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  Hints and Tips for: Astral Ascent 
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 Astral Ascent Cheats

Astral Ascent

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for New Players:
Written by FranGran

Here you can find some early tips for newbies.

I will write down now the 2 or 3 things I think it’s important to know, 
but this will evolve as the game does

* Try to talk with everyone between runs.
* Use all your sunflowers to upgrade before starting a new run.
* You can scrap everything you find and don’t need, such as Auras, Spells 
  or Gambits. They give you back different things, but they always are something 
  that you will need as you keep clearing rooms.
* Chameleon boost to get keys, quartz or gambits stays from one area to another, 
  but not between different runs, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you don’t 
  get him to pay out.
* Always try to keep 3 or more keys with you. The things you can unlock with 
  them are so important that if you don’t have enough, I think you should always
  try to prioritize them.

-=There are 3 types of spells=-
* Attack Spells: The ones you use to kill enemies. You can have 4 at any moment. 
  You must use all four to use the first one again. They consume mana.
* Utility Spells: Extra spells that give you nice little bonuses.
* Auras: Passives. They vary from basic attack extra effects to extra effects 
  when a specific status goes away and other things. At the start you have only 
  one slot, but you can upgrade it. (Thank, ZimZim)

-=Here is what every type of room does=-
* Fight Room: Fight 3 or so waves of enemies and get your reward.
* Exploration Room: Go to the end of the level, slaying monsters and getting 
  chests and quartz along the way. You can speedrun them or you can take your 
  time, because sometimes there are some places that have extra rewards and if 
  you go fast you will not see them most of the time.
* Andromeda’s Bar: Exchange your stars for power ups 
  (Health, Power or Attack Speed).
* Pavo’s Ruins: Free spell upgrade once everytime you go in. 
  Further upgrades in the same visit will cost you health.
* Cestus: Free gambits.
* Void: Minibosses. Quite challenging but also very rewarding.
* Quiet Room: Restore health and mana.
* Shop: Buy things like spells, gambits or use your quartz to buy heal shards.
* Yalee Kingdom: Not really sure, but I think you get here free auras.

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