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  Hints and Tips for: Crysis 2 
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 Crysis 2 Cheats

Crysis 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Open the cheat console window by pressing ~ (or the key above Tab), then enter 
con_restricted 0 and hit Enter. Now you can enter the following cheats:

Code                                        Effect
g_godMode = 1                             - God mode
g_infiniteAmmo = 1 or i_unlimitedammo = 1 - Unlimited ammo
g_infinitesuitenergy=1                    - Unlimited Suit Energy 

-=Codes to change graphics and game settings=-
sys_spec_gameeffects               = 3 [] 
sys_spec_objectdetail              = 3 [] 
sys_spec_particles                 = 3 [] 
sys_spec_physics                   = 3 [] 
sys_spec_postprocessing            = 3 [] 
sys_spec_shading                   = 3 [] 
sys_spec_shadows                   = 3 [] 
sys_spec_sound                     = 3 [] 
sys_spec_texture                   = 3 [] 
sys_spec_water                     = 3 [] 
ban (Command) 
ban_remove (Command) 
ban_status (Command) 
ban_timeout                        = 30 [DUMPTODISK] 
cl_fov                             = 75 [] 
cl_sensitivity                     = 16.5 [DUMPTODISK] 
cl_sensitivityController           = 0.8 [DUMPTODISK] 
cl_sensitivityControllerMP         = 0.6 [DUMPTODISK] 
disconnect (Command) 
disconnectchannel (Command) 
gl_GameRules (Command) 
gl_Map (Command) 
g_gamespy_password                 = [] 
g_gamespy_server_region            = 1 [] 
g_gamespy_unique_nick              = [] 
g_skipIntro                        = 1 [] 
gl_Map (Command) 
i_mouse_accel                      = 0 [DUMPTODISK] 
i_mouse_accel_max                  = 100 [DUMPTODISK] 
i_mouse_smooth                     = 0 [DUMPTODISK] 
kick (Command) 
kickid (Command) 
map (Command) 
net_lobby_gamespy_online_port      = 64100 [DUMPTODISK] 
net_lobby_gamespy_server_ping_wait = 10000 [DUMPTODISK] 
pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov = 75 [] 
quit (Command) 
rcon_command (Command) 
rcon_connect (Command) 
rcon_disconnect (Command) 
r_DrawNearFoV                      = 55 [] 
status (Command) 
sv_bind                            = [REQUIRE_LEVEL_RELOAD] 
sv_gamerules                       = SinglePlayer [] 
sv_gamerulesdefault                = SinglePlayer [] 
sv_password                        = [DUMPTODISK] 
sv_servername                      = [DUMPTODISK] 

New Game Plus:
Complete the campaign for New Game Plus (you get to keep your armor 
modules at the least). 

Hidden Minigame:
At the the credits screen, press FIRE button (the Left Trigger or A 
button on an Xbox 360 pad) 5 times to play a minigame while the credits roll.

How to Unlock Special Dog Tags:
Submitted by: Mazid

Special dog tags in Crysis 2 are useful. Are you trying to unlock special dog tags? 
Unlock special dog tags need some tips. The dog tags unlocking guide here tells you 
how to unlock special dog tags....

Special dog tags in Crysis 2 are useful, they can help players a lot in the game. 
After players have created an account in Crysis 2 and got the best weapons, usually 
they will begin to unlock trophies. During that time, dog tags will be very useful. 
The dog tags unlocking guide here tells you how to unlock special dog tags in Crysis 2. 

Unlock Special Dog Tags in Crysis 2 Tips 1: 

Generally speaking, you can unlock special dog tag by doing certain crap in matches, 
such as: most damage, least damage, most stealthy, most times switching modes, etc.
Craps are the basic source for you to unlock special dog tags.

Unlock Special Dog Tags in Crysis 2 Tips 2: 

You can try to hit the button again to unlock special dog tags.

Unlock Special Dog Tags in Crysis 2 Tips 2: 
You can also unlock some special dog tags in some achievements, so you need to try to 
unlock all achievements in Crysis 2.

