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  Hints and Tips for: Dark and Light: Shard of Faith 
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 Dark and Light: Shard of Faith Cheats

Dark and Light: Shard of Faith

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Logging in as Admin
Press numpad +, or whatever you have bound your console key to and type 
enablecheats [password]

Example = enablecheats pass123

You can also use these cheat codes in singleplayer mode.

Code                           Effect
cheat god                    - Enables godmode, you can not die except you can still drown.
cheat fly                    - Allows you to fly.
cheat giveresources          - Gives you 50 of all resources.
cheat walk                   - Deactivates flying and allows you to walk again.
cheat teleport               - Teleports you to coords 0 0 0 (X Y Z).
cheat slomo 5                - Changes the speed on the server such as player movement, 
                               use slomo 1 to revert to normal speed.
cheat playersonly            - Freezes absolutely everything except players, 
                               this even includes crafting
cheat ghost                  - Turns on noclip, you are able to walk through walls and objects
cheat infinitestats          - Gives you infinite stats
cheat addexperience 1000 0 0 - Gives you 1000xp, you can change the value.
cheat destroyallenemies      - Destroys all enemies, they respawn eventually.
cheat enemyinvisible true/false - Makes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them
stat fps                     - Shows your fps, usable by anyone. commands do not need to be 
                               enabled for this
cheat destroymytarget        - Destroys the object / enemy you are looking at.

admincheat GiveItem Blueprint‘/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Resources/
GiveItemNum (number) (number of items you want) (quality)
exp GiveItemNum 1 1 0

-=Item ID List=-
1 bedroll
2 small chest
3 medium chest
4 wall torch
5 bed
6 fireplace
7 wooden sign
8 private storage
9 larder box
10 dining table
11 wooden chair
12 cooking pot
13 stone axe
14 stone sword
15 stone pickaxe
16 stone-tipped spear
17 wooden bow
18 stone-tipped arrow
19 throwing knife
20 crossbow
22 small plot
23 medium plot
24 large plot
25 compost bin
26 mortar and pestle
27 workbench
28 forge
29 sulfer powder
30 quartz sand
31 ground bone
32 lightstone sand
33 darkstone sand
34 iron axe
35 iron pickaxe
36 iron scythe
37 iron-tipped spear
38 stone hook arrow
39 iron hook arrow
41 wood feeding trough
42 stone feeding trough
43 paper
44 magic parchment
45 iron dagger
46 iron sword
47 iron hammer
48 iron greatsword
50 tree bark shield
53 summoning pool
54 irrigation intake
55 irrigation pipe L
56 irrigation pipe H
57 irrigation pipe I
58 irrigation pipe V
59 irrigation spout
60 water reservoir
61 sand table
62 house war flag
63 glass bottle
64 hanglider
65 parachute
66 boar saddle
67 bargesh saddle
68 vrock saddle
69 bahamut saddle
70 wyvern saddle
71 bear saddle
72 panther reins
73 griffin saddle
74 infernus dragon saddle
76 grut stag saddle
77 longhorn saddle
78 horse saddle
79 deer reins
80 arachnea saddle
81 stirge saddle
82 lavatiger reins
83 nidhog saddle
84 voidray saddle
85 mastodorn saddle
86 yeti saddle
87 kodo saddle
88 frost dragon saddle
98 house contract table
99 contract
100 soul of darkness
101 sould of light
103 small spell tower
104 canopy
105 cooked meat
106 fine cooked meat
107 cured meat
108 fine cured meat
109 copper ingot
110 iron ingot
111 mithril ingot
112 ink
113 focusing elixir
114 focusing potion
115 centaur win
116 summoning stone
117 house seal
118 goblin contract
119 cooked mushrooms
120 spiced meat
121 silica powder
122 cloth shirt
123 cloth trousers
124 cloth cap
125 cloth gloves
126 cloth shoes
127 leather breastplate
128 leather greaves
129 leather helmet
130 leather guantlets
131 leather boots
132 druidic tunic
133 druidic trousers
134 druidic cap
135 druidic gloves
136 druidic shoes
137 copper breastplate
138 copper greaves
139 copper healm
140 copper gauntlets
141 copper boots
142 fur armor robe
143 fur armor leggings
144 fur cowl
145 fur gloves
146 fur boots
147 mithril breastplate
148 mith greaves
149 mith helm
150 mith gauntlets
151 mith boots
152 mith robe light
154 mith robe hat
155 mith robe gloves
156 mith robe shoes
157 breastplate of darkness
158 drakstone greaves
159 darkstone healm
160 darkstone guantlets
161 darkstone boots
162 robe of lightstone
163 trousers of lightstone
164 hat of lightstone
165 gloves of lightstone
166 shoes of lightstone
167 brimstone tunic
168 brimstone trousers
169 brimstone gloves
170 brimstone shoes
171 brimstone hood
172 icewind rob
173 icewind trousers
174 icewind gloves
175 icewind shoes
176 icewind hood
177 iron breatsplate
178 iron greaves
179 iron gauntlets
180 iron boots
181 iron healm
182 rangers tunic
183 rangers leggings
184 rangers gloves
185 rangers boots
186 rangers helm
187 magic essence
188 fire essence
189 water essence
190 air essence
191 earth essence
192 light essence
193 dark essence
194 chaos essence
195 magic altar
196 spell tower
197 spell generator
198 spell tower ammo
199 sorceror’s staff
200 druidic staff
201 celestial staff
202 battlemage staff
203 draining spell
204 rune of restoration
205 rune of warmth
206 rune of light
207 rune of radiance
208 fireball 1
209 fireball 2
210 fireball 3
211 frostbolt 1
212 frostbolt 2
213 frostbolt 3
214 lightning bolt 1
215 lightning bolt 2
216 loghtning bolt 3
217 polymorph
219 rune of haste
221 artic illusion
222 rune of deathstlaker
223 rune of wyvern form
224 wall of fire
225 wall of ice
226 wall of lighnting
227 firestorm 1
228 firestorm 2
229 hailstorm 1
230 hailstorm 2
231 telekinesis
232 rune of darkvision
233 rune of guidance
234 ressurection altar
235 planar gate
236 rune of recall
237 flame missle
238 rune of soul binding
239 rune of greater soul binding
240 acidic extract

