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  Hints and Tips for: Empire Earth 
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 Empire Earth Cheats

Empire Earth

Cheat Codes:
Update by: jan imbach
Update by: Scott
Submitted by: XtremeGamer2000 Juan Pablo Rodriguez

During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below for the desired effect:

Code                             Result  
creatine                       - Get 1000 iron 
you said wood                  - Get 1000 Wood 
rock&roll                      - Get 1000 rock 
atm                            - Get 1000 gold 
my name is methos              - Get all resources and show map 
ahhhcool                       - Lose game 
somebody set up the bomb       - Win game 
boston rent                    - All gold gone 
the big dig                    - all resources gone 
display cheat                  - shows cheats 
friendly skies                 - Planes refuel in mid air 
mine your own business         - 0 rock 
girlyman                       - 0 iron 
slimfast                       - 0 food 
coffee train                   - Health for all player units 
brainstorm                     - Faster building 
headshot                       - all object gone 
uh, smoke?                     - All wood gone 
asus drivers                   - show map 
boston food sucks              - Get 1000 Food 
all you base are belong to us  - Get 10,000 everything 
                                 (or all your base are belong to us) 
i have the power               - Magic/power set to max 
columbus                       - Animals and fish appear
the quotable patella           - Units upgraded
bam [2-15]                     - Reveal entire map and remove fog of war

Health for all player units:
Submitted by: Mastermind

Click a villager and tell him to build a building (one that you can make units at) 
anywhere on the map. Type in the health cheat, (coffee train) in the chat box and 
the building will get full health and you can build units at it, even though there
are only the foundations of it there.

Submitted by: Felix Mc Mahon

In Empire earth open up a game and save it. Now go to My Computer and find the Data\
Saved Games folder. From there take the game you just saved and move it to the Data\
Scenarios and rename the ending from .ees to .scn . You can now open Empire Earth and
edit your savegame in the scenario editor. When you are done move the file back to 
your saved game folder and rename the ending from .scn to .ees.

Engineering magic:
Submitted by: Manav Poddar

While playing the german campaign build a settlement near the gold mine and 
then you can use your engineers to mine gold for u. if by clicking the dont 
go for mining then select 1 citizen along wih 5 engineers then click on the 
mine the will happily do it. i have tried with the gold mine you try it with
something else. moreover engineers construct very fast. Just make a building
with the help of your citizen then click a engineer to help buil it. 

Submitted by Jacques v.d Horst 

If You already read Dune 2000's hint this one is the same all you do is go for
the enemy's Capitol then go for the cithzens and go for the rest like the 
barracks the airport you now.

Submitted by: TIm

If you save the game in a campain you can use regular cheat codes when you 
load that game again i have not tried it on the regular campains but i have 
on custom campains made by other player try it out and see for yourself.

Submitted by: KARTHIK

in campaign mode you can get 1000000 gold silver ,etc.
to get this open the game with developer command line "+developer ee"
then while playing campaign mode press "enter" and type " you can get me alive" 
and press enjoy

Submitted by: Kaka Olivia

To make the epoch advance very fast, simply build 2 university in every epoch. 
Next epoch will be available instantly. To save the space you can destroy the 
builded university and build again.

Submitted by: micheal

If u type "MY NAME IS METHOS" it gives u 100k of everthing and reveals the 
map this works in all the games this wont work during campaign.

Fleet of Foot VS The Big Fist:
If ever you are caught in combat, such as at sea, with a ship of much more 
power than yours (such as a merchant ship VS a battle ship) remember that 
your ship can out run the enemy vessel. If you know the lay of the sea, then 
you can easily run circles around an island, etc, to lose the enemy quickly, 
and then send the boat back to your dock, etc, for repairs and further 

Scouting is Always An Advantage:
Always sending out some scouts is a good idea. No matter what time you are in, 
the enemies plans are always unknown to you. Lift some of that fog by sending 
out units. You never know, you might find out that they are making a new addition 
to their base, right outside your front door!
Plus, at the beginning of the game, it is always nice to know the layout of the 
land and forests, where the enemy is, and potential areas for base expansions. 

Attack Moving:
Although I regularly forget to use this, and would rather instead place my units 
where I want them to defend something, using this tactic is a good idea if you 
are going to advance into enemy territory. 
By clicking CTRL and the right mouse button, the units will target any hostile 
unit they see while moving to that location. They will then, if successful, move 
on to the place you want them to be, unless they see another unit they want to 
try to slay. 
Remember to keep them away from anything that can kill them easily. You don't 
want your troops of foot archers to suddenly try to take on some shock soldiers.

Make walls and gates under water:
Go to the editor, place a wall or a gate, then put water on top of it. 
The gate will work for boats as well as subs.

9999 food:
Submitted by: Parth Agrawal

Press enter and type - my name is methos then you will get 9999 food, 9999 wood,
everything 9999 if cheat dont work please email me at

Lightning Warfare:
Submitted by: Daddy Ferdz

To immediately defeat Poland, France and Denmark within a few minutes, you will 
first need to create lots of bombers and atleast 3 artillery cannons. Use the 
artilleries to destroy your capitol. After this, you can send your bombers to Poland,
France and Denmark. Destroy their capitols and then select one of your citizen to 
create a capitol on the same spot in Poland. Immediately delete the capitol and use
a citizen to create a capitol in France or Denmark. Repeat the process. The defeated 
cities will not attack your base. The only enemy will be Britain. Make sure to create
lots of AA to protect your airbase and research center. You can then mop up the path
to each destroyed capitols to create a capitol and town centers in Poland, France and

Naval battles:
If you are caught in combat at sea against a ship that has much more power than yours
(for example, a merchant ship against a battleship), remember that your ship can out 
run the enemy vessel. If you know the layout of the sea, you can easily run circles 
around an island, etc. to lose the enemy quickly. Then, send your boat back to the 
dock for repairs and further protection. 

Advance epochs quickly:
To make the epoch advance very fast, build two Universities in every epoch. The next
epoch will be available instantly. To save space you can destroy the University and 
build ut again. 

Attack while moving:
Use this tactic if you are going to advance into enemy territory. Hold [Ctrl] and 
Right Click. The units will target any hostile unit they see while moving to that 
location. They will then, if successful, move on to the place you instructed them 
to go to, unless they see another unit they want to destroy. Keep them away from 
anything that can kill them easily.

Edit Campaigns:
Submitted by: aguyman

To edit an empire earth campaign, go to a campaign and save it immediately. Then go 
to the Scenario Editor and just start the blank scenario. Then open the saved campaign
from the blank scenario you are playing. It will open in the scenario editor. Pause 
and save it, and go back to scenario editor. Click load, and you will see your saved 
campaign. You will see all the triggers, diplomacy, etc. that Sierra made for that 
campaign and can change whatever you want.

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