         - Toggles infinite move points.
demonen         - Adds -20 alignment.
dokterwie       - Increases the turn counter by 1.
eendracht       - Increases the Build the Beacons of Unity counter for Expansion Victory.
eenheid         - Fulfills the Occupy Provinces objective for Expansion Victory.
engelen         - Adds +20 alignment.
freepop         - Adds +1 population to the selected city.
genhero         - Generates a random offmap hero.
gencrypthero    - Generates a random hero in crypt.
genprisonhero   - Generates a random hero in prison.
hauer           - Levels up all heroes and units in the selected army.
hein            - Triggers victory.
huygens         - Unlocks empire development.
iamgod          - Toggles auto-win in auto-combat
ikbedoelalles   - Toggles knowing all spells.
improverelation - Advance to the next allegiance level with the selected free city.
instantskills   - Toggles instant research.
leeuwenhoek     - Finishes the current research.
makeally        - Forms an alliance with the selected city’s empire.
makeangry       - Adds -100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire.
makecoop        - Sets relation with the selected free city to Pact of Cooperation.
makehappy       - Adds +100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire.
makeintegrated  - Integrates the selected free city.
makeloyal       - Sets relation with the selected free city to Pact of Loyalty.
makeneutral     - Ends war with the selected city’s empire.
makevassal      - The selected city’s empire becomes a vassal.
makewar         - Starts a war with the selected city’s empire.
martin          - Toggles 999 hero cap.
masterskills    - Researches everything.
oldenbarnevelt  - Gives 100.000 imperium.
optimalprime    - Toggles instant spell casting.
philips         - Toggles instant production.
questmaster     - Toggles quests.
rallythelieges  - Starts the next Rally of the Lieges.
rembrandt       - Gives 100.000 gold and mana.
ruijter         - Adds one of each hero item.
spaargaren      - Unlocks empire development if not already unlocked.
tasman          - Explores the entire map.
unexplore       - Unexplores the entire map.
verdoemenis     - Increases the Build the Affinity Province Improvements.
voorhees        - Toggles infinite skill points.
warlord         - Declares war on all factions.
willem          - Triggers defeat.
demo            - Activates masterskills, philips and rembrandt at the same time.
flyingdutchman  - Activates cruijff, barentz and rembrandt at the same time.
defeat1         - Triggers defeat.
defeat2         - Triggers defeat.
defeat3         - Triggers defeat.
defeat4         - Triggers defeat.
defeat5         - Triggers defeat.
victory1        - Triggers victory.
victory2        - Triggers victory.
victory3        - Triggers victory.
victory4        - Triggers victory.
medic           - Heals the selected army.
switch_tm       - Switches between classing and simultaneous turns.

Beginners Tips:
Written by serahcornelia

-=About This Guide=-
If you have not played similar games before, it is easy to get overwhelmed by 
the amount of information the game has to offer. Here are some basic tips to help 
you get started.

-=The Tips=-
* Play the realms in order, as they are sorted by difficulty.
* Do not be afraid to use the easy mode and then increase the difficulty 
  as you get better.
* Pay attention to several aspects, here are some hints:
* You can queue build orders, but it is better not to; this way the gold is 
  not “reserved” and you have a better overview.
* Level your hero with easy prey, as you would in a MOBA; seek out the easy
  NPC enemies for early levels and loot.
* Heal your troops and hero properly by letting them rest in your (friendly) 
* Focus on a playstyle as a beginner; do you want to go with spellcasting, 
  strong units, summoning, undead and so on – the idea of how to play is 
  important while you enjoy creating your race
* Overwhelm the enemy in numbers; it is less about a 1:1 army, and more about
  placing multiple armies next to each other and then attacking strong enemies
  or picking on weak enemies.
* Manual combat gives better results in difficult terrain where auto mode would 
  fail; you can also learn a lot by watching the PCs replay.
* Being a “good do-er” can make some scenarios easier; having NPCs on your 
  side instead of having to fight through everyone.

