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  Hints and Tips for: Black Cauldron 
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 Black Cauldron Cheats

Black Cauldron

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Complete Points List:
  5 Give bowl to pig.
  4 Take flute.
 20 Give pig to fary.
 10 Give apple to creature.
 13 Get into faries' cave.
 10 Give lute to faries' king.
  5 Get out of rock maze.
  5 Pass rope.
  6 Climb rocks.
  5 Pass chasms.
 18 Get into castle.
  6 Find hole in floor.
 10 Get to basment.
 10 Enter berrial chamber.
  8 Take sword.
  9 Release man.
 13 Leave castle.
 15 Get to middle of swamp.
 18 Give sword to witches.
 25 Show mirror to king.
 15 Get sword.

 230 Total, Out of 230 Possible

Debug mode:
Press [Alt] + D during game play to enable debug mode. The version 
number and location coordinates will be displayed. 
The following codes can now be entered at the command window at the 
bottom of the screen to activate the cheat function for the current 

Result                           Code	
Assign new value to variable   - set var [value]
Change current coordinates     - position [x, y]
Obtain all game items          - gimme gimme
Select object to obtain        - get object [code number]
Reset indicated flag           - reset flag [name]
Set indicated flag             - set flag [name]
Show indicated flag            - show flag [name]
Show indicated variable        - show var [name]
Show priorities                - show priority
Teleport                       - tp [code number]

Object code numbers:
Use one of the following entries with the get object code.

Object Code	
1  Knapsack
2  Corn 	
3  Gruel 	
4  Food Wallet 	
5  Bread 	
6  Water Flask 	
7  Water 	
8  Apple 	
9  Cookies 	
10 Rope 	
11 Dagger 	
12 Magic Sword 	
13 Harp 	
14 Lute 	
15 Flying Dust 	
16 Keys 	
17 Tin Cup 	
18 Magic Word 	
19 Magic Mirror 	
20 Book of Knowledge 	
21 Pot of Gold 	
22 Hero Shield 	
23 Suit of Armor 	
24 Bread 	
25 Bread

Exceed maximum score:
When required to give a musical instrument to the king of the fair folk (and having to choose
between the Harp and the Lute), if you're quick enough you can squeeze in giving them both 
before the plot continues, getting 10 points for each. This way, it's possible to end up with
240 out of 230 points at the end of the game.

Walk on Water:
After successfully climbing the rope across the mountain, press the F6 key to grasp the rope 
once again. Press the END key and Taran will simultaneously fall off the rope and land on the
cliff at the same time. This will cause Taran's feet to move continuously while standing still.
You can now walk across any body of water. This will allow you to cross the Morva Marsh, the 
rapid river, and the alligator lake without dying.

King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human:
Walk Taran repeatedly into the eastern wall of the room where Fflewddur appears. He will 
discover a crack in the wall and peek through, seeing someone playing "King's Quest 3: To 
Heir Is Human" on the other side.

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