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  Hints and Tips for: DmC - Devil May Cry 
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 DmC - Devil May Cry Cheats

DmC - Devil May Cry

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Red Orbs:
Start Mission 8: Eyeless on any difficulty. Make sure you have a Copper key so you can 
enter the Taste Of Heaven secret mission. The secret mission door is located on the right
side of the long hall that appears after using Demon Pull on a wall. Look at the right 
wall of the new path for blue vines blocking the entrance. Use the Aquila or Osiris with
the Double Up ability to get through the vines. Immediately before completing the secret
mission, pause the game, and restart from the checkpoint. You will get a lot of Red Orbs
for completing most of it, and keep the Red Orbs you earned even if you restart it. Keep
playing the secret mission, and restarting it before completing it to earn as many Red 
Orbs as desired. You can get a few thousand Red Orbs every few minutes.

Note: This trick requires that the Heaven Or Hell difficulty is unlocked. This mode makes
it so every hit is an instant kill against enemies. Start Mission 10: Bad News. Reach the
battle with Bob Barbas. Once you get his health down a certain amount, you must jump into
his eye. You will then enter a news screen where the camera angle is a helicopter. Simply
shoot the enemies until Bob says "Unholy Kind", then pause the game, and restart from the
checkpoint. Repeat this as many times as desired to get a lot of Red Orbs. You can get 
approximately 1,000 kills in 15 minutes.

Unlockable Artwork:
Meet the following requirements to unlock new Rare Artwork 

Unlockable    How to unlock	
Rare Art #1 - Use Devil Trigger 666 times.
Rare Art #2 - Accumulate 50 hours of play time (total).
Rare Art #3 - Deal a total of 5,000,000 points of damage to enemies.
Rare Art #4 - Achieve SSS rank in 60 different missions.

Super Dante:
To unlock the Super Dante perk, complete the game in Dante Must Die difficulty. Using 
this perk grants Dante unlimited Devil Trigger, but the player will be penalized with 
a 50 percent score decrease for the current mission.

Easy "A Man With Guts And Honor" achievement:
In Mission 6: Secret Ingredient, immediately after the mission begins, you will have 
to reach the end of the descent within two minutes. It is recommended to attempt getting
this achievement on the Human difficulty because enemies will die after just a few hits.
There are a total of 10 enemies. Make sure to kill all of them and open the door at the 
end of the descent within the two minute limit to get the "A Man With Guts And Honor" 

Unlockables - Extra Difficulty Modes:
These difficulty modes feature stronger enemies and new enemy formations.

Dante Must Die! - Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty.
Heaven or Hell  - Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty.
Hell and Hell   - Complete the game on Heaven or Hell difficulty.
Son of Sparda   - Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty.

Character Costumes and Perks:
These can be activated from the Skins/Perks menu under the Mission menu after being unlocked.

Son of Sparda  - Complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty.
Standard       - Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter, or Nephilim difficulty.
Super Dante    - Complete the game on Dante Must Die! difficulty.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                  How to Unlock
Absolutely crazy about it  - Spend 50,000 Red Orbs.
And welcome to Hell!       - Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty.
And you are set free       - Free half of the Lost Souls.
Bring it on!               - Slay 1,000 Demons.
Cleaning up his Dad's mess - Defeat Mundus.
Come on Puppy. Let's go!   - Defeat your pursuer.
Devils never cry           - Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty.
Dude, the show's over!     - Find all of the Keys.
Flock off, feather-face!   - Survive the encounter with the Tyrant.
For Tony Redgrave          - Kill 50 enemies using nothing but firearms.
He's a demon too           - Help Phineas retrieve his eye.
I need more power!         - Complete Vergil's downfall on Son of Sparda difficulty.
Impressive                 - Slay 100 Demons.
In the name of my father   - Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons.
It's showtime. Come on!    - Earn 1,500 Style Bonuses.
It's time to finish this!  - Help Vergil open the Vault.
Let's rock, baby!          - Upgrade Dante's health to maximum.
Let's welcome chaos!       - Open all of the Secret Doors.
No talking!                - Acquire Aquila.
Now my coat's all charred  - Navigate the Sky Bridge on Mission 16 without hitting the lasers.
One hell of a party!       - Complete all of the Secret Missions.
Sensational!               - Gain a SSS Style Rank during combat.
Stylish!                   - Complete a mission with a SSS rank.
Thing drives me crazy      - Acquire Osiris.
This is my kind of rain    - Spend 10,000 Red Orbs.
This is what I live for!   - Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty.
Time to go to work guys!   - Purchase your first upgrade.
Too easy!                  - Complete all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty.
We have an uninvited guest - Defeat a Wisp.
Whatever, Lady             - Defeat Mundus' spawn.
Where does the time go?    - Complete a level with 2 minutes or less on the clock.
You can't handle it        - Upgrade Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum.
You don't belong here      - Defeat an Imprisoner.
You'll never have her fire - Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons.

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