-=My take on recommending you a beginner race setup=-
The race itself does not matter, as it is purely cosmetics and the gameplay 
relevant traits can be changed as you like. Noble High Orcs who wield magic 
and made out of peaceful diplomats? You got it. Cannibalistic Chaos Dwarfs with 
super buff astral bodies? Possible. Pick any “race skin” you like and pay 
attention to these gameplay traits.

* Body: Keen-Sighted (+20% Accuracy for ranged physical attacks).

* Mind: Overwhelm Tactics (+20% Critical Hit when units standing next to each other).

Feudal origin: great synergy of Standing Together (+20% Damage when units 
standing next to each other) with Overwhelm Tactics – this is easiest as you  
can pair archers/rangers and defenders/shield bearers well for straight forward 

* Ritual Cannibals - free healing during battle by eating corpses.
* Gifted Casters   - great pick for beginners as spells are very strong during 
  battle and can change the tide.

Alternative choice for Ritual Cannibals (if you dislike the evil alignment): 
Adapt Settlers.

-=Good starting tomes=-
* Tome of Roots (allrounder).
* Tome of Enchantment (good unit focus).

-=Cryomancy and Pyromance – strong, but depending on enemies=-
I have seen some suggests the Tome of Horde, which I do not recommend for 
beginners. It can be good, but asks for a certain specific playstyle. Hence my 
more general/allrounder recommendations for beginners.

Tome of Roots, Enchantment and the elemental ones are great for unit enhancements 
while they also offer powerful offensive magic. You might be surprised how strong 
a weapon with poison, fire, freeze damage can be!

Whether you choose Champion or Wizard King is of little importance at first. 
Champion is more beginner friendly, but both are quite strong, with Wizard King 
being much more powerful in the offence.

-=Weapon for your hero=-
Sword and shield, spirit orb, bow – avoid crossbow and the rest as a beginner. 
You can still have fun by recruiting more heroes or changing your weapon.

Reason for choosing these weapons: they have multihits, which makes them more 
friendlier in regards of accuracy overall, especially as a beginner when you need 
to get used to which weapon type does what and how it works.

Last but not least, remember the advice you were given at school every day: 
read, read, read.

Take your time to read. The game will explain everything to you at a very 
comfortable pace, as long as you follow the “progression path” and take your 
time to read what does what.

In fact, much of the tutorial mission is so basic that you may even recognise 
some tips from other games such as Civilization.

Good luck and have fun!

How to Beat Story Mission 5:
I went underground and played very defensively and focused on knowledge. I picked
 the pyroclastic boon (where enemy provinces blow up every couple of turns). At 
one point Turiel reached the Order countdown and I began mobilizing to pillage the 
closest improvement, but he paused at 12 turns remaining and I guess the invading 
neutral army pillaged him (didn’t have line of sight, so I dont know exactly what 

Then Nimue (ally) started a Nature countdown (I had my Order countdown ready to 
go but couldn’t once Nimue started), but after ~8 turns they failed it too.

Then I started my countdown immediately and Turiel’s forces never even reached me. 
It might be worth placing a defended outpost or two on the surface between the 
underground passage and Turiel’s domain because, like a dope, Turiel could have 
walked past but instead he sieged my outpost for like 5 turns with 6 stacks when 
I had only 5 turns left on my countdown.

Oh and make good use of those teleport improvements! put them close to your seed/
heart/root. Oh and also: once I had 3 cities (all underground), I put the seed in 
my weakest/furthest away city, the root in the next, and the heart in my throne 
city. Makes it easier to deal with the scaling production cost.

Note: Forgot to mention: the first several times I tried this scenario, I intended 
to grind Turiel’s cities and vassals into dust, but it simply wasn’t feasible for 
me because his units all start out so buff and it was a constant exercise in 
frustration. Use your armies literally only for defending your realm and eating 
marauders/infestations; it’s just not worth it otherwise.

How to Negotiate Freedom:
You gift them gold, many times. Press negotiate then look for the button to gift 
them gold (could do mana I think).

Each gift requires some amount that has a slightly random element to it
 (I’ve seen roughly gifts between 140-160 gold) for 50 rep.

This is how I got that achievement where you have to free yourself from being 
a vassal.

I stored up a lot of gold, then hammered that gift button over and over until I 
hit the necessary rep for him to accept freeing me.

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