Black Ice Cave Survival Guide:
Written by Ustolemygmrtag.

A guide for those venturing into the Black Ice Cave. 

All You Need to Know so Far...

The Cave is going to be a 4 man job. High level 3rd tier spells, Focus potions,
Healing runes, warming runes, Brimstone armor, iron picks, ramps, pillars, 
foundations, re-spawn deck, reequip chests and so much more will be needed to
raid this dungeon. 

The Cold is a killer by itself. Without Brimstone and 2nd tier warming stones, 
it will be impossible to survive. Even with these, you will still be so cold 
you will lose health. That is where the food, elixirs, and 2nd tier healing 
runes come in. These will keep you alive against the cold. 

The mobs are another story all together. Any Melee weapons or tools are useless
against them. Within 10 to 12 hits with them, they break. 
Even max level Legendary spawned in tools and weapons do the same. So, Magic 
spells tier 3 and battle staffs are essential to your survival and success. 
Fire, and Lightening are the best. Also, the Morphing spells are useless. lower
health and faster death. All players should have several spells on them and 
the retool boxes should also have the same. The new healing spells will also 
be very useful for those that are tanks.

The boss has 250k health or more. I was hitting him for 500 to 1k damage, and 
it still took 15 minutes to bring him down. He will spawn in minions to help 
him. These have 500 to 3500 health and break melee weapons. The boss however 
does not break them, and they can be used against him. But, spells are more 
effective and deal way more damage. I have not tested it yet, but if it is p
lace-able, a house health flag would be an awesome thing to have down there. 

There are 2 drop down cliffs on the way in that you cannot get back out of 
1st is after the 1st room. The second is dropping into the bosses chamber. 
Both of these will require a structure build to get back out after you have
killed the boss. Unless you use the Ice return rune that you get upon killing 
the boss.

Ice Cave Farming Guide:
Written by Chaac

Ice cave run using the Vicious Bargesh.

-=The Run=-
By now, many of you already know about this, but I want to share some of my 
tips that make Ice cave farming easier.

First thing, you'll need a good Vicious Bargesh (prefer +300% dmg, +10k hp). 
In my routine, I don't need to bring meat to heal it, but depend on what you have, 
you should bring few 1000 raw meat to heal it.