How to Find Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag:
Submitted by: Mazid

Find Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag is not hard. Do you want to know how to find Crysis 2 
Platinum Dog Tag? Follow the Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag location you can easily find
Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag....

Dogtags are small identification badges. Most players may have all of other Limited 
Edition content but fail to find Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag. Do you know how to find 
Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag? Here is Crysis 2 cheat which shows efficient tips to help 
you unlock Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag. 

* Tip 1: Find Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag 

The first condition you encounter is that you have pre-ordered, but there is no platinum
when you look on dog tags. You should be ware of that the "platinum dog tag" isn't 
actually a dog tag picture. You can toggle between frames on the very bottom underneath
the pictures. 

* Tip 2: Find Crysis 2 Platinum Dog Tag 

Another way is very easy. For Single Player, the Dog Tag is just collectables you can 
find during the SP, which give you pictures of major characters in-game.

ALL Weapon List Of Crysis 2:
Submitted by: Mazid

Crysis 2 weapon list is important for each player just like the weapon guide and 
Crysis 2 cheats. With a complete Crysis 2 weapon list, you will be able to find more
better weapons that helps you complete achievements. Here is the complete Crysis 2 
weapon list. Choose your weapons and Kill zombies now.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Assault Rifles: 
SCAR, abbreviation for "Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle". With a 40 (+1) round capacity 
in one magazine; Standard-issue assault rifle of the military.
SCARAB, abbreviation for "Mk.21 Superior Combat Assault Carbine". It is a reduced-weight 
version of the SCAR with a higher cyclic rate and greater mobility.
GRENDEL Assault Rifle, a 24-round 3-shot battle rifle.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Submachine Guns: 
Feline SMG, a bullpup SMG with a 60 (+1) round magazine and high mobility.
K-Volt, an electric pellet submachine gun that has been confirmed to stun and electrify 
enemy Ceph troops, its effects are unknown if used against the nanosuit.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Shotguns: 
Jackal shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun with a 7 (+1) round box magazine.
Marshall shotgun, a pump-action shotgun based on the shotgun in Crysis.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Sniper Rifles: 
DSG-1 Sniper rifle, It has a 8 (+1) shot magazine and is now semi-automatic.
M2014 Gauss Rifle (Confirmed as of the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo's release).

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Sidearms: 
M12 Nova sidearm: It appears to be based off of Crysis's SOCOM. It has a 20 (+1) rounds 
big magazine.
Hammer, a Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol with 9 (+1) rounds per magazine.
Majestic Heavy Revolver (Details unknown at this moment)
AY69 Machine Pistol, the same machine pistol from Crysis Warhead. It is unknown at this 
time what its magazine size is.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Heavy Weapons: 
Mk60, a machine gun seen in the Multiplayer demo that resembles the M60E4.
L-TAG Grenade Launcher, a 6-shot, pump-action, airburst grenade launcher.
X-43 MIKE, a Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter. Very little to nothing is known about 
this weapon.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Explosives: 
Frag grenade. It seems that now the player can't throw it while holding another weapon. 
It has the same launch reticule of the L-TAG but upside down.
JAW rocket launcher. Unlike the LAW, the rocket launcher has only one round in it; it has 
also a different targeting sight.
Smoke Grenade 

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Others: 
Knife (only used with stealth kills)
Fists (only used in standard melee)
Mounted machine gun (detachable) that resembles the 20mm machine gun from Crysis Warhead.

Suit module upgrades:
Submitted by: harshal hatwar

-=Suit module upgrades=-
The following is a list of all suit modules and their upgrades:

Air Stomp: Velocity based attack; more speed deals more damage. Requires elevation 
           beyond a Power Jump.
Minimum Velocity Damage: 40 damage out to 2 meters
Maximum Velocity Damage: 220 damage out to 7 meters
Upgrade II: No damage from falling
Upgrade III: 0.5x recovery time after Air Stomp
Proximity Alarm: Sense enemy in a 30 meter horizontal radius (not vertical); 
                 updates every two seconds
Upgrade II: Sensor updates every second
Upgrade III: Sensor updates every half-second
Armor Enhance 0.5x energy consumption
Upgrade II: +25% movement speed in Armor mode
Upgrade III: Immune to Nanosuit Jammer Bonus
Threat Tracer: Highlight bullet path within 6 meters
Upgrade II: Highlight grenades within a 15 meter radius
Upgrade III: Highlights explosives within 15 meter radius
Nano Recharge: 2x health regeneration
Upgrade II: 2x suit recharge (60 per second)
Upgrade III: 0.5x delay before health regeneration
Detonation Delay: +2 seconds to grenade fuse when in blast radius
Upgrade II: +2 seconds to C4 fuse when in blast radius
Upgrade III: Fires Chaff against enemy JAW missiles
Energy Transfer: Restores 20% energy with a kill
Upgrade II: Restores 30% energy with a kill
Upgrade III: Restores 50% energy with a kill

Side Pack: +1 primary magazine
Upgrade II: +1 grenade/explosive
Upgrade III: +1 attachment ammo
Weapon Pro: 0.6x reload time
Upgrade II: 0.5x aim down sight time
Upgrade III: 0.4x weapon swap time
Aim Enhance: Reduced recoil (unique to weapon)
Upgrade II: 0.4x view shake from explosions
Upgrade III: 1.6x movement speed when aiming down sights 
             (compared to whatever negative speed it offers)
Loadout Pro: Two primary weapons
Upgrade II: No mobility loss from attachments
Upgrade III: 1.5x speed while carrying HMG (compared to its 0.6x speed scale)
Rapid Fire: Higher rate of fire on primary weapons (unique to weapon)
Upgrade II: Higher rate of fire on secondary weapons (unique to weapon)
Upgrade III: Higher rate of fire on mounted weapons
Point Fire Enhance: Reduces spread of primary weapons (unique to weapon)
Upgrade II: Reduces spread of secondary weapons (unique to weapon)
Upgrade III: Reduces spread of mounted weapons
Mobility Enhance: 0.5x sprint and jump energy cost
Upgrade II: 0.5x ledge grab climb time
Upgrade III: 0.25x fire after sprint time
Retriever: Automatically collect Dogtags
Upgrade II: One less Dogtag required for support bonuses
Upgrade III: 1.2x support bonus time

Stealth Enhance: Transition time to/from stealth is halved
Upgrade II: No shadow cast in Stealth mode
Upgrade III: 0.5x energy drain rate in Stealth mode
Covert Ops: No player footstep sound
Upgrade II: Invisible to Ceph Airstrike
Upgrade III: 2x enemy footstep sound
Cloak Tracker: Displays particles on Cloaked enemy within 20 meters
Upgrade II: Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 7 seconds in radius
Upgrade III: Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 5 seconds in radius
Jammer: Scrambles the radar of enemies within a 10 meter range
Upgrade II: Provides protection against enemy Radar Jammer attacks
Upgrade III: Scrambles the radar of enemies within an increased range
Blind Spot: Invisible to Maximum Radar
Upgrade II: Immune to Visor Tagging
Upgrade III: Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision
Tracker: Track enemy footsteps within 25 meters; updates every 0.6 seconds
Upgrade II: Footstep direction tracks
Upgrade III: Doubled track updates (every 0.3 seconds)
Visor Enhance: Automatically tag enemies when zoomed in
Upgrade II: Enemy Flashbang grenade effect lasts 0.1x as long
Upgrade III: Nano Vision energy drain 0.5x

Survive high falls:
Jump from a high location and activate the Air Stomp.

Steady aim:
While aiming, hold [Left Shift] PC , L3 PlayStation3 or click the Left 
Analog-stick Xbox 360 to use energy to steady your aim. When this is used while
crouched in the Maximum Armor your aim will be almost 100% accurate.

Deflection upgrade in multi-player mode:
After five consecutive deaths the "Deflection" message will appear. It will 
disappear after you get a kill.

"Dead Man Walking": Teddy Bear:
Jump down the building. Place the corner of the building in front of you. Go 
to the right side, and all the way in the left corner. There is a teddy bear 
on one of the columns of a planter.

Crytek CEO:
Look for a news stand while exploring the city. A picture of Crytek's CEO will appear
on a magazine cover.

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