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  Hints and Tips for: Banana Shooter 
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 Banana Shooter Cheats

Banana Shooter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Definitive Movement Guide:

Press ctrl to crouch. Do this whilst moving forward to slide 
(Sliding only goes forward).

-=Bunny hopping=-
When moving spam jump to b-hop. Adding in slides here are there 
also help with speed.
Note: you can just hold space.

By pressing forward and a directional key (a or d) you will move 
further whilst in the air. This is due to 2 inputs telling you to 
move forward meaning you move faster.

-=Long jump=-
There are 2 ways to do a long jump:

-=Slide the jump.=-
Jump and slide in midair.
These both make your jumps go further then a normal jump.

-=Shotgun jumps=-
* The shotgun is needed in every load out for movement.
* On the ground it is similar to rocket jumping in tf2 although in 
  the air you can also rocket jump. No walls needed.
* Shotgun jumps also help to get to a place on specific maps which
  you cant do without it.
* The shotgun also pairs well with the sniper.

-=Chain slides=-
Hence the name this is chaining slides. There are 2 main chains/combos:
Chaining long jumps to maintain momentum and continue long distance slides. 
This is very good for changing your body position.
Spamming the slide/crouch button this feels cool to do although the main 
reason to do this is to turn corners fast. You may have noticed that sliding
is not very controllable although spamming slides helps with this.

-=Grappling Movement=-
* The reason why this is "advanced" is due to the under usage of it. 
  It is on a lot of maps although is not used.
* The length of the grapple is clunky although it is based by the distance 
  you were at when connecting.
* I would recommend using this movement to speed up and let go before you 
  are under the grapple point.
* It is also good to use when clearing gaps.

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