Other stuff you need to have and I presume you already know, but I'll give some 
of my own experience:

* Brimstone set: you'll be comfortable with 2500 cold resist, the new warmth 
  (lvl II) gives you ~350, the mandrake soup gives you ~200 (you can get the 
  soup from the ice goblin drop) 
* Pickaxe to mine the crystal node. Food (50 meat should be fine) and water 
  (the pond inside the cave won't let you drink from it) 
* The frozen gateway is use to teleport (only you, not your creature, even 
  with remote use) back to the cave entrance. 
* Spawn point infront of the cave. I have an outpost there with resurrection 
  altar, summon pool, Ice Imp to keep the food and storage. 
* So after you have what you need, mount the Bargesh and go through the broken 
  door. I think it's not the way you supposed to do it, but since the Brimstone 
  set so fragile and need a lot of maintenance, the Bargesh is the best way 
  to go, I also tried horse & spear (with the sheep polymorph spell) but the 
  spear hit box is so off and the horse can't be heal by meat. Savage cyclop:
  can't bring it it, since it can't jump over the broken door. 

Enemy: There're 7 types of mob you have to fight there, since this is about 
using the Bargesh, my advice here is not for fighting on foot:

Ice goblin: thread lvl - high, they're speed hacker, can rapidly hit you. So 
to fight them, you have to go backpedal while hitting them, or other way is go 
to a higher ground that they can't climb up but not too high so you can still 
hitting them. Drop 1 square cast and food. Location: right after you drop down 
and later when you cross the bridge. 

Cave yeti: thread lvl - low, just trading blow with them. Drop: frozen gateway, 
boss body part, blueprint. Location: right after you drop down and later in the 
room right before boss room. 

Cave Ice Imp: thread lvl -high, speed hacker, use the same strategy as you do 
with goblin. Drop: crystal, frozen gateway. Location: after you destroy the two 
first ice barricade. 

Ice golem: thread lvl - medium, just trading blow with them like the yeti, but 
they can reflex damage back, so you'll hurt yourself a lot. Drop: I don't know, 
they stop spawning in my server (official PvE). Location: same as the Imp. 

Cave spider: thread lvl - low, trading blow with them, don't get hit when you're 
not on the mount or they destroy your stuff. Drop: acid (about 5 each). Location: 
on the small room, on the left of the first Ice barricade, be sure to kill them 
first before you break the barricade. 

The boss: thread lvl - low, again, just trading blow, it's can barely hurt you. 
Drop: frozen gateway, crafting parts. 

Ice minion: thread lvl - low, spawn by the boss, they're speed hacker too, but 
their hp is low, so I don't worry about them. Ice minion also drop some parts, 
so if you want to farm them, don't kill the boss. But the drop rate is low and 
also the spawn rate for them is low too, so it's not worth it. 

Basically, this is how me and other ppl do now. 
Here are my other tips to make thing easier:

* The Bargesh can go through the small tunnel leading to the boss room, it can't 
  be stuck, just wiggle a little, go back and forward, use the orbit camera and 
  then you can go through. But I also find out that the Bargesh can also jump 
  back to the tunnel and go out. I saw many ppl end up killing the Bargesh and 
  revive them outside because they think it will stuck there. But you can actually 
  jump up and go out, go back to the drop point, and put them their, I did it a 
  dozen time and it's still safe there for the next run. 
* Don't dismount if you are in the tunnel, you might be stuck there. (I guess 
  you can make the Bargesh to follow you through the tunnel, but I 've never try 
* The hammer is the best weapon for breaking the ice that block the way. 
  For crystal node, use the pickaxe.
* If you fall of the cliff or the bridge, it will not be an instant death. So 
  if you see some mobs down there and want to finish them off for loot, you can
  jump down and fight, but be sure to prepare the teleport rune, and use the 
  summon stone for you pet.
* Put the pegasus at the broken gate to heal your pet after the fight (I'm not 
  sure if the unicorn healing range can reach the pet, but he pegasus does).
* Upgrade you item in the new workbench: for my epic/legendary brimstone pieces, 
  I needed about 1600 energy, 50-60 metal alloy for each update, so if you don't 
  have enough, don't do the update, or you'll waste all of it (the progress will 
  be reset next time). The layline will explode, deal huge dmg when its energy 
  reached 0, so clear out. Nidhog is your friend to easily fly around.
* The boss will spawn in about every 4hours, with other mob can be shorter time.

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