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  Hints and Tips for: Biing 
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 Biing Cheats


Here a short description, how you can edit the prices 
for the hospital spaces. The file bipro.exe with a 
HexEditor wedges and looks for " zah ". You see now 
the tooth station standard and luxury.  
Where upon follow a series $-zeichen and directly after 
it the price.  
There then e.g. 30 02, if you modify this on 01 00, is 
costs the tooth station to only 1 DM. You can make this 
with each mechanism, but to recommend it is to modify 
only the de luxe model since the computer buys in each 
case the standard design.
Small correction in addition:  First after value that$ 
is the rent, 3.
and 4. is the purchase price and not first and second.  
One can modify these naturally also on 00 00 and not pay 
in such a way nothing at all.  Same applies to rent.  
Now there is still another problem. One saved cash for 
the spaces, but one pays oneself still at the plot costs 
stupidly and doesig.  Thus, one edits the bipro.exe after 
the above example.  
The plot requirement can be edited now in the ninth place 
of 00 (= 0 plots) 
up to ff (= 255 plots).  
But who is already so stupidly and makes 255 plots >from it?!?  
Unfortunately it seems not possibly to actually change the cash.  
Each modification in a Savegame causes the error message 
"Savegame damaged ".
And still another small extension:  
The rent to the maximum (ff ff) stop and the purchase price to 1.  
Since the selling price of an object is always the HOehe of the 
official rent. Thus to 1 buy and again deliver immediately.  
Few times and already give it no more cash problems pull the 
whole through. Can be use also during a play.

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