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  Hints and Tips for: A Story of a Band 
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 A Story of a Band Cheats

A Story of a Band

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Tips:
Written by andrzej.visentini

-=First Things First=-
Every time you unlock an Achievement, you get a permanent Perk 
point to be used at the start of a new game.

Perks provide bonuses to various actions your band can do, such as 
writng songs, playing gigs, recording/publishing albums.

Which means that THE most difficult playthrough will always be THE VERY 
FIRST time you play the game, so don’t despair – it gets easier, for real.

-=The Rest=-
* Play at least one concert tour per year. If a band member complains about 
no concerts, the Mood will drop.

* When you start a career, your band will suck due to low stats, so try doing 
two tours the first year, each time only selecting three cities from each 
preferred music type (Emotion/Aggressive/Technical).

* During first year DON’T tour the cities where they like Your genre of music – 
the requirements are higher for succesful tour and your band might not make it.

* If any of members’ starting attributes are below 10, train them immediately.

* Spend money wisely on training – I recommend raising all traits by 5 after 
every album.

* When recording a live album, DON’T do encores – the amount of notes to overdub 
later in the studio will be insanely high and you WON’T reach 100 % of recording, 
thus the review score WILL be low, impacting the band happiness. For live albums, 
the completion percentage does NOT affect the sales, so don’t bother.

* In Flames is an awesome power, but it raises Ego (which appears once you use 
Dev Points to lvl your band members) – train Songwriting attribute in members, 
spend Perk points for Lyrics/Melody/Rhythm instead.

* When picking a starting genre, you indirectly pick which direction your 
Reputation should go; don’t try to swing it up & down, stick to one direction, 
you’ll need it to defeat one of the bands.

* Not every acheivement can be obtained during one playthrough – it’s OK to 
“plan a career”. Slow and steady clears 50 achevements.

* Don’t forget the power of ROCK, especially for controlling Ego levels.

* Double length album should only be attempted if you have “Study & Practice” 
guideline enabled and preferably when you have access to Child In Time powerup. 
Having all band members’ attributes raised to 100 also helps.

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