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  Hints and Tips for: Dungeons 4 
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 Dungeons 4 Cheats

Dungeons 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Mode (How to Unlock All Perks):
Written by Kruno Saho

For Dungeons 4 players, this is a cheat guide explaining how to unlock 
all perks without playing through the campaigns.

-=What to do=-
* Open file:
  C:\Users\${USER}\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 4\config-profile.cfg

where ${USER} is your Windows account.

At the end of the file you will see entries that start with campaign.

 modify (or add if it doesn’t exist):



campaign.unlockedevilperks=evilperk_skill_tentacle evilperk_skill_callback 
evilperk_skill_storm evilperk_thalya_xp evilperk_demons_research 
evilperk_horde_research evilperk_undead_minions evilperk_general_traps_and_doors 
evilperk_horde_xp evilperk_undead_research evilperk_demons_damage_evilness 
evilperk_general_research evilperk_general_snots evilperk_general_payday_guru 
evilperk_thalya_health evilperk_thalya_damage evilperk_undead_turned_hero 
evilperk_general_evil_traps evilperk_general_damage

* It should be all on a single line.
* Save the file and enter the game.

Tips to Beat Mission with the Laser Eyes:
-=In shorts=-
There is nothing random about that mechanic. And you’re supposed to use the 
mirror to shut down the attack for a while. There is a timer – top right corner. 
It should really easy to get it in time if you didn’t skip the tech.

-=In details=-
At the beginning of the level, it shows you exactly what to.

Memorize or write down the list of challenges that you receive. They’re not 
randomized. Just pause, write down the next challenge, and build larger versions 
of the rooms. I really cannot emphasize enough — your rooms will have to be 12×12, 
you must add doors to them (100% efficiency at minimum). Spend upgrades in the 
first tree first, Gobblers, Evil, Snots, and then the challenge-specific rooms. 
Your army will have to mostly stay above ground, and get very little attention 
until each challenge is met.
Use your hand of evil (hold mouse button) to manually vacuum up and rearrange 
things like gold, mana, evil, chickens, etc. This is MUCH faster than waiting 
on Snots.

Dig long access tunnels in every direction (N, S, E, W) and a couple of other 
long connectors EARLY. This will make intercepting the next laser’s path fast 
and easy.

Use the icons/info in the upper-right corner to your advantage.

Making the Absolute Evil Permanent:
Written by Gazgemauch

A cheat guide that shows you how to mod the game to make the Dungeonlord ability 
permanent (and optional steps to change the cost and level requirement).

This guide will show you in simple steps how to mod the game files to make the 
Absolute Evil last permanently.

Before we start, take note of all the changes you make and their original values, 
and to back up the files you change just in case.

-=Step 1: Finding the Correct Folders=-
For changing the Absolute Evil and the ability to summon him, you’ll want to 
navigate towards the Dungeons 4 game folder, and follow the path of: 
Dungeons 4/Dungeons 4_Data/rfdata/Templates.

From here, we’ll need the following files: animation.block, level_props.block, 
and unit.block

Set these .block files to open with any text program like notepad

-=Step 2: Changing the Skill Level Requirement=-
By default, Thalya is required to reach level 6 before she can use this skill.

To change this, open the Animation.block, and find “anim_skill_summon_dungeonlord”

Now find a line that’ll look something along the lines of:

* SkillMasterNeedsLevel
* Level = 6

Now simply change the level to whatever you wish, like 1, or 10, and save

-=Step 3: Changing the Evilness Cost=-
By default, the evilness cost to summon the Absolute Evil is 100, this is a little 
cheap if we’re making him permanent (or maybe you just want to make it free so you 
can always use it)

To change this, open the level_props.block

Now simply search for “Dungeonlord_cost” and change the value under it to whatever 
you wish

-=Step 4: Making the Absolute Evil Permanent (Plus Stat Changes)=-
Finally, to make sure the dungeon lord doesnt go away again after 90 seconds, we 
need to make him last forever.

To do this, open unit.block, now search for “unit_dungeon_lord”

Now search for a line that says “EnergyRegeneration = -1” and simply change the -1 
to a 0, or alternatively, change the “Max = 90” right above it if you want to simply 
increase the duration without making it last forever

Additionally, you can also change his stats like Armor (Armor = 666), Damage (
AttackDamageAmount = 1337), Health (MaxHealth = 10000), Health Regen 
(RegenerationRateOutsideCombatDelay = 0 – RegenerationRateOutsideCombat = 5)

(For Reference on RegenerationRate, the demon regen is 3, so dungeonlord regen 
by default makes him unkillable even past the 666 armor and 10k health)

Lastly, by default the Dungeon Lord will never leave the throne room if he’s inside 
it, you can make him wander around the dungeon by changing 
“NeverLeavesPreferredRoom = True” to False

-=Additional Gameplay Notes / End=-
Now that you have the Absolute Evil as a permanent creature in your dungeon, a few 
things to note:

* He is very much OP as you already know, and although his stats can be changed, i 
  have yet to confirm if it makes any significant changes in the story.
* He is a bit gimmicky when leaving the dungeon, you cant drop him on an entrance 
  to make him leave, instead you have to pick him up, and then right-click any 
  space on the overworld, and he’ll walk out of the nearest entrance/portal to 
  reach it.

That is pretty much it, hope all who want to try this will enjoy, and a big thanks 
to Realmforge for having the Absolute Evil as a unit in this installment at all.

Tips for Doom Hill Mission:
Written by intenselygoodtime

* Immediately dig a large new replacement Graveyard just above the starting Graveyard. 
  Sell the original graveyard, and bulk-drop all units into it.
* Extend the guard room to the right, such that it’s big enough for ~30 units, and 
  has a door directly connected to A) the Dungeon Heart, B) the new Graveyard, and C) 
  “the outside path.” Pick up all units, drop them all into this larger Guard Room.
* Dig straight down from your Dungeon Heart, and a little to the left, to uncover the 
  first Charm. Drop it in your Guard Room. Overlapping the Throne and the outer
  hallway a bit is a good thing. (I also enlarged my Gold and Evil storage rooms down 
  to take over the spaces on either side of this hall; the gold room thus had add’l 
  gold mine tiles.)
* Dig a little up from your Guard Room exit, and you’ll uncover the 2nd Charm. Place 
  it in your Graveyard.
* Buy more Vampire queens and take out the nearest Lavalumps that are likely trolling 
  you. Their shared healing is crucial in this level.
* Quickly dig a path UP from each Dungeon Exit / lava area, AROUND your base entirely, 
  so that both sides now meet outside your Guard Room. Then fill-in/close off your 
  base entirely.
* Focus o leveling up Thalya to 6, so she can use Gorgu. DON’T dig out a ton of your 
  dungeon, but do lay traps to slow and injure invaders on both sides as usual.
* Then focus on leveling up the Snots ASAP! Get to max level, and drive to that 3rd 
  token ASAP — it’ll stop all the nonsense downstairs.
* Then focus on leveling up your Undead tree, leaning heavily into Vampire Queens.   
  Take lots of quick trips up top to claim Evil, as usual. The patrols are trivial. 
  Buildings in the South and West are easy pickings too. The NE corner requires a 
  leveled army.
* Clear LavaLumps with a full complement of troops. In most of the areas, you can 
  dig out a land foothold nearby. Follow the Slap-targeting advice above to focus-

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